Mount Baker Snowshoeing

So I’ve been pretty behind with my blogging lately. Work has got me so exhausted that I fall asleep a lot earlier than I used to, and I keep falling behind with the blogging world. So this week I’m playing catch up with some trips that I’ve been meaning to blog about.

Back in January on New Years Eve weekend, our friends Kate & Hayes and Dave and I went snowshoeing at Mount Baker. We had gone the day before at a random spot in the forest, but Mount Baker was breathtaking. So humbling to be surrounded by such magnificent mountains. IMG_4195


Some of these pictures look fake because it’s so pretty. We got pretty spoiled to snowshoe here on only our second time ever going.


It was a perfect sunny day out.


We moved to Seattle in October of 2015 and being here I had a surreal moment, realizing where we now live, and the cool things we get to do with friends.


We picked a nice, secluded spot to eat lunch.





Dave killing the jump pic as usual and me getting whipped in the face with my own hair hahah!




A fun twist on our Pinterest inspired feet picture, we take at fun locations.


It was the best way to start the new year being so active and surrounded by friends and the mountains. I know this post was a little long, but there are just so many awesome pictures it was hard to choose. 🙂 It has easily become one of our new favorite winter activities.


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Tell Us About It: Fave Winter Activities



I am so behind on blogging but I’m trying to keep up with our linkup schedule, so today Katie, Mattie, and I are talking about our favorite winter activities and memories. (I can’t believe it’s already March!)

One of my favorite things about living in Seattle is that the winters are so mild. It’s just cloudy and rainy. It barely snows here and coming from Chicago it’s pretty refreshing. I love that it snows in the mountains. It’s so pretty to look at and feels like being in a real life snow globe. I also love that we can choose to play in the snow for the day and drive to it and not have to live in it.

In January, Dave and I went snowshoeing for the first time. We went to Artisan’s Point in Mount Baker on New Year’s Day. What a great way to start the new year! It was gorgeous and sunny out. It was an amazing experience. We brought snacks and a lunch and sat in the snow. That was the only time we were a little chilly, when we weren’t moving. IMG_4370

I sent this pic to my dad and he said he wanted to frame it. How cute is that? IMG_4345

We rented our snowshoes from REI. A lot of people don’t know that you can rent gear, but you should take advantage of it! Living in Seattle people are so active so you have to reserve equipment early!


I have so many more pictures from this snowshoe adventure at Mount Baker, and if I can ever get my stuff together I will blog about it.

The first two weekends in January we snowshoed and I wrote about this snowshoe trip here. This one was a little steep, but such a fun adventure. It was my friend Gretchen’s first time.


This was the week after Christmas, but it reminded me of a Christmas card because it’s so cute! Dave and Denny grew up together down the block together and went to school together from kindergarten through high school. Adorable much?


So even though snowshoeing is a new activity for us, it’s a new favorite for sure! It’s is just hiking in the snow but I love that the snowshoes allow us to still hike in the winter, versus waiting for spring to get out again.

Can’t wait to read what your favorite winter activities and memories are.

Link up with us below! If you missed today you can still link up for the rest of the week. Miss you blog friends.

New Year’s Snowshoeing

Continuing with our first snowshoe day adventure, here are some more awesome moments. The snow was so pretty that I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. close


Our entire group, minus one more dog. These two couples have been so welcoming since we moved to Seattle. We spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years together. Moving to Seattle and already knowing people has been amazing and really made it feel more like home. group


It was beautiful and sunny out and we had such a good time. We stopped for lunch, walked a little more, then headed back to our cabin.    walk.jpg

I loved waking up everyday to see the lake. It would be realllly nice to get a lake house someday. But I wold also just love to get a cabin every now and then. 🙂

cabinSo that wraps up our first Christmas and New Years together in Washington. They set the bar pretty high for future holidays huh? 😉 Living in such a beautiful place gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘staycation’ because there are so many gorgeous places here.


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Weekend Recap

I had the best weekend filled with friends, a Seattle Tour, games, cookies, and a snow adventure.

Friday I worked from home (such a nice perk of work!) and Dave and I went to see our mortgage broker. And since our realtor is Jason Mesnick he referred us to his friend Chris Siegfried.

Never did I think moving to Seattle that I’d be in contact with Bachelor alum, but it’s been awesome! (I’m a huge bachelor nerd so I try really hard to keep my cool and not be a fangirl even though I totally am!) Chris is super friendly and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to financing our future house. I’d highly recommend him as well.

