National’s Girlfriend Day August 1st

I know that the majority of my readers are women and I love that because I’m a total girl’s girl. I love and adore my girlfriends and am a huge supporter of my real life (and now new blogging friends!) National Girlfriend’s Day was recently brought to my attention from an awareness campaign by Oscar Insurance, which is on Saturday August 1st! This day acts as a conversation starter to remind women to take care of their health and to schedule the necessary check-ups.

We, as women, tend to overbook ourselves and take care of everyone else, but ourselves. But it’s so important to make sure we are taken care of, and have some me time, before we can really be of service to anyone else.

Oscar Insurance created this adorable infographic to remind us all of when we should be getting things checked out to stay on schedule and be aware of our health. If you’re in the NY or NJ market, you can also check out Oscar as they have many health insurance services that allow making these appointments even easier.

Part of being an adult is taking care of yourself and being up to date with your health. Trust me, I hate needles and going to doctor, but it’s part of life and I’d much rather know what’s going on with my body and health than to leave it all to chance.

Of course part of being healthy is being active and eating well. Whether you’re a runner, a hiker, biker, after dinner walker, whatever it is you do, just remember to get off your butts and do whatever works for you and your schedule.

One of my favorite parts of the blogging community is reading about other blogger’s healthy recipes they share. I also love the idea of signing up for a 5k or a workout class with your friends. Because everything is more fun when you have someone to do it with you. And working out can mean so many different things, you don’t have to belong to a gym. You can go to free yoga classes at Lululemon, you can join or start a mommy stroller group, you can do a few exercises in between commercials, ride bikes on the weekend or to work, go kayaking, or go for a run. There are so many different ways you can add in activities that are great workouts.

Oscar Girlfriends Day

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30 Day Burpee Challenge

100 Burpees by the end of the month? Sure. Why not?

This officially wraps up an entire year of working out almost everyday (with rest days.) How amazing do you feel?!

I have so enjoyed the 30 Day Fitness Challenges. Looking forward to finishing the last challenge for the year. For those of you who have done it along with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and how you feel your fitness has changed or improved.




30 Day Wall Sit Challenge

The wall sit is one of my favorite exercises. You can really feel it burning and you can see and feel your knees shaking. I think it’s a great workout, and I’m excited to take this challenge on this month. 30-day-wall-sit-challenge-chart

Just in case any wants a picture of a wall sit here ya go. Remember to maintain the 90 degree angle the entire time. wallsit


30 Day Fitness Challenge also gives a guide and video of how to do a wall sit.

20 Secrets of Very Fit People


  1. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and drink from it often. Water should always be your drink of choice. To kick things up every once in a while, try adding lemon, lime, cucumber, or a few berries to liven up the flavor without adding significant calories.
  2. Look at exercise as a pleasure and a privilege, not a burden or chore. Think positively about the changes regular exercise will produce. Rather than obsessing about your next meal, get excited about your next workout!
  3. Eat well-balanced meals and remember that excess calories, even if they’re from food that’s fat free and high in protein, will turn to excess weight. No matter what the latest fad diet says, extra calories equal extra weight!
  4. Limit caffeine and exposure to even secondhand smoke.
  5. Focus on short-term fitness goals with an emphasis on completing daily exercise.
  6. Keep a daily log of what you’re actually eating. This includes every time you grab a handful of chips here or eat the crust of your kid’s sandwich there, and ALL of your snacking.
  7. Enjoy an occasional (once a week) “unhealthy” treat, but never an unhealthy week or unhealthy vacation.
  8. Enjoy contributing to the health of others by having a partner or friends to exercise with, as well as recruiting others who want to feel better and have more energy. Have a neighbor who’s sitting on the porch every morning when you walk by? Ask him or her to join you on your walk!
  9. Avoid monotony by taking up new forms of exercising, or using things that keep you motivated and inspired, like new shoes or great music.
  10. Subscribe to fitness magazines to keep focused on health as an overall way of life.
  11. Invest in the right tools—good shoes, a portable MP3 player or iPod®, fitness equipment, a new series of tapes, etc.
  12. Make it your goal to do some form of exercise 6 or 7 days a week. If some days you exercise once in the morning and once in the evening, even better! If you’re eating right, exercise will fuel your energy level!
  13. Don’t compare your body to others’. Instead, work to be your personal best.
  14. If your diet is unbalanced, take daily vitamin and mineral supplements for total health.
  15. Work to take your exercise to new levels of intensity.
  16. Create an exercise schedule the day before instead of leaving it to chance or waiting to “find” the time. If our last three Presidents of the United States can make time to work out every day, you can make time too!
  17. Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into total fitness. Measure success by the way your clothes fit, not some number on a scale.
  18. Stick with eating plans you can maintain indefinitely. Remember that no matter how hard you’re working out, if you’re consuming too many calories, you’ll never see the muscles that lie beneath layers of fatty tissue.
  19. Get adequate amounts of sleep, but remember that people who exercise regularly fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.
  20. Limit alcohol intake to special occasions.

Source: Healthy is Classy