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Day 2 of my week of guest bloggers comes from Molly at Colors of Life blog. She is so real and endearing. I love following along her life in Texas! Take it away Molly:
Top of the morning, y’all! First of
all, I just wanted to say that I am MORE THAN excited to be guest
posting today. I consider Julie one of my good blog friends and I’m so
thankful that she thought to ask me to be one of her guest bloggers
this week while she is gone.
Julie told me that I was to basically
introduce myself and my blog and I automatically thought “Crap, I have
to come up with something that makes me interesting to other
people!!!” Haha. So I thought. And thought. And thought. Annndddd
thooouggghhhttttt. Y’all, I’m a boring, normal girl. But, in guest
blogger spirit, I knew I wanted to have a post ready so I did the best
I could to be interesting for you. πŸ˜‰ *crosses fingers*
So where to start? A little about me:
1. I go to school
I am a Business Administration major with an
emphasis in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. I’ll graduate
this year (HALLELUJAH!)
2. I am a full-time
I just got a promotion at work to be a Human
Resources Generalist.
3. I am a full-time Red Sox
This is not a drill, I repeat; this is not a drill. I am
constantly getting score updates on my phone or watching when I have
some extra time.
4. I am a homebody,
a family girl, and would choose hanging out with my grandpa over going
to any kind of party. I love home. Home is where the heart is.
5. I love Jesus all the
I try to be as involved as possible at my Church, pray
constantly, live like Jesus would, and spend time with Him daily. It’s
hard and I fail every day but He reminds me that He still loves me
regardless of my flaws (and boring, normal girl-ness).
6. I’ve dealt with
an eating disorder, anxiety (still sometimes), depression, and a
multitude of health issues already in my life. As miserable as it was
at the time, it’s made me a stronger person and given me a whole new
outlook on life. I talk about them all in my Colors of Life
7. I LOVE, love to
Every day you can find me on a walk, following
along to a work-out DVD, or meditating along with some yoga class.
Exercise is a huge part of my life and always has been.
8. I have a passion for the
My ultimate career goal is to own or manage a
retirement home one day. I’ve been joking around a lot today, but this
is really not a joke hahah.
About my blog:
I started this blog one night last
spring after reading Shay’s blog and realizing that it was something I
really wanted to do. As mentioned in #6 above, I do feel like as a 21
year old I have already been through a lot in life and I wanted this
blog to be a way to share it with other people so they can realize
they aren’t alone and really to know that someone out there is
thinking and praying for them (hence Colors of Life and my COL page).
I’m a huge fan of scrapbooking, so I decided why not make this online
scrapbook with which I can share with my family and my friends. Some
of my best friends read my blog everyday as well as family members.
It’s always fun when they text me or e-mail me about something I wrote
about. It’s difficult to do something that not everyone else is doing.
I knew some people were making fun of me for blogging, but I still
continued it and I’m glad I did because I’ve met some really awesome
people in doing so.
My favorite vacation:
To be honest, my family has never
taken that many vacations. At least not as many as other people I
know. My favorite vacation to date is probably when we went as a
family to Orange
Beach, Alabama
in the Summer of 2014. We all enjoyed each other
and had fun doing nothing and laughing. Another good vacation was in
May when my dad and I went to Boston.
And every time we go to my grandpa’s house is a blast.
My favorite thing I’ve done this summer:
I didn’t really do anything OUT OF
THIS WORLD this summer. I had to take 2 summer classes that started in
June and went through July and I worked pretty much all summer, except
for the days we were in Iowa. So if I had to choose one thing it would
be going to my grandpa’s house. And meeting my cousin Tommy πŸ™‚
IMG_8304 IMG_8268
What blogging has taught me:
Blogging has actually taught me a lot
more than I thought it would. Other than the fact that it has taught
me how to write better, it has taught me about being open and honest.
Blogging has taught me that sometimes people really do care about me
and my life as well. That there really are nice people in this world!
And it has taught me that my friends and family love it because they
can keep up with our life from all over the country. (The most fun
Bucket list and life goals:
I actually posted my bucket list right
. And then I mentioned some other things for my bucket list
and my life in a post right
Favorite book and movie ever:
My favorite book: ever would
have to be Nicholas Spark’s The
Longest Ride
(I reviewed it in this post) because I loved the plot
of it, the movie is one of my favorite’s, and I wish that was my
My favorite movie: Well, I’m more of a TV show kind of girl
rather than a movie girl. Some of my favorites are: Hart of Dixie,
Parenthood, Nashville, Full House, Gilmore Girls, Revenge, Friday
Night Lights, One Tree Hill, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Voice,
Grey’s Anatomy,The Vampire Diaries, and probably some others that I’m
forgetting. I told you I’m a TV show person!
What makes me, me:
I think probably the fact that i’m
not your average 21 year old. I know I just got done saying that I was
normal and boring, but hear me out on this one. I promise I’m not
crazy! All through college I haven’t really been like everyone else. I
went out and partied at Oklahoma, but once a weekend was fine and I
was over it. By the second semester I was completely over it. Not
every college student works and even likes to work. I always tell
people that I’d rather be working than be at school. I just like doing
something and feeling like I’m making an impact somewhere.
If a degree
wasn’t required I would not be in school. I like learning new things,
but not school things. I like real life things. Not all college
students still love living at home. Not all college students are
perfectly content staying in on Friday and Saturday nights. Not all
college students like the elderly/care about the elderly. The list
could go on. I’m just not your typical college girl and I’m 100% okay
with it, although I used to think something was wrong with me. But
that’s another story for a different time.
Julie, you rock! I hope you’re having
a blast out of town. Everyone else, you rock for reading this!!! Feel
free to come say hi over on
my blog
too. Have a great day everyone!
In the blogging world where a lot of people only show their ‘good’ sides, I think it’s so refreshing how realatble Molly is. Too bad she’s all the way in Texas and I’m moving to Seattle, because we could totally be friends in real life. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for guest blogging today!

14 thoughts on “Molly’s Guest Post

  1. Ah Molly! We have so much in common. I struggled with an eating disorder as well as depression and I didn’t realize you did as well. My grandpa is my favorite person too! It’s awesome that you have a job in your field already, lucky lady! && your favorite vacation is Orange Beach, AL?! SO close to me!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

    1. So cool! Not that we both went through that, but that we share so much in common. That’s one of my favorite things πŸ™‚ Next time I vacation to Orange Beach, i’ll let you know πŸ˜‰ We can go beachin’ together!

  2. I always love to read posts to learn more about each blogger! I don’t know how you keep up your blog, and work, and go to school! That is impressive! And I hope you can reach your goal of owning a retirement home! I’ve had some awful experiences in the past with poorly run homes for family members. The world needs more loving places.

  3. I totally thought something was wrong with me too! I didn’t like college. I didn’t like partying very much. And in the years after college I’m happiest sitting at home on weekends watching Netflix. I still don’t like to go out. I HATE clubbing. When I was in Australia we took a trip to Melbourne for a few days and wanted to go out one night…we passed all these hip bars and clubs and were like “no” and ended up at an Irish bar where we were the youngest by probably 40 years and it was great.

  4. rothseri

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I loved learning more about Molly, one of my very favorite bloggers! I especially loved reading the bucket list πŸ™‚

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