Ted Kennedy Scenes From an Epic Life


Ted Kennedy, was the only son of Kennedy patriarch Joe’s four who was able to live out his life and die in his old age of natural causes. All of his brothers died violently, his eldest brother Joe Jr died in a plane crash during a mission in World War II, JFK and Bobby died both from an assassin’s bullet.  So Ted was left to carry on the on Kennedy name and be a surrogate father to Jack and Bobby’s 13 children.

“Through more than 200 stunning black and white photographs pulled from the pages of the Boston Globe and its extensive archives, Ted Kennedy: Scenes from an Epic Life provides a gorgeous visual account of Ted’s incredible journey from his joyous birth to the tragic announcement of his battle with brain cancer, including highlights from his childhood in New York, Hyannis Port, and London; his days at Harvard and in the Senate; and his roles as devoted brother, husband, father, uncle, and grandfather.”

This book follows his entire life through pictures. Because there are so many family members, I like when books focus on one person and show where they stood amidst all the history and events. Ted’s life long cause in his almost 47 years in the Senate was for health care and became known as the Lion of the Senate. He was the 4th longest serving Senator in United States history. He lived a great life and these pictures show it beautifully.