Happy One Year Anniversary William and Kate!

April 29th marks the one year wedding anniversary of the wedding of the century of William and Kate. I am totally enamored with this beautiful couple and am so happy for them. They represent a new modern era for the UK. I love their style and their warmth and genuineness towards each other and towards the public.

Kate has stepped up to the plate in terms of her fashion choices as well as being able to hold her own against her prince of a husband. I am always so excited to see what she is wearing at her events and she never disappoints.

Kate has done immensely well under the pressure of the media.  They make the perfect couple and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the future King and Queen of England.


The Gorgeous Kate Middleton

I’ll admit it. I have a total girl crush on Kate Middleton. I, along with millions of others, stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to witness the wedding of the century.

Prince William sure hit the jackpot with Miss Kate Middleton. She is so classically beautiful, down to earth, and fashionable.

These are a few of my favorite looks from her. She is an obvious style icon.