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Linking up today with Shay for What’s Up Wednesday. I answered a few of the questions:

Eating This Week:

This week my friend is staying with me and it’s so nice to have some girl time. We had her work friend over last Friday and we made guac and a salad bar and watched our favorite episodes of Friends. It was perfect:) We have a bunch of leftover salad to eat this week and a Blue Apron meal of salmon.

Reminiscing About:

So before we moved to Seattle, we went on a big trip to Zion National Park in Utah with my brother, his fiance, and my best friend and her husband. We went sightseeing, hiking, and camped. One of these days I will blog about our amazing road trip.


I’m Loving:

Living in Seattle. I’m so happy here. We have good friends (another couple we are friends with who are from Chicago are moving here next month! That makes 8 of our friends here Chicagoans!) and there are a ton of things to do and see. We have a running bucket list of things to do in Seattle and the surrounding areas. That’s another blog for another day.:)


What I’m Dreading:

As glad as I am to be getting my health in order with all my upcoming doctor appointments, it still makes me nervous. I get a pit in my stomach while sitting in the waiting rooms. So much could be going on within my body and it always makes me nervous until I get the all clear from the doctors. I don’t do well with medical stuff.

What I’m Listening to:

I’m currently obsessed with a few country songs this week:

Run Away With You – Big & Rich

Heartbeat – Carrie Underwood

Thunder – Adam Sanders

Break Up in a Small Town- Sam Hunt

What I’m Watching:

I can’t remember if I’ve written about Aziz Ansari’s new show: Master of None. It’s on Netflix. It is hilarious and so well written! It’s set in New York in actual locations and not on a sound stage like a lot of other sitcom shows. It’s also super relate-able with my age group with our friends having babies, being in relationships, divorce, and appreciating our parents.

I’ve told multiple friends about it and they all binged watched it like we did. We watched all 10 episodes in 2 days. It’s gotten rave reviews and everyone is talking about it. It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long, long time. Dave and I can’t wait for season 2. You can thank me later.😉


What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month:

So much is going on next month and I’m so excited! I love having things to look forward to.

  • The first weekend in February our friends Erin and Richard, who live in LA, are coming to visit us! We used to hang out with them all time when we lived in LA and we really miss them. It will be great to catch up and show them around our new state.
  • The Super Bowl is always fun to watch. Two years ago we watched the Super Bowl in Venice Beach, and last year we watched it in Orange County with our roomies. And both years I wore my Bears jersey.:) I will always root for the Bears no matter how bad they are. (The last time they won the Super Bowl was before I was born in 1985!)
  • My friend Mich is coming to town and I’m really looking forward to catching up with him and meeting his wife and kids. I haven’t seen Mich since our big trip to Togo in May 2014.
  • My brother, his fiance, Dave and I are going to visit our dad and stepmom in Georgia! It’s been a long time since we’ve all 6 been together (I think the last time was when we moved to California in October 2013) so I’m really excited to get the band back together. Haha.
  • I’m also really excited for Fuller House at the end of the month, and the Oscars. I love seeing what everyone is wearing.




Let’s Talk: New Years Goals

So I mentioned the other day how I saw Gretchen Rubin speak at the library downtown, and I got re-inspired to work on my Happiness Project goals. But I still haven’t sat down to write them out. But I will share some of my goals that I’m working on right now.


Setting up appointments:

  • I went to the doctor’s for my yearly check up this past Saturday and found a primary care doctor that I really like. I like to have a doctor I feel I can talk to, so it’s one of the main goals I have whenever I move. I’m so happy I found her!
    • I asked my doctor from home to send me all my files since I no longer live there so I felt super prepared when I was talking to her.
    • I also had a list of questions and she answered them all. I felt so on top of things!
    • I was also really happy because I didn’t have to do any blood work because I hate needles.
  • I have my dentist appointment next Monday and hopefully I’ll like the dentist. I’m a little overdue with my 6 month clean so that will be good.
  • Yesterday I just made an appointment with the dermatologist for this Friday. It’s my first time going ever, so I’m excited to hear what they have to say. I know I should be going yearly.
  • The last appointment I need to make is with the eye doctor today. They were closed yesterday when I called. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in years and am excited to pick out some new frames! I don’t know if I need contacts but I also can’t picture touching my eye, so there’s that…hah!
  • I know this is probably super boring but I’m so proud of myself for being responsible. I’m adulting so hard right now.:)


Planning Better:

  • Meal Planning– I want to get better at this. I enjoy chopping fruits and veggies and putting them in containers for the week. But I don’t always plan very well. I usually just buy basic produce and then eat pasta and stir fry veggies because I’m too lazy to plan for the week. That’s my go-to meal and while it’s somewhat healthy I’d like to branch out more and try new recipes. I have so many cookbooks and magazines that I need to utilize better.
  • Budgeting– I have never been good at budgeting. More recently I have started saving money from work, which is how I was able to take time off with our move, and I need to do it more. Because life happens and things come up. Emergencies, car repairs, home maintenance etc.
  • I miss blogging and I want to blog in advance more since the week can be so busy. th

Staying in Touch:

  • Now that I’m settled into our new life in Seattle, I want to do a better job with keeping in touch with everyone. I miss our friends and family back home and need to make more calls and write more emails and texts. It’s just so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and I need to step back and reach out to our loved ones.

