Interview Series

I am starting a new Interview Series here on the blog because I am perpetually curious and love asking questions to get to know people better. Throughout the series I will be featuring friends, fellow bloggers, and hopefully a familiar face or two. I am lucky enough to know a lot of very interesting and well traveled friends and I would love to share their stories on my blog.

Some upcoming interviews will be about a friend of mine who moved to Spain for a year and later volunteered in South America, a friend who biked across America, and another who took off for a year mostly in South America.date_-01-january-30001

thtfMy very first interview features one of my good friends Kathleen, who this year embarked on a living small journey, giving up her 2 bedroom apartment to live in a 140 square foot camper with her boyfriend and dog. They are living there while they simultaneously build their tiny house. Follow their adventures on their blog at Tiny House Tiny Footprint. 


dsc_7360My second interview of the series continues with my favorite blogger Shay Shull, over at Mix and Match Family. She is a stylish, family oriented, foodie, who loves her girlfriends and family, traveling, the Boston Red Sox, coffee, and also happens to be the sister of the Bachelor’s Sean Lowe.

DATE- 01 JANUARY 3000 (1)

281523_10150239428133198_7854510_nMy third interview is with my cousin Zack who has been my coach and inspiration while I trained for my first and last marathon. He has run 10 marathons from Chicago to Paris. He has a wealth of knowledge that has been so beneficial for me and could be for other runners too.


1I interviewed my friend Molly about her year abroad. She lived in Australia for 7 months and traveled to New Zealand and South East Asia for the remaining 4 months. She’s full of stories and adventures. She also shared an amazing 5 minute video chronicling her time abroad with a picture she took everyday. Be sure to read part 2 and part 3 for her full interviews!



I had the pleasure of interviewing Lesley, who is a luxury travel blogger over at The Road Les Traveled, and is currently living in Buenos Aires. She was a contestant on the Bachelor and as a fan on the franchise it was super awesome to talk to her and get to know her. She has a dream job and has been to amazing places such as Patagonia, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Chile, and Colombia to name a few! Visiting her blog will make you want to pack up your bags and travel the world immediately!

date_-01-january-30001p-txtErika from A Little Bit of Everything Blog is one of my favorite bloggers. She shares all sorts of fun things on her blog about her life with her 3 kiddos and husband in Texas. She’s a lifestyle blogger and is so sweet and down to earth.

0001-6681554710801671_10152496343975583_5551032058171989336_nMorinda is a wife and a super mama to 4 kiddos. She is who I want to be when I grow up. 🙂 She speaks so elegantly about marriage and motherhood. She’s a cheerleader for women and mothers and is so real. Her and her husband Brigham are full of life and energy that is absolutely infectious. Be sure to read both parts of her interview, Part 1 & Part 2. You will not regret it.

DATE_ 01 JANUARY 3000unnamed6Meghan and I met in 7th grade and have been friends ever since. Her and her boyfriend Bob went on vacation to Iceland and she was kind enough to share her trip with us all. Iceland is full of beautiful scenery and is so underrated. Check out their pictures from their trip and the adventures they had along the way here.


Hanne is a blogger at People Places Stories and she was the first person to approach me to ask to be a part of the interview series (which was very flattering!) She’s been all around the world to 50+ countries and continues to travel and work. I need to collect just a few more passport stamps and books! before I can catch up to her 🙂  Check out her interview here.


I came across Carrie’s blog a while ago and knew I liked her after I read her post about why she decided to take time off school and travel to South East Asia. She shares what it was like to make that decision, how the trip affected her, and some awesome stories along the way. Read part 1 of her interview here.


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    1. Yes! Thanks for asking. I have two interviews coming up starting this Thursday. One is from my friend who picked up and moved to Australia for a year and the other is from my cousin who has run 10 marathons! Hope you’ll come back to read them!

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