Friday Favorites: Traveling & Being Home

I’m currently in Chicago until Monday night. Living it up with my family and friends for a few quick days. I’ll be back to commenting Tuesday, and I’ll have posts schedule during my absence. Anyway what fun things do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Here are my favorites from this week:the-new-youI love the Bachelor franchise. I’ve been a fan for years and end up following past contestants on their blogs and social media. This week Jillian Harris posted about Life Before the Bachelor and what she’s learned being a public figure and being in the media. She also talks about cultivating your own personal brand, something all us bloggers can relate to. It’s a great read; love her!


THE NEW YOU(1)On Tuesday I shared 3 of my current favorite travel bloggers: Kelley at Madeline in the City who chronicles life across the pond in London with her family, Courtney at Alkeks Abroad who has been living with her husband down under in Australia, and Abby from Abby’s Roads who has lived in Dubai and Australia with her husband.

One of my favorite things about reading other people’s blogs is getting to live vicariously through them and following along on their adventures abroad. I’d love to hear who your favorite travel bloggers are too!

THE NEW YOU(2)Being home in Chicago, makes me oh so happy. I love, love, love, to travel, but Dorothy was so right when she said “There’s no place like home.” I mean just look at this city, it’s stunning.

IMG_44852The architecture is amazing. The lake is beautiful. People are friendly and so polite (hello Midwesterners) and the food is great. There’s so much to do. And it’s where most of my family and friends still live. It’s never enough time at home but I’ll take as much time as I can get. I hold this city and its people near and dear to my heart.

It makes me super sentimental being home and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to thoroughly soak up and enjoy these few days home. One of these days I should do a post about my favorite Chicago spots and things to do. What are your favorite Chicago happenings?

THE NEW YOU(3)Last year one of my favorite places we visited was Horse Shoe Bend in Arizona. It was more beautiful in person and pictures hardly do it justice. It was really cool to stand there and take it all in. I would love to go back there someday and spend some more time in the Grand Canyon. I’d love to hike the rim or part of it anyway. 🙂

Has anyone hiked in the Grand Canyon, did you love it?


fiveLastly I want to thank all of you readers lately, who have been so nice and friendly lately. I feel like I’ve finally found some really nice blogger friends and my own little cliche. It feels really good to feel like a part of the blogging community. It’s made blogging a lot more fulfilling and fun for me getting to know you guys better.

It’s so fun to get a peek into each other lives and encourage and support one another. Link ups have been a really awesome way to discover new blogs. So thank you all again for being so much fun to interact with and for the very kind words, it’s greatly appreciated.


Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!

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