Camping in Cali

Since I’m so behind on blogging I’m just going to randomly catch up on fun adventures from the past few months.

So back in June Dave and I went to California for a weekend to have a camping weekend reunion with our old roomies, and my sister was in town from Chicago as well. We camped outside of Ojai, basically in the desert. It was so hot out. IMG_6768.JPG

My sister just turned 13 this year and she’s almost as tall as me already. The campsite allowed dogs, and here is our brother’s dog Stitch.


We walked along the creek around the campground. IMG_6799.JPGIMG_6793.JPG

And caught the sunset at the top of a hill. IMG_6802.JPG

Darin (one of our old roomies) flew in from Arizona, my sister (Kelly) was in from Chicago and Dave and I flew in from Seattle all to go camping and catch up with everyone. It was so much fun to all be together in one place. There’s nothing like camping and friends who become your family. 🙂 IMG_6809.JPG


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