Sailing on Lake Washington

On a random Wednesday our friend Hayes invited us to go sailing with him. (Umm is this real life?) Dave and I have never been sailing before. It was a perfect sunny day out in May. So after work we met Hayes and his dog Boda by the boat parking lot.

Hayes grew up on a Bald Head Island sailing so he’s a total pro. He gave us lessons while we were out there. There are a lot of terms and types of knots, but it was fun to learn. I am a huge Kennedy fan so I equate sailing with the Kennedys, and JFK always looks so sophisticated and relaxed sailing. I always thought I’d want to learn to sail someday. IMG_6359.JPG

Boda is a Vizsla and has a lot of energy. She was swimming behind the boat most of the time.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Dave. And I love that Rainier is in the background. IMG_6386.JPGIMG_6365.JPG

Hayes and Dave love each other. Plain and simple. #bromance


It was a great first sailing experience.


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