Day 10 Portland to San Fran

So after being on the road for a week and a half, it was time for us to head back so I could get back to work. We planned to drive from Fox Island to San Francisco which is 750 miles and about 12 hours without traffic. We thought we’d break up the long drive with a quick stop in Portland.

On the way up to Seattle we stopped in Portland and went to this gallery called Screaming Sky. There was a print there I was thinking about getting so I wanted to stop in and grabbed it. If you are in the Portland area I’d highly recommend going here. They have such cute prints, magnets, pins, cards, etc. And if you’re not in that area check out their website, you can shop online.


IMG_20150310_122235Here is the print that I picked up. I added this gem to our gallery wall that I’ll have to blog about in the near future.

IMG_20150310_122344We stopped by Case Study Coffee Roaster on the way out because Dave loves his coffee and we still had a long way to go. It was super cute inside.

IMG_20150310_123038On the way back to the car we passed Cupcake Jones and I couldn’t resist. 🙂 Who doesn’t love mini cupcakes?

IMG_20150310_123509That completed our stop in Portland and for the rest of the night we were in the car, singing, talking, and listening to podcasts all the way to San Fran where we met up with Jesse and G again.


Day 6 Lake Wenatchee, Washington

I started a new job this week so I’ve been a little busy and have been slacking on my blogging. But I’m back again and wanted to continue with our LA to Seattle road trip. Day 6 of our road trip brought us to Lake Wenatchee, Washington. Our friend Pablo was working on a documentary about Andre Kajlich, who is a double amputee and an ultra endurance athlete. And this June he will attempt to be the first solo hand-cyclist to cross the Race Across America (RAAM) finish line that includes a 3,000 mile, 12 day ride that climbs 170,000 feet, and crosses 12 states. 16193_10155333899605217_6489480879215349307_n Andre was kind enough to invite Dave and I to stay at his family’s cabin and the next day we filmed Andre training on his hand cycle. This is the view from his backyard deck. IMG_20150306_102537 Pablo and his sister Maria flew in from San Francisco and Dave and I drove from LA. It was really cool to meet up in Lake Wenatchee and to meet Andre and his wonderful wife Mariana. One of my favorite things about Dave working in the film industry is the amount we get to travel and the incredible people we get to meet.

Here’s a picture of Dave and Pablo filming out of the back of the rented van. 🙂

IMG_20150306_120508 Lake Wenatchee has beautiful wooded roads with rolling hills and is a great training ground. IMG_20150306_124411 IMG_20150306_124906

The water was freezing, but wow was it beautiful to look at! IMG_20150306_102533

IMG_20150306_105708 It was a long day of filming and I was able to talk and get to know Andre and Mariana. They are both incredibly kind, inspiring, and warm people.

photo 1

Check out this amazing trailer Pablo put together!

If you want to follow along on Andre’s journey check on the documentary’s website here and follow Andre’s blog here. That night after they finished filming we headed to another cabin we rented with some friends that was on the Skykomish River.

Day 5 Cannon Beach & Astoria

We stayed the night in Cannon Beach and in the morning we found a super cute cafe called Sea Level. (3116 S Hemlock StCannon Beach, OR 97110)


Here is the inside of the shop. Everyone is there was very friendly, and gave it a real small town feel. We had a quiche and an acai bowl.




After our quick breakfast we head back to Haystack Rock and Dave took some pictures on his Infared Camera. I’ll have to do a separate post with his pictures because they are awesome.



From Cannon Beach we drove further up the coast and ate again. We found a cute coffee shop on Yelp called Street 14 Coffee (1410 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103.)


I just had a bagel with bacon on the side, because why not right? 🙂


This coffee shop is on the corner so it has nice light coming in.



From lunch we went to the Goonies house that sit up on a hill. Dave was very excited to see this house. I have to admit I’ve never seen the entire goonies movie, only parts of it. I know it’s a classic and I need to see it in its entirety.




From Astoria, we drove to Lake Wenatchee in Washington to help a friend film a documentary, which I will talk about tomorrow. It was a great meeting of the minds. The film world that Dave is in and I dabbled in, has introduced us to some really amazing people that I love, respect, and look up to.

Day 2 San Francisco

So Day 2 of our Highway 1 Coastal Road Trip from LA to Seattle, we stayed another night in San Francisco. We stayed at our friend’s place in the Sunset area and in the morning we walked along the beach path on Great Highway. It was a gorgeous sunny day.


It was fun to see the colorful house that have a view of the ocean.



 We walked to a place called Java Beach.



They have a good sized menu. I got the lemon poppy seed muffin (which was delicious!) and also an everything bagel with cream cheese. Dave got the iced coffee and the bagel with hummus sandwich, both of which he really enjoyed.



