Jessica’s Guest Post!

I thought I’d have my sh*t together by now, but of course I do not. My place is still a mess. We don’t have internet in our house yet or any groceries still. #firstworldproblems
So I hope you’ll bear with me some more while we get organized and I will slow get back to blogging regularly and commenting. I’ve read and appreciate all of your comment and well wishes during our move!  Thanks girls! 🙂 For the next few days I have a few more guest bloggers.
I found Jessica’s blog through a link up month ago and we found out we were both from Chicago! She’s been a fun blogger friend to follow and chat with. She blogs over at Semi Sweet Tooth be sure to check her out and say hello!
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5 Tricks to Get Better Sleep
When I signed on to write a guest post on Say Yes to Happy due to the move to Sacramento, I instantly thought back to my cross-country move just a couple of days over a year ago.  And what I thought of was… stress.  And a personal issue for me is that when I’m stressed, I’m the type that loses sleep while thinking over a large multitude of situations.
In currently working what is essentially two full-time jobs (Project Management and Blogging, #obviously), having an hour+ commute each way for my 9-to-5, and planning a wedding (with the help of my fiancé), I’ve sporadically had sleeping issues across the year.  If you’re like me, trying to fit what is logically too much on your metaphorical plate, then here are my top 5 tricks for getting better sleep!
Deep, Controlled Breathing
Whenever my mind is racing, my first trick is to try to redirect my thoughts to my breathing.  Breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 7, and slowly breathe out for a count of 8.  This pattern of breathing will leave you feeling relaxed and settled in for a night of great sleep.
Settling your thoughts on a specific intention will allow you to kind of “zone out” on that area of focus.  I’d suggest a thought such as “hope” or “happiness” to leave you on the track for great dreams and a next day of positive thoughts.
Chamomile or “Sleepy Time” Tea
Sometimes I like to start my evenings with some relaxing chamomile tea.  This is potentially, completely a placebo, but I find the warmth to be incredibly soothing.  If you want to get fancy, rumor has it that adding a little lavender will add an extra kick of relaxation.
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Keep a Notepad Next to Your Bed
This habit is likely incredibly annoying to my wonderful fiancé, Raymond… wonderful because he deals with my crazy sleeping habits.  When my mind is racing, it’s typically because I’m thinking through a full list of things I have to do.  Keeping a notepad next to our bed allows me to write the full list of tasks running through my mind so that I can tackle them the next day.
When my sleeping issues become a persistent issue (typically the week before my cycle, TMI?), I am willing to take one natural, supplemental melatonin.  Your brain naturally produces melatonin as a way to regulate your sleep/wake cycle.  Natural melatonin supplements have been deemed safe for short-term use.  If you decide to take this route, always listen to the manufacturer’s instructions and stop use if you wake up exhausted the next day.  Aka, use with discretion and consider talking to your doctor before use.
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What tricks do you use when you’re having difficulty sleeping?  If you’ve tried any of the tricks above, let us know how they’ve worked for you!
Create a great day!
Thanks again so much for filling in for me Jessica! Lately I’ve been so exhausted from all the moving I’ve had no trouble falling asleep hah, but I would like to try to get into meditating.

10 thoughts on “Jessica’s Guest Post!

  1. For me…2 things for good sleep. 1. Routine–if you wake up and go to bed at the same time your body gets in the habit. 2. Working out–it makes me so tired by the end of the day!

    I love the idea to keep a notepad by your bed!

  2. Seriously the same about thinking of a list of different things, normally I put them in my phone then I forget that I’ve put them there ha! I am wanting to drink more tea and I have heard chamomile is fantastic for sleeping so I will be trying it asap! Great list!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. My Urban Family

    I love drinking a warm cup of caffeine free tea at night – and usually reading just a few pages of a book helps as well. Lately I’ve been working so much though I’m asleep by the time my head hits the pillow!

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