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New Year’s Eve Cabin

Since I’ve taken some time off from blogging, I wanted to play catch up on our New Years Eve adventure. Last week I talked about how for Christmas we went to the West Coast of Washington and it was so great. We got to see so much and it was so peaceful.

The very next weekend we took off for a cabin with two other couple friends of ours. It was a really cool location right on the lake.


Dave and Hayes were in love with the projector and they both want one now haha. pool

The boys picked a random forest area to go snowshoeing in. Half of us have been snowshoeing and the other half haven’t. But you just strap on the snowshoe over your hiking boot and walk. You just have to be careful not to walk backwards.:) Since your shoe clips in, the back of your foot is unhinged so you can easily fall.

It was really pretty  with the snow everywhere you look.


Our feet/shoe picture that we try to remember to take in cool places we visit.


Because there was so much snow everywhere on the trees it would randomly fall and sprinkle us with snow. When Dave and I were about to take a picture we got a nice spray.:) snowfallsnowfall2


I don’t like when my posts are super long so I’ll break up this day into two posts. It was a great first snowshoeing experience.

Friday Favorites!

This week flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Friday but I’m so happy it is! This is my first time doing Friday Favorites in a while. It feels good to be back to blogging this week. I will try my hardest to keep it up next week.

Thank you for guys for sticking with me and still reading and commenting. It’s so nice I can come back and still find you guys here.:) I need to get back to read all your blogs and catch up on the last few weeks! Moving took a lot out of me and threw my blogging schedule for a loop, way more than I thought it would.


This week I finally recapped our Christmas on the coast of Washington. We went to La Push, Lake Crescent, and Ruby Beach. They were all gorgeous and amazing to see. It was our first time seeing a Washington beach.




On Tuesday two of my friends and I went to the Central Library downtown to hear Gretchen Rubin speak. She’s the author of the Happiness Project and does a podcast with her sister called Happier, I’d recommend both! She has also written other books, Happier at Home and more recently Better Than Before (which I need to read.)

She’s a great speaker. She was really funny and made a lot of good points about habits and finding out what type of person you are and knowing what works for you. A while back I did a Happiness Project of my own (focusing on just a few goals per month) and I want to do it again this year. I’m a little behind obviously, but I will be starting it in February.:)



I saw this mural downtown near the Patagonia store and I love it! So much going on and it’s so detailed and colorful. I love a good mural as you might know.




One weekend Dave and I were craving a biscuit and I yelped and found the Wandering Goose. It has become one of my favorite biscuit places in Seattle now. They have delicious jam and varieties of toppings. Dave was so sweet one day and brought Katie and I biscuits at home. It made my day and Katie said it was one of the best biscuits she’s had. She was craving this biscuit for days after.:)

I highly recommend a visit here if you find yourself in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.






I just love this quote. While it’s true that not everyone has the job they are passionate about and pays them to do what they love, there are people who do, and if you’re one of them, you’re so lucky!

I’m still searching for my dream job/career, but for now I’m so happy working where I am and getting to go on amazing weekend adventures in and around Seattle. Those adventures really do make my heart and soul so happy.

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Ruby Beach, WA

On the way home from our West Coast Washington trip for Christmas (La Push and Lake Crescent) we drove by the Hoh Rainforest and Ruby Beach. Ruby Beach is about an hour South of La Push.

Before we took off for home the day after Christmas, we stopped to eat at the Hungry Bear Cafe. The owners were so friendly and told us about all the cool places to check out in the area. They also told us funny Sasquatch stories. It was a diner and the food was great. And if you order a pancake, make sure you only get one, because they are huge.


A few years ago Dave worked on a show called Mick Dodge and got to spend a month in the Hoh Rainforest. While he was working there he said there were places he wanted to show me, so it was fun to finally see them. It was a pretty long ride home so we just drove through and didn’t end up hiking at all.


Ruby Beach was cloudy and it started to drizzle when we were leaving.

IMG_4009I love the different types of tree there are in Washington. IMG_4010

More Washington state beach driftwood. IMG_4014IMG_4017

We also did a balancing rock challenge and I won clearly. My British friend Toby always does this and it reminded me of him. IMG_4021IMG_4022IMG_4023

I’m so glad we went out on Christmas and got to enjoy some rare sunshine because it was cloudy again so quickly. You gotta take advantage of it when it comes!

Lake Crescent, WA

So yesterday I blogged about the first part of our Christmas morning at beautiful La Push beach. We rented our cabin in Sappho, a small town on the West Coast of Washington state. Since we were in between our next location, we stopped home for a quick lunch, then took off for Lake Crescent.


