My Happiness Project: April Goals

My Happiness Project continues this month. My goals this month are focused on taking time to take it all in and self reflecting, as well as physically keeping fit.


  • Workout in the Morning Before Doing Anything Else
  • Hike Once A Week
  • Take More Pictures
  • Write in My Journal Everyday


We all know how quickly time flies by. One of my favorite quotes is, “The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short.” That comes from Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project.

I want to make sure that I am appreciating each season of my life and not taking for granted the simplicity of my life. I want to be able to look at on certain times in my life and know that I was living in those moments and not overlooking them.

So April will be the month of taking stock of my life at the current stage I’m in, and loving every minute of it.



My Happiness Project: February Goals

Last month I laid out My Happiness Project for the entire year. Let’s refresh our minds (and mine) what I’ll be focusing on for this month.





  • Run 3 Times a Week
  • Rock Climb Twice a Week (my boyfriend)
  • No Meat
  • No Processed Foods, No Candy, No Sugar
  • No Alcohol Month (my boyfriend’s goal because I don’t drink)
  • Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day
  • Cut Coffee Intake Down to Only 3 Times a Week vs. Everyday (my boyfriend’s addicted to iced coffee)

fdd07412949ce88719d83816e7ab9bf3I am planning to run my first marathon this year, in December, so I need to get in the mindset of running on a regular basis.  Running for me is very therapeutic, it gives me time to think and be alone with my thoughts. I also enjoy listening to my music while I run, because it pumps me up and keeps me motivated to run.

Along with training and running, I thought it would be a perfect month to also eat properly. I have a huge sweet tooth, so it will definitely be a tough month for me to really exercise my self control. I don’t think I could be a full on vegetarian but I could definitely eat less meat.

This month I will have to plan my meals in advance and make frequent trips to the grocery store. (Good thing I only live 3 blocks away from the grocery store.)


Are you still sticking with your new year’s resolutions? How’s it going?

My Happiness Project: January Goals Assessment

So the first month of the new year is over. Man, that went by fast! So let’s take a second here and assess how my goals went for the month. Here is a reminder of my goals I focused on this month:

  • No More Being Late, Be 10 Minutes Early
  • No Phones During Meal Time
  • Wake Up Early To Make the Days Longer and Be More Productive
  • Stick to a Budget, Manage and Organize Debt, Finances, Investments
  • Get a Composter
  • Limit Alcohol Intake to Once a Week

1) No More Being Late, Be 10 Minutes Early.

I definitely succeed on this goal for the month. I made sure to get ready way before I needed to, to allow time to get to my destinations. It feels so much better to be early and have time to relax versus rushing, and feeling bad for showing up late. I want to try to do this all the time, not just this past month.


2) No Phones During Meal Time.

In the beginning of the month I sometimes forgot that this was one of the goals, so it took a few times to remember before my boyfriend and I put away our phones. It’s just a habit to whip out your phones all the time, but it’s so important to enjoy the company you are with and not obsess over your phone. So if you haven’t already I definitely recommend doing this.

3) Wake Up Early To Make the Days Longer and Be More Productive.

This is a bit of an ongoing goal for me. I wouldn’t say that I rocked this goal for this month. I have such a nice comfy bed that it’s hard to get out of it sometimes. Once I am out of bed, I’m up, but it’s just a matter of actually waking up. I need to revisit this goal for sure.

4) Stick to a Budget, Manage and Organize Debt, Finances, Investments.

Now this goal I totally didn’t even get to for this month. This month flew by for me somehow and I didn’t sit down and organize my finances like I should have. Shame on me. This is still a goal of mine that will have to get reworked into My Happiness Project. 

5) Get a Composter

We did try to look into get a composter several times this month but when it came down to it, we weren’t sure if it was the best thing for us at this time in our lives. One of the benefits of having a composter is to use it in your soil to garden with. And I am living in an apartment right now that does not have room for a garden, so we figured the soil would go to waste. We wouldn’t know what to do with all the soil once it started overflowing. So this goal will have to be done when I have some real outdoor space and a house. But I would love to hear about anyone who has one and uses it!

6) Limit Alcohol Intake to Once a Week.

