Friday Favorites : My Favorite Quotes



It’s Friday ya’ll and that means linking up to Friday Favorites with the ladies of A Little Bit of Everything Blog, Grace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals. I love a good quote, one that inspires and motivates me. Here are a few of my faves and I’d love to hear some of yours.  fave


Being brave is a favorite topic of mine. Life is all about taking risks, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and doing things that scare you and make you uncomfortable. You learn so much by doing things you didn’t think you could do. Failure is an as important of a lesson as success is. You can’t be afraid to fail and let that stop you from trying.



Life goes by so fast. The days are long but the years are short (which is another one of my favorite quotes by The Happiness Project author, Gretchen Rubin.) Bucket Lists are super popular these days, with people making life long goals and living life to the fullest. I absolutely love this quote, it’s a great reminder to do what you want and do it now!



As simple as this quote is, it really speaks to me. (It also happens to be the name of my wifi network at my apartment). So it’s something that my boyfriend and I live by. We love to get outdoors and do things. We love to hike, bike, rock climb, surf, walk, run, play tennis, swim, camp, travel, go off roading, paddle board, kayak, etc. Being outside is so refreshing and wakes up our souls. It’s so easy and comfortable to sit inside and mindlessly watch tv and sit online, but it’s so important to balance that with just simply getting outside and being active one way or another. d7d0fb8b6cd59255ea60710930ff59ba

There is so much possibility in each and every day and that is something that should be embraced. Everyday is another chance to do something amazing, and special. Soak in each day for it will never come back around the exact same way. 2a2ff564ec867bb062a7d0837ce6d138

We tend to put things off into the future. One day I’ll get to it. Someday I’ll buy a ticket and travel the world. Next year I’ll run a marathon. But the clock is ticking and time doesn’t stop for anyone. You really should make immediate plans and start checking things off your bucket list now. What are you waiting for?  62af92737fc1cd0f16b02521377e582f

Fear can be paralyzing. It stops us in our tracks sometimes. But you can’t let fear dictate your life. Feel the fear and do it anyway. (I’m full of cliches and quotes!) 4c28524c79a53971762a9c2261fbb588


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