Friday Favorites!

This week flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Friday but I’m so happy it is! This is my first time doing Friday Favorites in a while. It feels good to be back to blogging this week. I will try my hardest to keep it up next week.

Thank you for guys for sticking with me and still reading and commenting. It’s so nice I can come back and still find you guys here. 🙂 I need to get back to read all your blogs and catch up on the last few weeks! Moving took a lot out of me and threw my blogging schedule for a loop, way more than I thought it would.


This week I finally recapped our Christmas on the coast of Washington. We went to La Push, Lake Crescent, and Ruby Beach. They were all gorgeous and amazing to see. It was our first time seeing a Washington beach.




On Tuesday two of my friends and I went to the Central Library downtown to hear Gretchen Rubin speak. She’s the author of the Happiness Project and does a podcast with her sister called Happier, I’d recommend both! She has also written other books, Happier at Home and more recently Better Than Before (which I need to read.)

She’s a great speaker. She was really funny and made a lot of good points about habits and finding out what type of person you are and knowing what works for you. A while back I did a Happiness Project of my own (focusing on just a few goals per month) and I want to do it again this year. I’m a little behind obviously, but I will be starting it in February. 🙂



I saw this mural downtown near the Patagonia store and I love it! So much going on and it’s so detailed and colorful. I love a good mural as you might know.




One weekend Dave and I were craving a biscuit and I yelped and found the Wandering Goose. It has become one of my favorite biscuit places in Seattle now. They have delicious jam and varieties of toppings. Dave was so sweet one day and brought Katie and I biscuits at home. It made my day and Katie said it was one of the best biscuits she’s had. She was craving this biscuit for days after. 🙂

I highly recommend a visit here if you find yourself in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.






I just love this quote. While it’s true that not everyone has the job they are passionate about and pays them to do what they love, there are people who do, and if you’re one of them, you’re so lucky!

I’m still searching for my dream job/career, but for now I’m so happy working where I am and getting to go on amazing weekend adventures in and around Seattle. Those adventures really do make my heart and soul so happy.

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Friday Favorites!

We all made it to Friday, yay! 🙂 Today will be my first full day in Alaska and we are heading to Denali National Park! Let me know if there’s any places we should check out! We will be staying in near Healy.

Hope you all have great weekends, see you back here Monday!THE NEW YOUI love this article about Tea Leoni with the title “I Earned Every Line on My Face.” I think it’s such a positive message to send to woman to love their wrinkles and laugh lines. Just means you wen through life and enjoyed it 🙂 And how gorgeous does she look?


THE NEW YOU(1)It’s no secret around here that I love the royal family. So I was so excited when recently rare behind the scenes photos of Diana and Charles’s wedding was released! How cool to get a glimpse behind all the pomp and circumstance.


THE NEW YOU(2) One of my friends posted this on Facebook recently and I just love it! It was a list of Love is the Little Things that went along with adorable illustrations like this:

Love Means Falling Asleep on Each Other’s Shoulders


THE NEW YOU(3)I’ve always loved Sophia Bush, ever since her days on One Tree Hill. She is featured this month on Health magazine and she talked about the word enough.

“The word enough is a monster for me,” she said. “I don’t know how anyone ever feels that they are enough: successful enough, smart enough, pretty enough, healthy enough.”

“I got so scared the first time I decided to say, ‘I am terrified of not being enough,’ ” she continued. “And what came back tenfold – women who identify, women who sympathize and women who experience all of that – was mind-boggling to me. We are so in this together. And that helps.”



I love Jillian Harris and her blog. She just seems so real and fun. She always gives great advice and this week is no exception. NN4sGVmT-eqk7gW01TEb6p4KHmUGAd964ND53eHUC1UiTxNT9YV8KfRD5bkgn0H4UZbHcqa0QduTsFS-MZGks4-copy


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Friday Favorites!

I’m so happy it is finally Friday! I’m really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing. I’m going to a company picnic Saturday and then a pool party Sunday. Excited to see what you are all up to through all the link ups. the-new-you

compton-600 featured an article about a sweet 6 year old boy who sadly lost both of his parents recently, but is going around town just trying to make people smile, caling it the Smile Experiment.