They have both an indoor and outdoor section. There is also a small little garden area across the street where you can sit and eat too.


If you find yourself in that neighborhood, I’d recommend this place. It’s really good!

After our breakfast, we had plans to meet other friends at Presido Park for food trucks. It was a huge, open park that I had never heard of. It was really pretty, and really crowded, but fun!




I really like that San Fran has so many parks and that so many people use them and gather. It was really nice to see the water, people kite boarding, sailboats, and even a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Our friends Meghan and Bob moved from Chicago a year and a half ago and met us here. Hayes and Kate live in Seattle and were in town for the weekend so we met up with them too. We also saw them about a week later in Seattle. It was fun that all our schedules worked out and that we were able to meet up. Also my friend Pablo met us there briefly but wasn’t in our picture. He and I went to Togo together last summer. That’s a story for another day! 🙂

After we ate and caught up, we headed to Hayes Valley to check out the neighborhood. I also had a list of murals/street art that I wanted to check out. Before we left for our trip I looked up a some murals in the bigger cities we were going to (San Fran and Portland. Seattle didn’t have any that I loved and had to see.)

This fun Califor’ya one can be found at Folsom and 7th Street. I love the way it’s spelled, the colors, and the cute cartoon! I posted this on our Instagram as well. Be sure to follow us if you aren’t already! I tend to post some pictures there that I don’t always share on the blog (because it’s faster! hah)




You can tell it was getting to be later in the evening because of the shadows in my pictures. I love this one! Life is a great adventure and should be celebrated and appreciated! This one is at Octavia St and Page Street.



I love the way street art and murals can liven up a neighborhood. It definitely adds some color and character.

We walked around the shops in Hayes valley with our friend Hayes (haha) and ate at some restaurant I can’t remember. After that we parted ways and went back to our friend Jesse’s house where they were wrapping up a BBQ.

It was another full day full of friends and exploring. I’ve been to San Fran multiple times and this one of our first times really taking it in without a schedule or being in a rush. It’s a great city that I really like. Day 2 of our road trip done.

Day 1 Road Trip LA to Seattle

If you are just reading this post today, you might have missed that I went on a road trip from LA to Seattle. I mapped out where we went. Today I’m going to start breaking down our trip. We did so much and I want to make sure I do justice to the great places we visited. So without further ado:

Day 1- Saturday February 28th:

Because San Fran is about a 6 hour drive from our place, we weren’t in a rush to leave early in the morning. So before we left we helped a friend with her moving sale in Santa Monica. Afterwards, we went out to brunch and met up with another friend.

One of our favorites places to eat in Santa Monica is Bru’s Wiffle.We always order the same thing their King Waffles which is a single waffle topped with peanut butter and bananas and comes with bacon, that we always put on the side. They also have great chicken and waffles there too! If you’re ever in the neighborhood I highly recommend this place.

If you follow us on Instagram you already saw this picture:

IMG_20150228_112909 After meeting our friends Erin and Richard for brunch here we headed to San Fran for the first stop on our road trip. The drive up was nice and uneventful. We listen to lots of music and podcasts when we are on the road. Our favorites are: Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Serial , Off Camera, This is Reality (Jason and Molly Mesnick), Start Up, and the JFK Library also has great podcasts. What podcasts do you all listen to that I should try out? I’d love to hear your suggestions! As soon as we got to San Fran we met more friends at a restaurant for a late dinner. It was a so nice to see our friends from both NYC and Seattle in the same place. After the dinner we went to a nearby bar and caught up some more. It reminded me of this quote, which is one of my favorites: 3699ff320ce1f3fc65297896c9770101 I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have friends and family that live all over the US and the world, but I definitely miss them and get homesick from time to time. But that is always one of my favorite reasons for taking road trips because it allows us to see our people all over. That night we stayed at our friend’s house that we both know from high school, who lives in the Sunset area of San Fran. So day 1 of our road trip was a success. A great start to our trip. The first of many memorable nights to come. IMG_20150301_103425

LA to Seattle Road Trip Overview

So two Saturdays ago on February 28th, Dave and I took off for our Highway 1, California coast road trip to Seattle, Washington. We are planning a move up to Seattle in the fall so we wanted to check out some neighborhoods and visit some friends and family along the way. 🙂

Here is a breakdown of our trip:

rt2We were gone for 11 days and saw so many gorgeous sites. It was a really great time. I will do multiple posts about where we went and share some pictures as well, over the next few days but in the meantime here is our trip at a glance.

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Happy Monday Friends! It feels great to be back.