Years ago our friends got married in Olympic National Park. Dave was working in Forks, WA, so I picked him up and we went to our friend’s wedding and I drove past Lake Crescent and fell in love. This is what it look like from the road. It’s gorgeous! It’s hard to believe this is in Washington, because it reminds me of New Zealand. IMG_3868

When we got there, we parked at the lodge and saw a couple canoeing, and another guy took a quick dip in the lake too! I felt the water later and while it was cold, it wasn’t as freezing as I thought it would be. But I still wouldn’t jump in on Christmas!

canoe. JPG

This lodge is so quint and adorable. Dave and I always talk about possible wedding locations and this one is definitely a serious contender now. It would be so picturesque and beautiful.


How cute is this porch looking out into the lake? I mean come on!


And here is a seating area. I’m sure many people have gotten married right here. It would be a small and intimate wedding, which is just what we want.


La Push was a beautiful start to our day and this afternoon in Lake Crescent did not disappoint either.  It was so peaceful and pretty everywhere you looked.


Our traditional jumping pic, it has to be done.:) We chatted with the couple who took this picture for us. They were a newly retired couple who lived in Sequim. Everyone we talked to all weekend were so friendly. jump

After we took in the beautiful lake and took our pictures, we headed for a short hike nearby. I obviously don’t know what the future holds for our future Christmases, but I’d loved it if they could involve beautiful scenery and maybe a hike like this year. And Dave and I also said we’d like to fly out our families in the future because that is what the holidays are all about.

I love the moss covered trees all over Washington. It reminds me of the Lorax, just fairytale/book like, it’s just so pretty.

bridgeThe name of the mini hike we did.


Our Christmas day waterfall hike.



That night we went home, cooked dinner and watched Christmas Vacation. I always loved Vegas Vacation as a kid but I’d never seen Christmas Vacation. It was fun and silly. It’s not one of my favorites like Home Alone, but it was fun to watch a Christmas movie on Christmas.

As much as we love our family and friends and missed them this holiday, we really enjoyed our weekend cabin-Western Coast of Washington-first Christmas away from home-together just the two of us. Your significant other becomes your family and you start new traditions together, which I really loved this year.

Our new traditions we started this year that will hopefully continue:

  • filling our (new) stockings with little treats or candy
  • a hike or something physical, like our mini hike
  • going somewhere beautiful (probably a little unrealistic but a fun goal)
  • making and eating candied pecans (my favorite recipe here)
  • an ornament or two to recap our year (I got a washington state one made of wood, and a starbucks cup to symbolize our big move this year to Washington from California)

La Push, WA

You know that saying, better late than never? Well today I’m gonna recap the first part of how Dave and I spent our first Christmas away from home.:)

I worked a half day on Christmas Eve from home and at noon we got ready for our weekend adventure. We rented a cabin for 3 nights Thursday-Sunday through VRBO. It was in a town called Sappho which is a 3 1/2 hour drive West from Seattle. We took the ferry over to Southworth and drove the rest of the way.

We got in in the evening around 7pm (the ferry took a while because so many people were there and we kept having to wait for the next ferry) and unpacked and cooked dinner. The cabin was small and didn’t have a full kitchen, so Dave very smartly brought our camp stove and we were able to whip up delicious food.We watched Love Actually (my first time ever) and while I did like it, I didn’t love it. I thought it was cute, but I was sort of expecting more to be honest. Everyone always talks about how much they love it.

The next morning, Christmas day, we woke up to this in our backyard! When we got in the night before it was pitch black out, so we didn’t see this view off the deck. It was pretty magical with the sunlight, moss covered trees, and turquoise/blue river raging. We exchanged gifts and called and facetimed our parents. It was fun to share that view with them virtually. IMG_3821

We had a quick breakfast and then headed towards La Push. We had heard over and over again how cool the beaches at La Push are, and how beautiful the coast is and how we had to go see it. And it did not disappoint. Driving over it was foggy and so dreamy out. IMG_3835

There is a lot of driftwood all over the beach, which was kinda of surprising and not what I was expecting. Coming from California beaches with palm trees, surfers, and clean (non tree/driftwood sandy beaches) this was totally different and really cool. I hear La Push is a big spot for surfer, but those waves were pretty rough looking. We didn’t see any surfers that morning.

beach2Here is some perspective for how large some of the driftwood is. The root of this tree was way taller than me!


It’s pretty cool to see the mountains, fog, and evergreen trees next to the beach.


Those roaring waves look pretty unforgiving for a surfer or swimmer. But they’re pretty to look at from shore.:)


We are unintentionally matching in this picture. That was the coat Dave got me for Christmas and I love it so much! I, of course, had to wear it out immediately. When he bought my coat for me, he liked it so much, he got the boy version of it.

There were a few people walking along the beach that morning, and we chatted with the lady who took our photo. She is also into photography (like Dave) and used to live in Chicago (we meet Chicagoans everywhere and I love it!) and was really nice. trees

This was the first part of our Christmas morning. I took so many pictures  I thought I’d split up the posts. I’ll finish the rest of our Christmas tomorrow.