Real Girl Next Door by Denise Richards


Real Girl Next Door by Denise Richards is an honest look at her life and marriage to Charlie Sheen. She very tastefully talks about their marriage and their struggles without being too personal and revealing too much. I think that is very respectable, given how many terrible things could probably be said about Charlie Sheen and his antics.

She is very down to earth and relatable. I also really connect with her because she is from the West Suburbs of Chicago like I am. And people from the Midwest generally speaking are very friendly and down to earth so I love that about her as well.

Denise talks about her upbringing, and her rise to stardom and the successes and pitfalls along the way. She talks about her early days of modeling, getting a boob job, posing for Playboy, being a Bond Girl and becoming a mom.

She also chronicles the heartbreak of her mother’s losing battle with kidney cancer. It made me cry and made me want to call my mom immediately. (Which I did! And you should too.)

She’s talks about being a good role model for her children and the importance of picking up the pieces of moving forward with your life.

It’s a nice, easy read and perfect for the last lazy days of summer.