I’m On a Boat

For our friend Mason’s birthday we rented Duffy Boats in Newport. It was a fun activity and something new to do. When we went paddleboarding  we kept passing people in these boats, so it was fun to be in them this time. We brought a bunch of snacks and enjoyed the awesome weather. group

Stitch and Bear joined us and had a blast 🙂 stitch



Riley is almost 3 and is so sweet. I always love seeing her! And she loves seeing the dogs haha. 001


Kids and puppies, is there anything cuter!?

Afterwards we went out to eat at Bluewater Grill which was really good and great views of big boats.





I’m Baaack! (Well Sort of)

Hey girls!

After taking a few days off from the blogging world, traveling to my new future home in Seattle and to my childhood home in Chicago, a lot happened.

I also want to take a second and thank my awesome blogger friends who took over for me last week. Shout out to Molly, Lauren, Katie, and Mattie! I’m so glad you all enjoyed them as much as I do!

Dave and I got back home late Saturday night and truthfully, I’m still in vacation mode so here’s a quick little recap of the last week.

One of our roomies got a new puppy! This is Bear. She is tiny and sweet as pie. This pic is a little blurry but she moves around so much it’s hard to catch a good pic of her. But you get the gist, she’s freaking adorable! IMG_1447

I love aerial shots from the plane and this is one of my faves I’ve taken. Such a cool shot of the Space Needle.


I’m obviously excited about a lot of things with the upcoming move next month to Seattle, and one of them is getting to explore the islands surrounding the city. We’ve been to the San Juan Islands and the Orcas and can’t wait to get back there. This picture got me thinking about those future trips. 🙂


unnamedSo as you can see I have a lot I want to blog about in the coming days 🙂 Hope you all had a good past week and weekend! See you guys tomorrow!