A friend of mine is raising money for the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Chicago at the end of next month, and if you feel so inclined please donate here.


Hi all,

I’m writing to you today to ask you to consider donating once again to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront. You’ve all very generously helped me in this effort in past years (many of you annually!), for which I am so grateful. You are my all stars!

Thanks to you, the Chicago Walk raised over $750k last year. Those funds don’t just go to research in finding a cure, but also to supporting the caretakers, the educators and the public policy initiatives that make a difference in the fight against this awful disease. This year we have a bigger goal of $1m and the Walk is only 9 weeks away!

You can learn more about the disease from this quick Alzheimer’s Facts & Figures video.

To donate again this year:
(You can also join my team at that link—anyone is welcome!)
Thanks for taking the time to consider this & please feel free to forward to anyone who may be interested.
Glamour Magazine posted an excerpt from Minday Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me? And I love her even more. I think she’s a fantastic role model for hard work, humor, minority girls, and females in comedy. She is so real and easy to relate to. I can not wait for her new season on Hulu and her new book! I absolutely loved her first book, Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?
Allure featured 6 Bachelor  alums and they talked about their beauty routines while on the show and I always find it interesting to hear about make up because I never wear makeup and am so clueless about it.
fiveI can’t get over how cute these books are that they sell at Buckingham Palace. I want them for my future children! Those illustrations are too cute. royal-baby-book-800

Friday Favorites!

Because I flew in from Chicago Monday night, this week has flown by for me. Can’t believe it’s already Friday! So excited for this weekend. My little sister is in town from Chicago to hang out before she goes back to school in mid August so we’ve got some fun things planned for the weekend. What are you all up to this weekend?

the-new-youThis week I found two articles that were really sweet, sad, and inspirational.

Texas Girl Born with Rare Bone Disorder Raises $11,000 on Her Birthday for the Hospital That Helped Her Walk. You can read more about it here.



New York Couple Adopts Dying Friend’s Four Daughters. People Magazine did an article about them you can read about here. They also have a fundraising page you can donate to.

d862df2a-e0d2-4d2f-b932-f7c5fb462df9_profileTHE NEW YOU(2)Prince George turned 2 this week! I am such a sucker for anything royal. I mean just look how happy that sweet boy is. This is such a precious moment captured and I am officially obsessed.


THE NEW YOU(3)I had the best time at the Men Tell All Taping two weeks ago. I finally did my recap yesterday.

me +my friendfiveThis week I also participated in the List of 10 things I love and hate after I was tagged by Emily. Quick recap I love reading, playing tennis, and am a sucker for rom coms. I hate being late or rushed, clutter, and getting my blood drawn.

0973c21b26cff02884470cb1f045bef5Next week, I’ll share my trip back home and my half marathon experience! See you all next week!


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Friday Favorites: Traveling & Being Home

I’m currently in Chicago until Monday night. Living it up with my family and friends for a few quick days. I’ll be back to commenting Tuesday, and I’ll have posts schedule during my absence. Anyway what fun things do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Here are my favorites from this week:the-new-youI love the Bachelor franchise. I’ve been a fan for years and end up following past contestants on their blogs and social media. This week Jillian Harris posted about Life Before the Bachelor and what she’s learned being a public figure and being in the media. She also talks about cultivating your own personal brand, something all us bloggers can relate to. It’s a great read; love her!


THE NEW YOU(1)On Tuesday I shared 3 of my current favorite travel bloggers: Kelley at Madeline in the City who chronicles life across the pond in London with her family, Courtney at Alkeks Abroad who has been living with her husband down under in Australia, and Abby from Abby’s Roads who has lived in Dubai and Australia with her husband.

One of my favorite things about reading other people’s blogs is getting to live vicariously through them and following along on their adventures abroad. I’d love to hear who your favorite travel bloggers are too!

THE NEW YOU(2)Being home in Chicago, makes me oh so happy. I love, love, love, to travel, but Dorothy was so right when she said “There’s no place like home.” I mean just look at this city, it’s stunning.

IMG_44852The architecture is amazing. The lake is beautiful. People are friendly and so polite (hello Midwesterners) and the food is great. There’s so much to do. And it’s where most of my family and friends still live. It’s never enough time at home but I’ll take as much time as I can get. I hold this city and its people near and dear to my heart.

