Hiking Mount Si, Washington

A few Saturday mornings ago, we went hiking on with our friend Hayes and his dog Boda. And on the way Boda was leaning on Dave’s shoulder while he was driving, it was so sweet. afKUxoZP16s23Gdr8cjnz0pbZIBIN0BpzjmjMC2rAw3G7Ej4P-xwBIwy8ZInX1RJlSdMFYXaF3Wduwq98ItcodzHAG47q-CXLVxHRnLho55aufIVLibZOfhKJE30VgBbcVkVhaaqOzWJ5HBfkboABlVdDoDBi7Z1iMIE-x6oBjgW6tNhkmvG8zub4opUjboHTlpAMYilJt_3_zr99AzdhDRwkZCoBKghn3oM

We have heard about Mount Si and have wanted to hike it for a little while. There are a few trails you can take and we started on the Little Si Trail.


Dave and Hayes have a lot in common and share similar interests. They even unknowingly bought the same backpack. 🙂


We did an 8 mile hike. The longest hike I’ve ever done. We hiked Saturday and I was still sore on Monday. It took us 4 1/2 hours from start to finish. We started at 10:30am and finished at 3pm. It rained on and off and snowed a little too.


The way up was pretty steep at parts. It was a great leg workout. I’ve been a FitBit user since Thanksgiving and this day was the most steps I’ve gotten in a day, 23,842! And since I work in an office, most days I struggle just to get 10,000 steps in, to put things in perspective. I’m sure lots of you get more than 10,000 steps a day but me, not so much. I’m happy when I meet that goal. rRnx3TcLeyn9XWGfy4NXILidYB_tClU4VxbFgok8QKK6qetsw9HTqzIimn0peIHem1VxFh9rNGoRXAiI01iQdDl6IIcVJK5OsZ-V9rqsxMsZ-l0UQxbuKkYzn2E9zoGF0ogHM4OZbr00IulVFJmk7HN9GRkHaAabQxEXGFJihyLbcdaBXPAicBpFfeAnUUIWGsZ7_5VZAeUT5HoHRr8LkhWW8C2o8WN8edzs

It was a little foggy closer to the top but still so pretty.



Right when we go to the top, it started snowing, it was a little chilly but so fun. I actually miss the snow a little being a Seattle-ite now vs a Chicagoan.




On the way down, we started chatting with this guy. We ended up taking the wrong route back down the mountain so that guy offered us a ride back to the other parking lot where our car was. It was so nice of him. And it is the first time I’ve ‘hitchhiked’ or gotten a ride from someone I barely know. Good thing it turned out a-ok. 🙂



It was a really nice, semi-challenging hike. It’s definitely a good one to train on. We had a great time and are going to try and hike most Saturday mornings/weekends. After our hike we also got crepes at the Euro Cafe in North Bend. I think I’ve talked about it before, and it was delicious!

There is truly so much to do and see in and around Seattle and we are so excited to hike and explore more. I’d love your suggestions for PNW hikes and places not to miss.

Happy Thursday friends!

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Friday Favorites: Washington State Edition

So I’ve been in Seattle for almost 2 weeks now. It’s been super busy and super fun already. Between unpacking, meeting up with new and old friends, going hiking, and runs to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and IKEA, it’s been pretty nonstop. I thought it’d be fun to do a top 5 favorite things that I’ve been up to in Seattle.


Yesterday I mentioned the Twin Falls Hike we did in North Bend. The weather was so crisp and sunny and it was a perfect fall day and hike.



We met up with our friend Kate and went for a walk in Lincoln Park, which was so pretty. I had heard about the park but this was Dave and I’s first time there. I definitely want to go back and go for walks and runs there and take our visitors.



This week Dave and I got our library cards (because I’m a super nerd and it was a top priority of mine hah) and you’re able to get books from all different libraries around the city. We decided to check out the central library that is downtown. It is an architectural marvel and understandably so.





Ever since we went to North Carolina I’ve been on a hunt to find the best biscuits. Sadly North Carolina didn’t deliver (I must have missed all the good places, we were only there for a few days. I still need to blog about that trip!) but I found the best biscuits in Ballard. The place is called Morsel. I found them on Yelp and we’ve been there twice already. 🙂


I got the buttermilk biscuit with raspberry jam the first time and strawberry jam the next time. They were both delicious and I can’t wait to go back! Haha. Dave got a sandwich with spinach and an egg and some other stuff, it’s called the spanish fly.



Our friend Hayes introduced us to the TNT Taqueria in Wallingford. They have the best breakfast burritos. And Gretchen (our other friend) said the tacos were great too. We were tempted to go back the next day, they’re that good.

And fun fact, across the street they have a sports bar called the Iron Bull, which is a Chicago bar! Dave, Gretchen and I went there last Sunday to watch the Bears game with our jerseys on and it was so fun to be in Seattle surrounded by a bunch of Bears fans with their Culter, Peyton, and Dikta jerseys on. As Gretchen says, “It’s a nice piece of home.”