I personally don’t drink alcohol (never was interested in it and haven’t found anything I really liked other than the very occasional Mike’s Hard Lemonade) so this goal was for my boyfriend. He did so good with this goal the entire month, that is until his brother came into town to visit, then this goal was out the window. To be fair he did hold out until the 24th of the month, but he didn’t quite achieve this goal for the month; close but no dice.

On January 6th I added one more goal to this list: the 30 Day Plank Challenge.

47072408427635de13b4c6a8879e3a57 And as much as I wish  I had stuck to this plank challenge, I didn’t. I got to 2 and a half minutes which is just a little bit after the half way point and then got derailed once we had my boyfriend’s brother in town. We were so busy sightseeing all day that at the end of the day we were exhausted and often forgot about the challenge all together. I know it’s no excuse but that’s what happened. So I’ll have to start this one over. Did anyone who was doing this with me, finish it?!? I hope I can make it to 5 minutes, I just can’t quit this time!

So overall I followed through with some goals and didn’t quite make the cut with other goals. You win some, you lose some. But I’m actively trying to better myself in the new year and that’s what counts right? Goals are points of reference to see how you progress and life and it’s challenges are an constantly moving target. So tomorrow is a new month and a new day and another chance to get it right. So let’s start fresh and keep pushing forward with our goals!

My Happiness Project!



  • No More Being Late, Be 10 Minutes Early
  • No Phones During Meal Time
  • Wake Up Early To Make the Days Longer and Be More Productive
  • Stick to a Budget, Manage and Organize Debt, Finances, Investments
  • Get a Composter
  • Limit Alcohol Intake to Once a Week


  • Run 3 Times a Week
  • Climb Twice a Week (my boyfriend)
  • No Meat
  • No Alcohol Month
  • No Processed Foods, No Candy, No Sugar
  • Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day
  • Cut Coffee Intake Down to Only 3 Times a Week vs. Everyday


  • Teeth Whitening
  • Floss Everyday
  • Focus on Skin Care (Wash My Face Every Night, Moisturize, Exfoliate, Sunscreen Daily, etc)


  • Workout in the Morning Before Doing Anything Else
  • Hike Once A Week
  • Take More Pictures
  • Write in My Journal Everyday


  • No More Procrastinating
  • Stop Avoiding Confrontation
  • Respond to Emails Right Away


  • Volunteer Once A Week
  • Check in with Family & Friends on a Regular Basis
  • Be More Patient



  • Learn Basic French & Teach my boyfriend Vietnamese
  • Bring My Reusable Cup Everywhere
  • Always Bring My Reusable Bags


  • Write Down My Dad’s Experience in the Vietnam War
  • Sign Up For Cooking and Sewing Classes
  • Lighten Up and Don’t Take Things So Seriously


  • Start Our Annual Fall Friends Trip (Labor Day Weekend?)
  • Use Coupons Efficiently
  • Start Training for the Honolulu Marathon! My First Marathon


  • Stop Rushing and Make Time For Things
  • Take My Vitamins Everyday 3 Times a Day
  • Make Lists and Get Through Them All


  • Write Down 5 Things I’m Grateful for Everyday
  • Send Emails to People Telling Them Why I Appreciate Them


  • Stop leaving things for the last minute
  • One Nice Deed a Day/ Act of Kindness
  • Donate to Toys for Tots


Happy 2014!


Happy New Year!! It’s 2014, can you believe it? To start off the new year fresh, I am going to focus on my resolutions.

After reading The Happiness Project this summer, I was inspired to start my own project. So what better time to start it, than the New Year?


I know what you’re thinking, new year’s resolutions never work out, people always forget about them, and don’t follow through after January.

But with the Happiness Project, your goals and resolutions are spread out over the year, and you focus on only a few at a time. This way it makes it easier to keep track of your goals and not spread yourself too thin.


So at the beginning of every month I’ll go over my resolutions for the month and and the end of the month I’ll see how it has affected my overall happiness.

I wanted to share My Happiness Project with all of you, to inspire you to read the book, start your own project, to hold me accountable to these goals, and because this is what our blog Say Yes To Happy is all about!!

So come back tomorrow and I’ll lay out my Happiness Project month by month!