North Carolina Recap

So today is our only day home before we take off for another trip. 🙂 #firstworldproblems

My best friend Melissa and her bf Nico are flying into Arizona and we are meeting them and driving to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park for a few days. Also my brother and his fiancé, as well as two of our friends in Colorado are meeting us in Zion for some hiking and camping. So it’s going to be an awesome time and perfect way to unplug from the working world and unwind.

But before we take off I wanted to do a quick recap of the last few days. I will for sure do a more involved daily recap of our trip once we get back.

  • We went to Chapel Hill, North Carolina last week, to visit Dave’s best friend from childhood. We stayed with them Wednesday and Thursday night and then again on Sunday.
  • chapel hill Friday we headed over to Bald Head Island to celebrate our friend’s wedding weekend. It was the most perfect, beautiful weekend.
  • houseIt was our first time to North Carolina and I loved the Southern accents and hospitality that I’ve always heard so much about.
  • The only real disappointment I would say was that I didn’t find the perfect biscuit that I was hoping to. Guess that’s just another reason for me to go back and continue the search! I would love to hear any recommendations if you have any, whether in the South or in other parts of the US!

The Bridesmaids by Eimear Lynch


I’m in my late twenties so I’m at the age when a lot of my friends are getting engaged and married. I’ve been the flower girl and bridesmaids in family weddings but haven’t been in a friend’s wedding yet. But I think most women can relate to being a bridesmaid or maid of honor at some point in their lives. This book complies over 50 short stories from both men and women of being in these positions. They are from all walks of life. Here are a list of the different characters as well as the titles of the chapters:

  • The Very Pregnant OBGYN
  • The Seasoned Pro
  • The Prison Bridesmaid
  • The Man of Honor
  • The Burning Man Bridesmaid
  • The Ex Nun

I’ve always loved weddings and it’s fun to take little glimpses into other people’s stories of their wedding days and the preparation that goes into it as well as the aftermath. Weddings are also a time of high stress and a lot of clashing personalities. These stories vary from bringing friends closer together to ending years long friendships. It’s a very quick read since each chapter is only 2-4 pages long. It’s a nice, quick, interesting read.


Emily Maynard & Tyler Johnson’s Wedding!

I am obsessed with Emily Maynard’s just released wedding photos. She posted some pictures on her blog and gave her summary of her amazing wedding. I’ve loved her since she was on the Bachelor with Brad, and I’ve followed her social media ever since.

love all her details: the rustic location, the flowers, her dress, her hair, makeup, jewelry, the lanterns, the lights on the dance floor, just everything!!

Her daughter Ricki is sweet as pie, and I love the close relationship between Tyler and Ricki. That picture of them dancing together? Adorable!

Emily and Tyler make such a good looking couple, can’t wait to see their future kids! Everyone looks so happy, it’s infectious!

If you want to see the full album check it out at Style Me Pretty, and there is also a 9 minute video that is so beautiful and made me tear up! Love this couple and little family!















Britain’s Royal Weddings Documentary

I really enjoy watching documentaries of all kinds. I love learning about current events as well as the past. I am immensely interested in The Kennedys, politicians and their families, and the British Royal Family. I have watched numerous documentaries of these topics among others.

YouTube has some great docs. The quality isn’t always great but I love that you can watch full documentaries there. Most recently I watched Britain’s Royal Weddings which was a two part documentary. It chronicles the evolution of the royal weddings and how TV allowed millions to witness these grand events all over the world. It goes as far back as the wedding of the Queen Mother in 1923 to Prince Albert up until Prince Charles’s second wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005.

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert, 1923


Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, 1947


Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1960


Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 1973


Prince Charles and Princess Diana, 1981


Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986

royal-wedding-of-prince-andrew-and-sarah-ferguson-590-1-bes010611Prince Charles and Camilla, 2005


The documentary interviews many people who were there at the weddings and they talk about their involvement and personal memories. It’s super interesting and has lots of great footage. If you’re a fan of weddings and the British royal family, I’d highly recommend this doc.

Britain’s Royal Weddings: Episode 1

Britain’s Royal Weddings: Episode 2

Kennedy Weddings by Jay Mulvaney


This book combines two of my favorite topics, the Kennedys and weddings! It was a very intimate family album of 3 generations of Kennedy weddings spanning from 1914 until 1998.  I would consider myself an avid Kennedy family and I haven’t even seen some of these pictures.

I’ve read a lot of books about the Kennedys and I’ve only seen two with the family tree laid out. There is one in here that is great. This book was published in 1999 and as of that time there were 9 Kennedys from the second generation, the children of Joe and Rose Kennedy, then 28 grandchildren, and 48 great grandchildren! That’s a whole lot of Kennedys, and that’s not even counting the husband and wives.

The Kennedy dynasty all started when Rose Fitzgerald, daughter of Boston Mayor  Honey Fitz, married wealthy banker Joe Kennedy back in 1914.


“The family they created would contribute immeasurably to the welfare of the country, and at time even inspire the whole world, in the decades to come.”

It is amazing to get a glimpse inside each of the weddings, from the bride’s dresses, the table settings, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the invitations, and the gifts.

The first Kennedy to get married in the second generation was Kathleen, lovingly referred to as Kick. She married Billy Harrington from England in a civil ceremony in 1944. Their love story was tragic with resistance from her parents due to religious differences, her husband was killed by a sniper a mere 4 months after they were married, and she died 4 years later in a plane crash.


Seven of the nine Kennedy children’s (sister Rosemary was mentally retarded, and eldest brother Joe was killed in a suicide mission during the war) weddings were covered in this book, with the most details and coverage on JFK and Jackie’s wedding. Ted was the only one to divorce and remarry and both his weddings were included.









1973 marked the year of the first Kennedy wedding of the third generation. Kathleen Hartington Kennedy (named after her aunt Kick) was Bobby and Ethel’s eldest daughter of their eleven children, and like her aunt married first of her generation. Ted stepped in to escort the bride down the aisle, taking the place of his late brother Bobby, father of the bride. It was the first of many weddings that Ted had to step in for both Bobby and John’s children, 13 between them.

The weddings varied in size with some more private and intimate and others were large and publicized like that of Maria Shriver and Arnold Scwarzenegger and former first daughter Caronline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. Many weddings were on the lawn of family matriarch Rose Kennedy in Hyannis Port.


One of the last weddings featured is that of JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette who were a very private couple and opted for a small wedding of just group of close family and friends, on the small Cumberland Island. Their marriage ended in tragedy with the plane crash piloted by JFK Jr on a foggy night off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard just three short years after they were married.


Although the Kennedy name is linked to the past and often times to the so called Kennedy Curse, it is nice to catch a glimpse of this historic family in happy times celebrating love and life, just like the rest of us. The Kennedys have captivated me over the years and continue to. This book is so fantastic and I loved every page of it!