30 Day Plank Challenge


47072408427635de13b4c6a8879e3a57Today I discovered a fantastic fitness website called 30 Day Fitness Challenges on Pinterest and I am SO excited! It has various challenges with daily schedules laid out for how many of each exercise you have to do a day. For the month of January I have started this plank challenge.

Even though it’s still early, it is only 6 days into the new year, I have been doing my planks every day. But I will admit that since yesterday was super jam packed I missed my first plank. But I made up for it by doing two today. So don’t quit if you get off schedule by a little bit, just get right back at it and make up for it.

The idea of doing a plank for 5 minutes sounds pretty crazy, since I usually only do planks for a minute. But hopefully if I keep up with this schedule I’ll be right on track and surprising myself.

I know it’s a week into the month already, but you don’t have to wait until the 1st of the month to start. So get going! No more excuses 🙂

So let’s start out the new year right by concentrating on fitness, and keep it going through out the year!!




4 thoughts on “30 Day Plank Challenge

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