Somehow it’s December 1st. I know it was just Thanksgiving, but I still can’t believe it’s the month of Christmas. But it was nice to walk into the office today and see a huge Christmas tree. And the city is starting to get decorated too, which gets me into the holiday spirit.

I have been really busy lately and still have not gotten back into the blogging swing of things. I’ve been meaning but just haven’t yet. One of these days, I tell ya! 🙂

Today is our favorite holiday tradition link up! I’m excited to read all of your holiday traditions because Dave and I are looking to start our own traditions this year.

Here are a few traditions we are going to start:

  • getting an ornament to summarize the year (I’m gonna look for rain boots or a moving truck to symbolize our move to Seattle)
  • bake gingerbread cookies
  • 26321fe82b0a40af7e9e1654a48104b9.jpg
  • pick Christmas movies to watch (I have never seen Love Actually and want to this year. Dave wants to watch Christmas Vacation. Home Alone is always my favorite Christmas movie.)
  • buy stockings and fill them with fun goodies



My cousins and I do a white elephant gift exchange that is themed (one year we did liquids only, kitchen items, no theme, etc) and we pick numbers and are allowed to steal gifts twice. It’s so much fun and I’ll be sad to miss it this year, but we had a good run. Hopefully I’ll be able to be home for the next gift exchange. (I’m going home before the week before Christmas.)

Christmastime is so fun and Dave and I are so excited to do fun things in Seattle this year. We are taking a trip to Leavenworth with our friends, going to the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park, etc. Can not wait for it all!

Please share your traditions with our link up below, so I can read them all and steal a few 😉


An InLinkz Link-up



11 thoughts on “

  1. My Urban Family

    I completely blanked on today’s link up! 😦 Now I’m sad ha sorry! Also, you should definitely watch Love Actually! I watched it yesterday while I got some light work done.

      1. My Urban Family

        I for once have my other posts all ready to go this week :-/. Let me know what you think of the movie though after you watch! It’s not the best movie ever, but I have such a soft spot for romantic comedies and British men haha

  2. I love the idea of getting an ornament to symbolize every year. I am so jealous you’re going to Leavenworth! I’ve wanted to go as an adult forever. I only went when I was a kid (in the summer when it’s less magical too!) on one of our family trips to Chelan.

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