It makes me super sentimental being home and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to thoroughly soak up and enjoy these few days home. One of these days I should do a post about my favorite Chicago spots and things to do. What are your favorite Chicago happenings?

THE NEW YOU(3)Last year one of my favorite places we visited was Horse Shoe Bend in Arizona. It was more beautiful in person and pictures hardly do it justice. It was really cool to stand there and take it all in. I would love to go back there someday and spend some more time in the Grand Canyon. I’d love to hike the rim or part of it anyway. 🙂

Has anyone hiked in the Grand Canyon, did you love it?


fiveLastly I want to thank all of you readers lately, who have been so nice and friendly lately. I feel like I’ve finally found some really nice blogger friends and my own little cliche. It feels really good to feel like a part of the blogging community. It’s made blogging a lot more fulfilling and fun for me getting to know you guys better.

It’s so fun to get a peek into each other lives and encourage and support one another. Link ups have been a really awesome way to discover new blogs. So thank you all again for being so much fun to interact with and for the very kind words, it’s greatly appreciated.


Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!

Friday has become the day of the link ups. Here are the wonderful women I’m linking up with each week:

 A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals

Friday Faves: Jumping, July 4th & Men Tell All!

Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals as usual! 🙂 Head on over to all their sites if you wanna join in the link ups!


I’m also linking up with other blogging women at A.Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog.p-txt

 And last but not least The Farmer’s Wife, September FarmFitting It All in BlogLife in Leggings and Meet at the Barre!

 One of my all time favorite post is from this week when I shared pictures from our road trips of us jumping. It’s a fun little thing we’ve done through the years and will continue to do.
IMG_1273 copy

the-new-you1This week was a big one in terms of the new Supreme Court ruling to recognize gay marriage in all 50 states! It will definitely be something our generation will remember. I am not going to get political here on the blog but I got such a kick out of this Jimmy Kimmel video asking kids to explain it. I love the innocence of children and their accepting minds.

I’m currently obsessed with the Tone It Up girls ever since seeing them at the Hermosa Beach Shape It Up event. Here is a quick workout I found on Pinterest.
fourSo last week I shared some of my current favorite bloggers and I thought I’d do it again this week.
Kelley and her family used to live in California and are now living abroad in England. I love following her blog and seeing her family adventures in Europe. Follow her at her blog Madeline in the City.
Ailee is a blogger over at Snap Shots and My Thoughts, that I found recently. She shares her life in Texas with bloggers that include her husband and sweet baby girl. Her photos on her blog are gorgeous like this one:
I found Mattie through the links up recently and she’s a girl who lives in Washington state and talks about life with her finance and cute dogs. She blogs at Northwest Native.
fiveOn Tuesday I got the most exciting and unexpected email:
CaptureSo a little back story on how I met an editor of the Bachelor. He is a friend of a friend. My friend Erin, knew I was a huge fan on the show. She said that one day we would all have to hang out.
Erin is the best hostess I know. She’s great at throwing parties and cooking delicious meals and bringing people together. So one night, months ago, we had a get together and finally I got to meet the infamous editor of the Bachelor.
This was before this current season of Kaitlynn had started. He said “So what do you want to know?” Haha! I had SO many questions! Being a fan of the show for years (I’ve literally seen every season but one) so I, of course, had a million questions. He answered them all and was so kind.
After that party we both went on our merry way and haven’t talked or seen each other since. And Tuesday I got that email out of the blue! How incredibly kind and thought of him! I was blown away and so touched. It says a lot about how great he is to do something so thoughtful for someone he met once.
So thanks to a very nice man I get to attend the Men Tell All taping next Saturday, after watching it on TV for so many years! It’s going to be, wait for it…..”amazing!” Any Bachelor fans out there will know that they overuse that word like crazy every season 🙂
sixAnd lastly I wanted to share some July 4th inspiration for dessert options I found on Pinterest for this weekend.

a83b84fc6ee8dc1226a35481fd707f7b Source: Family Fresh Meals

d4915ab25c4093610deaebd93cc70973Source: The 36th Avenue

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Can’t wait to see everyone’s July 4th weekend posts.

