The Honest Life by Jessica Alba





“The Honest Life,” by Jessica Alba is a lifestyle guide about living eco friendly and naturally. She talks about ingredients you should avoid in beauty products, laundry detergents, cleaning products, how to bring your baby into a safe environment with as few chemicals as possible,  and what foods you should eat organically. The book features gorgeous, colorful pictures, and some especially cute ones featuring her two young daughters and husband Cash Warren.



She talks about her childhood and how she was sick a lot and allergic to a list of things. So when she found out she was pregnant she started doing research to ensure that her child would come into a healthy environment. She grew increasingly frustrated with the limited options, the high prices, and the neutral colors of brown and beige for eco friendly products. So she started her own company, called the Honest Company.  The company offers diapers, beauty products, detergents, cleaning products, and vitamins.




Sometimes people who talk about eating organically, and using chemical free products can come off as snooty or judgmental of those who don’t live their lifestyle. But Jessica is just giving you the information she’s found helpful and is using in her life. She knows every family’s needs and situations are different and advises readers to do what is best for them and not try to be perfect because we all know no one is.



Her book has a lot of very useful information and is laid out really clearly in charts and bullet points. I took notes while I read this book so I can come back to the information later. I learned a lot reading this book and highly recommend it. I am excited to try some new Honest products. They sell their products online and also in retail locations such as Whole Foods and Target. Be sure to check out the store locator on the website.




Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is known for being an actress on Desperate Housewives. I admit that I watched the show years ago. She seems like such a fun lady to hang out with and is so down to earth. I love how petite she is and how she dresses herself. She’s got great style and wears perfectly form fitting clothes.cb036c87f7c52b70283e471097aa9cc1