Introducing Nowvel, You’re Welcome :)

I was contacted on Instagram a few months ago by a company called Nowvel. They are a new photo book company that you all should totally try out! They offer your first book free for all you skeptics out there, no strings attached. You really have nothing to lose. And once you get hooked on their books (which you totally will!) they are just $10 flat, how amazing is that?!

They have an awesome app that groups your photos together by events and time periods. It also makes collages if you have too many photos to choose from. You are also able to choose your own photos and arrange them how you’d like. The app is really clean and easy to use. I love the way the app uses your photos from your phone and your social media accounts (that you give them permission to) to generate sample photo books for you to see.

In this day and age where we all take a million pictures on our phones, but don’t always print them out, this is the perfect solution. It’s such a nice way to make your digital photos into tangible memory books. And they are great for all occasions and make the perfect gifts.

They also have lots of fun ways you can get coins that can be used towards your next book. For example you can share your book on Facebook to get a coin. If you do end up testing out their books, please feel free to put in my referral code R7kNYxWhWl.

I got my photo book in the mail and absolutely love it! The photo quality is fantastic and the paper is really high quality and thick. I currently have my book on display on the my book shelf that we use as a catch all where we put our mail and keys after coming home from work.


Today I was lucky enough to be featured on Nowvel’s social media channels. You can check out my book on their social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


This post is not sponsored and I’m not getting paid to post this. These are all of my own opinions and thoughts. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about the book before you order them or while you’re putting together your books.


Please let me know if you try this out, I’d love to hear what you think! I really believe in these books and the company and think they will be very popular soon, and I’ll be able to say I heard about them back before they were so well known! 🙂