Some friends and I are going paddle boarding with their dog Stitch on Friday. We will probably hit the pool, BBQ somewhere, and my mom is moving to California from Texas to be closer to my brother and I. So lots of fun things happening this weekend!

See you all Monday!

Friday Favorites: Books, Beach & Bloggers

Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals as usual! 🙂 Head on over to all their sites if you wanna join in the link ups!


I’m also linking up with other blogging women at A.Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog.p-txt

 And last but not least The Farmer’s Wife, September Farm, Fitting It All in Blog, Life in Leggings and Meet at the Barre!


the-new-youThis week I finished My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock and I loved it! If you’re looking for a light, uplifting, summer read I’d totally recommend this one. She chronicles facing her fears for an entire year from cage diving with sharks to doing stand up comedy.

It got me thinking about my fears and how we build up things in our minds and they usually aren’t so bad!

9780061875038If you’re looking for other ideas for good summer reads, check out my book club page. I’ve put asterisks next to my favorite books. I’d also love to hear your book recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments!
the-new-you1I had so much fun last Saturday at the Summer Shape Up event in Hermosa Beach. I got to work out with P90x creator Tony Horton and Autumn Calabrese.



the-new-you2In the last week or two I’ve made some new blogging friends, who have been super sweet and supportive. I wanted to take a second to highlight them and their blogs and say thank you girls!

headerabout+meLauren at Post Grad in Progress is a Charlotte based girl navigating her way through life in her post college years.


Molly is a sweet, full time college girl sharing her life in Texas on her blog  Colors of Life.

cropped-img_05442Kylie McGraw is a grad student in the DC area who is also big into fitness and running. The runner in me relates to a lot of her posts. She blogs at Kylie McGraw.


CaptureJulia and Amelia are two best friends (like Vi and I!) since 6th grade, who blog together in the Seattle and Bellevue area. And since I’m moving up to Seattle in the fall, it’s fun to follow their adventures and see what they’re up to up there!


I saw this quote this week on Pinterest and just loved it. Life is too short to be surrounded by negative people. The people you invite into your life should be positive, inspirational, loyal, and supportive, to name a few traits. I’ve moved a lot in last few years from Chicago, to DC, Santa Monica, Orange County, and next up Seattle.

Each time I move I focus on making meaningful, lasting friendships. You get what you give. You have to be a good friend in order to have good friends. Friendships and relationships are what make a place home for me. I will continue to seek out positive vibes, real people, honesty, and humor in my search for new friends.

0001-66688368And lastly I wanted to feature again, for those of you who may have missed it yesterday. Continuing my interview series I interviewed Hanne who has visited more than 50 countries in the world, with the hopes of visiting every country! She speaks 5 languages and blogs over at Places, People, Stories. Be sure to check out her interview here.


Have a good weekend friends, see you back here Monday!!

Friday Favorites: Prince George, Blackhawks, & Bikes

Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals as usual! 🙂 Head on over to all their sites if you wanna join in the link ups!


I’m also linking up with other blogging women at A.Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog.p-txt

And The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm

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the-new-youThe  most recent pictures of George are beyond precious. I know I posted the pictures of him and Charlotte last week, but come on. The kid is SO stinking cute. Him and Kate playing together is so sweet. And him waving on the balcony and sticking his tongue out? I. Can’t. Even!


TETBURY, ENGLAND - JUNE 14:  Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George attend the Gigaset Charity Polo Match with Prince George of Cambridge at Beaufort Polo Club on June 14, 2015 in Tetbury, England.  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)



the-new-you1The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on Monday!!!! For the third time in six years. Amazing. Such a great season, game, and team. So proud of those boys.

Buzzfeed had a great article about What Every Chicago Fan Would Like to Say to the Blackhawks and it sums it all up perfectly!

enhanced-buzz-wide-4012-1434472694-13Chicagoans have been celebrating like crazy. I wish I was home to join in on all the fun. The tickets for the rally sold out in a half hour. The big celebratory parade was yesterday.