After our meeting, Dave and I laid low, ordered pasta and watched our shows. We wanted to go out but were feeling lazy. We had plans the rest of the weekend so we decided to stay home that night.

Saturday We’ve been on the market for a new place on and off since September. We have a 6  month rental currently that is coming up in March. so we are looking more and more now. (Still can’t believe sometimes that it’s January 2016!)

A few days earlier in the week, our friends invited us to go snowshoeing, but we haven’t bought our own pairs yet, so we had to go rent them at Sports Authority. REI has 200 pairs but they were all out! So I looked up where else we could rent from, and Sports Authority came up. We had to go to two different locations since it’s first come first serve. After we secured our 3 pairs, we headed back to our neck of the woods to go to 4 different open houses.

We found place we liked, but didn’t love. The house hunting process is pretty exhausting. It’s so hard to picture yourself in certain places and have a pro and con list for each. Does this busy street bother us? Can we live with one bathroom? Do we want a yard? Do we want a fixer upper or a turn key house? So many questions and decisions! #firstworldproblems #adultproblems

After our open houses we had plans with Katie and her husband Justin to hang out. So they met at our house and because it was a beautiful sunny Seattle day, we decided to head to Lincoln Park and walk around. I love, love, love this park. It’s so pretty, peaceful, and a great view of the mountains and the Sound.


Katie has become such a great friend to me ever since we moved up here. She single handedly got me a job and in spending 8 hours a day together, 5 days a week, we’ve gotten to know each other really well. 🙂 And we’re really lucky. I know spending that much time together can go one of two ways. So I’m super grateful and glad we like each other so much. katieb

After going for a walk and skipping rocks, we headed into the city. For Christmas Katie got Dave and I a Groupon for a Underground Seattle tour. I didn’t take any pictures because it was pretty dark underground, but it was really cool and informative. I had no idea there were so many old first levels of buildings, where the sidewalks used to be.

After our tour, we went to cow chip cookies which were delicious. I have never heard of them, but Katie said she used to get them all the time as a kid.


After cookies and dessert before dinner, we went to eat at Elliot Bay in West Seattle which was my first time there and it was good. Then we went to a bar that allows you to bring games to. They also have shuffleboard, which is always fun. The 4 of us played Cranium and Heads Up. Game night are always fun! 🙂 What are your favorite board games?

Sunday our friends met at our house and we headed toward Snoqualmie to go snowshoeing. We are starting our new year active, since we went snowshoeing over New Year’s Eve weekend too. ( I will blog about that another day.) We drove to the Alpental skiing area and headed towards Source Lake.  I love this little bridge that leads to the skiing area.


Our friends Denny and Sarah have done this hike before so they lead the way. It was so pretty to see the trees and the ground covered in snow. It felt like being in a real life snow globe. snowglobe

A pic of the girls. If you guys remember a little while back I mentioned my friend Gretchen (on the left of me) moved up to Seattle two weeks before me and we’ve had so many fun adventures since. She and I went to junior high and high school together. It’s so fun to be here with her and appreciate all the amazing things there are to do and see here.

Sarah, on my right, is our friend who is also from Chicago. She is married to Dave’s childhood friend Denny. This is our first outdoor adventure with them since we’ve moved here.

I can’t say it enough how wonderful having friends has made the move seamless. It’s been so awesome to have Chicago friends who we have a shared history with, but are also getting to make new memories with.

If you look closely you can see behind us is a little waterfall with water that was still streaming and not freezing! girls

Most of the hike was level and not scary. There was just this one section that was a little dicey. It was super steep and you really had to kick in the toe of the snowshoe to get good traction. Here Gretchen and I are climbing uphill.


But we at the top of that hill we were rewarded with an amazing view. We took this adorable group pic. 🙂


We hike a little further and sat down and had lunch. Cheese, cracker, salami, strawberries and raspberries, and pretzels. It was delightful.

The fun thing about snowshoeing is that you can forge your own path and go off the beaten path to really beautiful, remote places. It was so cool to be surrounded by the snow and be in a ‘white out.’ The snow was so pure and untouched in some areas. I absolutely love being able to go on little weekend adventures in the wilderness, then I don’t feel so sad when I’m at work all week in an office. It’s a delicate balance but one I’m happy to toe the line with. 2