Day 2 San Francisco

So Day 2 of our Highway 1 Coastal Road Trip from LA to Seattle, we stayed another night in San Francisco. We stayed at our friend’s place in the Sunset area and in the morning we walked along the beach path on Great Highway. It was a gorgeous sunny day.


It was fun to see the colorful house that have a view of the ocean.



 We walked to a place called Java Beach.



They have a good sized menu. I got the lemon poppy seed muffin (which was delicious!) and also an everything bagel with cream cheese. Dave got the iced coffee and the bagel with hummus sandwich, both of which he really enjoyed.



They have both an indoor and outdoor section. There is also a small little garden area across the street where you can sit and eat too.


If you find yourself in that neighborhood, I’d recommend this place. It’s really good!

After our breakfast, we had plans to meet other friends at Presido Park for food trucks. It was a huge, open park that I had never heard of. It was really pretty, and really crowded, but fun!




I really like that San Fran has so many parks and that so many people use them and gather. It was really nice to see the water, people kite boarding, sailboats, and even a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Our friends Meghan and Bob moved from Chicago a year and a half ago and met us here. Hayes and Kate live in Seattle and were in town for the weekend so we met up with them too. We also saw them about a week later in Seattle. It was fun that all our schedules worked out and that we were able to meet up. Also my friend Pablo met us there briefly but wasn’t in our picture. He and I went to Togo together last summer. That’s a story for another day! 🙂

After we ate and caught up, we headed to Hayes Valley to check out the neighborhood. I also had a list of murals/street art that I wanted to check out. Before we left for our trip I looked up a some murals in the bigger cities we were going to (San Fran and Portland. Seattle didn’t have any that I loved and had to see.)

This fun Califor’ya one can be found at Folsom and 7th Street. I love the way it’s spelled, the colors, and the cute cartoon! I posted this on our Instagram as well. Be sure to follow us if you aren’t already! I tend to post some pictures there that I don’t always share on the blog (because it’s faster! hah)




You can tell it was getting to be later in the evening because of the shadows in my pictures. I love this one! Life is a great adventure and should be celebrated and appreciated! This one is at Octavia St and Page Street.



I love the way street art and murals can liven up a neighborhood. It definitely adds some color and character.

We walked around the shops in Hayes valley with our friend Hayes (haha) and ate at some restaurant I can’t remember. After that we parted ways and went back to our friend Jesse’s house where they were wrapping up a BBQ.

It was another full day full of friends and exploring. I’ve been to San Fran multiple times and this one of our first times really taking it in without a schedule or being in a rush. It’s a great city that I really like. Day 2 of our road trip done.