Chicago Blackhawks fans celebrate near Wrigley Field after the Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the NHL hockey Stanley Cup, Monday, June 15, 2015, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
Chicago Blackhawks fans celebrate near Wrigley Field after the Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the NHL hockey Stanley Cup, Monday, June 15, 2015, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

Here is so awesome footage of people celebrating in Wrigleyville on Monday night.

the-new-you2Tomorrow I’m going with a friend to the Shape Summer Beach Tour. We signed up for two classes and it was be SO much fun! I’m really excited. I usually work out on my own (running, working out at home, etc) or with friends (tennis, running buddies, yoga) but this is one of my first times I’m taking a fitness class, so it should be entertaining trying to keep up with everyone!

There are still a few spots open if any of you are in the area and want to sign up 🙂 I’ll be there!


the-new-you3In the morning before the Shape Up Event, I will also be running a 5k on the beach with my friend. This will be my first time running on the beach. I usually run on the sidewalk on a path, or in the grass (it’s a little easier on your knees and joints), so it’s a weekend of firsts for me!

I like to try to be active but there are obviously days when I come home from work and want to do nothing but sit and eat and watch tv/go online. I also really enjoy reading but that’s more of mental exercise than a physical one. Great for the mind, not so much for my abs :).

But I’m trying to schedule workouts in and make them feel like appointments so I don’t skip them and hold myself accountable. We’ll see if that method works for me.



My friend posted this amazing video on Facebook and it gave me goosebumps. It was so good and had so many memorable quotes. It’s about a guy who quit his job, got on his bike and road from Oregon to the tip of South America. LOVE, love, love this video and story. Definitely my favorite find of the week.

“The routine is the enemy of time. It makes it fly by. When you’re a kid, everything is astonishing. Everything is new. And so your brain is awake and turned on…”

Happy Weekend everyone! What are you all doing to keep busy? See you Monday!

Friday Favorites : Alaska, Books, & Vegas Museums

Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals as usual! 🙂 Head on over to all their sites if you wanna join in the link ups!


I’m also linking up with other blogging women at A.Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog.p-txt

 And last but not least The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm.





The Last Alaskans is a new show on Animal Planet that my boyfriend Dave worked on along with our good friends. Yes, I am biased, but I really think it’s a great show that you should check out! It is an 8 part series that started this past week. So this Sunday will be episode two at 7pm central time.

It’s about these families who live on the Arctic National Wildlife refuge, hundreds of miles away from towns and civilization. The show follows their life and what it’s like in the dead of winter and being isolated and how they survive. I know there are a lot of shows based in Alaska, but this one is filmed differently and they really are living off the grid.


I may not be writing a rave review or getting you interested but you can read the reviews here from the New York Times,  the Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and the Wall Street Journal. They’re pretty trustworthy right? 🙂


This week I shared my interview with Morinda who is a wife and mother of 4 kids. She has a beautiful way with words and is has such a sweet and nurturing soul. If you missed it this week, be sure to read both parts of her interview, Part 1 & Part 2.




Yesterday for Travel Thursdays on the blog, I talked about my time at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. It is full of history and big, gorgeous marquee lights. It was my favorite museum I’ve been to in a while.



I went to the library this week and got some books. I’m currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (saw the movie years ago and loved it, and now I want to read the book) Adulting how to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps by Kelly Williams Brown, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, (read her other book the Happiness Project and loved it) and The Best Advice I Ever Got by Katie Couric. 

Nothing super new, but all new to me. I’d also love to hear your book suggestions if you have any!






I’ve been playing tennis this week after work and it makes me so happy. It’s definitely a passion of mine. I wish that I could have played professionally, I love it that much. I should be training for my upcoming half marathon in July, but tennis is so much more fun. 🙂
Hope you all have a great weekend! What fun plans do you have?

Friday Favorites: Bachelorette + Books, Oh My!


Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals as usual! 🙂 Head on over to all their sites if you wanna join in the link ups!


I’m also linking up with other blogging women at A.Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog.p-txt

 And last but not least The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm.



My good friend Kathleen and her boyfriend Greg who are living tiny, who were my first interview in my series, wrote a beautiful piece yesterday that I had to share. It was really well written, and it inspired me. I’m so proud of them and their living tiny journey.

I’ll give you a quick excerpt but I highly recommend you go to her website and read it in full.


“We walk through life following what others do or say because we’re afraid to take the lead. We assume others have it all figured out. The truth is, none of us do. But there are things we can do to make ourselves stand out and not get lost in the chaos.

