My Happiness Project: July Goals

Another month, another set of goals. This month for My Happiness Project here is what I’m working on:


  • Learn Basic French & Teach my boyfriend Vietnamese
  • Bring My Reusable Cup Everywhere
  • Always Bring My Reusable Bags


I have so many reusable bags but I forget them at home sometimes. And then there are those times when I go to the store unexpectedly and find myself without a reusable bag. So for July I’m going to make sure that I always have my reusable bags with me at all times.


Every time I carry grocery bags I picture this:


But from now on I will have my trusty reusable bags with me so I won’t meet the same fate as Kevin McCallister. And if you need more convincing as to why it’s so important to not use plastic or paper bags read this article.

This month I also want to spend some time learning and teaching a language. When the time comes I want my kids to be fluent in Vietnamese and I’ll need help reinforcing it. And I’ve also always loved France and the Eiffel Tower and think French is such a beautiful language so I’m going to try and learn a few more words.




My Happiness Project: May Goals


  • No More Procrastinating
  • Stop Avoiding Confrontation
  • Respond to Emails Right Away

emailI tend to be a bit of a procrastinator at times. I make to do lists and don’t always get through them right away. It’s something I would like to change about myself. So for the entire month of May, this is my challenge.

Another bad habit of mine is the fact that I avoid confrontations. I don’t like to argue with others so I tend to not always speak my mind. But obviously there are ways to get your point across without being confrontational.  I need to work on dealing with difficult issues and not letting them fall by the wayside.

And lastly, I want to make sure that I keep up with my correspondence. When I check my emails I mentally write back but sometimes forget to physically write the email. So a few days pass by and I think I have emailed but I really haven’t. Email is such a quick and easy way to keep in touch, especially with family and friends living all over.

What are some of our habits that you are trying to change?


My Happiness Project: March Goals



  • Teeth Whitening
  • Floss Everyday
  • Focus on Skin Care (Wash My Face Every Night, Moisturize, Exfoliate, Sunscreen Daily, etc)


I decided that March should be the month that I take care of myself. I tend to get a little lazy sometimes when it comes to flossing and washing my face at night. I fall asleep on the couch some nights (earlier than I’d like to admit) and then I have no energy to fully get ready for bed.

But when I get ready for bed earlier I am more likely to be more thorough. So I’m going to make the effort this month to do what I need to before I get to the point of exhaustion.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes at the end of this month. What goals are you currently working on?


My Happiness Project: February Goals

Last month I laid out My Happiness Project for the entire year. Let’s refresh our minds (and mine) what I’ll be focusing on for this month.





  • Run 3 Times a Week
  • Rock Climb Twice a Week (my boyfriend)
  • No Meat
  • No Processed Foods, No Candy, No Sugar
  • No Alcohol Month (my boyfriend’s goal because I don’t drink)
  • Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day
  • Cut Coffee Intake Down to Only 3 Times a Week vs. Everyday (my boyfriend’s addicted to iced coffee)

fdd07412949ce88719d83816e7ab9bf3I am planning to run my first marathon this year, in December, so I need to get in the mindset of running on a regular basis.  Running for me is very therapeutic, it gives me time to think and be alone with my thoughts. I also enjoy listening to my music while I run, because it pumps me up and keeps me motivated to run.

Along with training and running, I thought it would be a perfect month to also eat properly. I have a huge sweet tooth, so it will definitely be a tough month for me to really exercise my self control. I don’t think I could be a full on vegetarian but I could definitely eat less meat.

This month I will have to plan my meals in advance and make frequent trips to the grocery store. (Good thing I only live 3 blocks away from the grocery store.)


Are you still sticking with your new year’s resolutions? How’s it going?