Don’t forget to tell yourself that, ‘You are good enough!’

Just because you might be doing something that other people have done before, doesn’t mean it’s not unique. You are doing it in your own way. It’s your style, your interpretation.

The things you do are yours and yours alone, so own it!”


“I know a lot of people my age are always asking, ‘Am I in the right job? Am I making enough money? Is this what I should be doing with my life?’

These are the questions we should always be asking. Challenge yourself to find a career that matches what you enjoy doing. As an added bonus, make it something that inspires or educates others in a positive way.

If you can’t find the passion in your job, try finding that passion on your own time.

We can’t all have that perfect 9-5. Don’t exhaust yourself searching for it. Spend time in your personal life fulfilling your talents and exploring your interests.

The more you practice your passions (whether at work or outside of work), the more people will notice. For example, if you enjoy doing yoga, you might look into being a yoga teacher. If you are artistic, you might explore starting up an Etsy shop to make a little extra cash. And if you decide these are the things you should be doing instead of the 9-5, pack up your office and find a way to make these things your daily grind.”



In case you missed my book review of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild be sure to check it out here. I absolutely loved this book! It was so, so good. I loved reading about her incredible 1,100 mile hike through the Pacific Crest Trail. She shared so much of her life and thoughts throughout the book. What an amazing and inspirational story. Definitely read it if you haven’t already!

And I posted about my book review on Twitter and tagged Cheryl and she liked it! I had a total fan girl moment 🙂 unnamed

THE NEW YOU(2)I’m so glad the Bachelorette is back on. It’s been a guilty pleasure of mine for years and I still enjoy it. I really like Kaitlynn, she’s honest, funny, and gorgeous. So excited to see who she ends up with.

kaitlyn-bristowe-01-435I know it’s still so early on but I already have a favorite for her: Shawn B. He got the first impression rose. She said he gave her the feelings she was looking for, they kissed the first night, he’s a personal trainer, and likes kids. They’re super cute together. I’d definitely keep my eye out for these two. (No I haven’t read any spoilers and please don’t spoil it for me!)  bachelorette-01-800And the internet is saying he looks like a mix between Ryan Gosling and Calvin Harris.

THE BACHELORETTE - ABC's hit romantic reality series, "The Bachelorette," kicks off its 11th season continuing the surprises of this season's "Bachelor" with the biggest one of all: there will be two Bachelorettes. “The Bachelorette” returns to ABC, premiering MONDAY, MAY 18 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) SHAWN B.

Calvin Harris meet your doppelganger. 473825850


Through the linkups last week I found a blogger (can’t remember who though, sorry!) who talked about spring dresses for cheap. She introduced me to a website called SheInside. They have super cute dresses and they aren’t expensive. They are having a big sale right now. I bought 3 dresses already. 🙂 I’m eagerly awaiting them in the mail.

sheinsideHere are the three dresses I bought:

This adorable white dress is only $15!

15This pink flare dress is $20.33!

20And I took a fashion risk buying this dress, but I’ll try it on and see if I like it. It’s really pretty. I love the flowy-ness of the dress. This one is $33.19.

33See what I mean with the super cute, and affordable dresses?!


I love red carpet events when stars bring their A game. It’s fun to see them all dressed up. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the Cannes Film Festival this year.

I’m obsessed with Nikki Reed’s dress. She looks stunning! And what a gorgeous couple they  make.

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Youth' - Premiere Featuring: Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder Where: Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France When: 20 May 2015 Credit: Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 20:  Nikki Reed attends the Premiere of "Youth" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2015 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Youth' - Premiere Featuring: Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder Where: Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France When: 20 May 2015 Credit: Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

I love Mindy Kaling, her show and her book. Can’t wait for her next one to come out in September! I also love her color blocking dress.


Amy Poehler looks simple and elegant. mindy-kaling-amy-poehler-cried-making-inside-out-22

I love purple and Salma Hayek looks great!

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 17:  Actress Salma Hayek attends the Premiere of "Rocco And His Brothers" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2015 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)



Last weekend I saw Pitch Perfect 2 and it was funny, sweet and touching. I found myself tearing up at the end of the movie. It has it all. If you liked the first one, you’ll definitely like the second one.
 Have a great weekend everyone! Excited to read all your link ups.