National’s Girlfriend Day August 1st

I know that the majority of my readers are women and I love that because I’m a total girl’s girl. I love and adore my girlfriends and am a huge supporter of my real life (and now new blogging friends!) National Girlfriend’s Day was recently brought to my attention from an awareness campaign by Oscar Insurance, which is on Saturday August 1st! This day acts as a conversation starter to remind women to take care of their health and to schedule the necessary check-ups.

We, as women, tend to overbook ourselves and take care of everyone else, but ourselves. But it’s so important to make sure we are taken care of, and have some me time, before we can really be of service to anyone else.

Oscar Insurance created this adorable infographic to remind us all of when we should be getting things checked out to stay on schedule and be aware of our health. If you’re in the NY or NJ market, you can also check out Oscar as they have many health insurance services that allow making these appointments even easier.

Part of being an adult is taking care of yourself and being up to date with your health. Trust me, I hate needles and going to doctor, but it’s part of life and I’d much rather know what’s going on with my body and health than to leave it all to chance.

Of course part of being healthy is being active and eating well. Whether you’re a runner, a hiker, biker, after dinner walker, whatever it is you do, just remember to get off your butts and do whatever works for you and your schedule.

One of my favorite parts of the blogging community is reading about other blogger’s healthy recipes they share. I also love the idea of signing up for a 5k or a workout class with your friends. Because everything is more fun when you have someone to do it with you. And working out can mean so many different things, you don’t have to belong to a gym. You can go to free yoga classes at Lululemon, you can join or start a mommy stroller group, you can do a few exercises in between commercials, ride bikes on the weekend or to work, go kayaking, or go for a run. There are so many different ways you can add in activities that are great workouts.

Oscar Girlfriends Day

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Chicago Trip Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the first part of our trip and the half marathon. Today I’m wrapping up the Chicago trip.

Saturday- The main reason we came home this trip was for the wedding of my cousin Cindy which was on this Saturday. There were two ceremonies in the morning and afternoon, one was Lutheran and the other was a Hindu ceremony which was so elaborate and gorgeous.

BHVYyMFEjJ40zpN0wvktEL7MOPe61kssTR_Wh0n1WyM=w662-h882-noWe had some downtown in between the 10:30 ceremony and the 2:30 ceremony so Dave and I went to lunch in one of our favorite spots in LaGrange, Prasino’s. My friend from junior high happened to be in the neighborhood so she was able to stop by and we got to catch up. She’s one of my oldest friends (that I’ve know the longest, not age wise old, hah!) and I’m so glad we keep in touch. Last year when I moved to California she came to visit me in Santa Monica and we went on the Warner Bros Studio tour and it was awesome!

C713jq78tM-pQ0fhETY6QY2gxWBkNv3nVRpuZFpNcFM=w662-h882-noI got this Mediterranean platter and it was delicious and perfect finger foods.

tywKLTf1BJ9b4ZtWqI1Zuh321YJPblDGRlOQ3q43Dtk=w662-h882-noAlso in the downtown area, they have these new book donation boxes which I thought was so cute!


-Br2tDoOc2H4dFh0hlPWWAf2KnnILxGtjLmcGMiEiqA=w662-h882-noAfter lunch, we stopped by Dave’s parents and hung out with them for a little before going back to my house and picking up my dad and step mom to head to the reception, which was so pretty!

zHg45KMquTB9xZOHIGO-BT0c212vYMUIW4cMmvGSQQk=w662-h882-noHere’s the 4 of us outside taking a quick pic. They are 3 of the most important people in my life, my dad, step mom and Dave. It was SO much fun to go to this wedding together. We all danced and ate the wedding cake (more great pre half marathon food choices) and made wonderful memories together.

Don’t let my dad’s sweet smile fool you, he dances like nobody’s watching and I so wish I had filmed it. He has always been a great dancer and it’s always fun to see him enjoying himself. Seeing him dance and do the twist, was worth it for me to buy the plane ticket home! Hah :) I’m a big ole daddy’s girl. We’ve always been really close and I’m so thankful for our relationship.

wG65NAG0nniqgi4LnMmPrz2II7yJ-SmoYpGr3I3RCBI=w662-h882-noThe day was full of love, laughter, traditions, and dancing and I’m so happy we could be there to celebrate with the happy couple!

On the way home we stopped by the grocery store to buy bananas and wheat bread (my pre race fuel) and ran into our friend Ryan’s mom. That is one of the things I miss the most when I’m home. Running into people I’ve known for years and/or my friend’s parents.  It’s a sign of long friendships, which aren’t always easy to come by when you move a lot and are always trying to make new friends like Dave and I. In the last 3 years we’ve lived in Washington DC, Chicago, Santa Monica, and now Orange County, and we’re moving this fall to Seattle. (Gotta explore and do it now while we don’t have kids yet, or a mortgage to pay!)

I was in bed by about 11pm and gathered all my things for race day before sleeping.

Sunday- This day was one of my favorite days so far this year. It was jam packed with awesomeness and so much fun!

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-18I talked about the half marathon yesterday, which started our morning, then afterwards my dad, step mom, and Dave and I went to eat at one of our favorite diners in the city, Eleven City Diner. We used to go here all the time in college and it’s always fun to go back.

37432c9bf1e8c9ece87d38b6cc1ee417I had the turkey slides with a side of my new medal :)

lbIay_2dt67BRBpD_1NJHnEK-8NNSrRL9GIAsJeM6zc=w662-h882-noAfter brunch we took an Uber down to the Chicago River and got dropped off by the Chicago Theater. We walked down by the river walk which is so peaceful and pretty.

NH4-gFx4xXRZxd-g_Sax503zgEdGErncZrlpkfC5o_Q=w662-h882-noWe took the Wendella Boat Tour which was so awesome. I learned a lot about the architecture of Chicago, stuff I’d never heard before. I’d highly recommend going on this or any architecture tour. It was beautiful and very informative and it was cheap, only $19 for a 45 minute tour, totally worth it!

93AEgzvpoJoPAQTA2aLprCKt9CoSmD6cSvIrYrlzeCg=w662-h882-noI’ve lived in Chicago my whole life minus the last 3 years and I’m still always amazed and taken aback by this city’s beauty. The architecture is amazing, so pretty and there’s so much to do and there’s such history there.071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-53

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-51

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-55Chicago was recently voted 2nd best skyline after Hong Kong by some magazine I can’t remember which, I want to say Forbes. But I can’t argue with that. ZUBlj0pJ1Tg-ek2uVbACYtmFXkR-pb5QzyMG87bts_k=w1176-h882-noI feel like a broken record but I’m telling you Chicago is a gorgeous, gorgeous city. But I will also tell you that as amazing as summers are, the winters can be brutal. But at least you get to fully experience all 4 seasons.

After the architecture tour, we stopped to grab some coffee and sat looking at this view.071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-59Then we walked down the famous Michigan Avenue where they have lots of upscale shopping, and went to the Water Tower Place, which is a mall, near the John Hancock building.

CT11DGbvNgHGBN3Xo5eiLh8651fewdvdbkSxmvoHzjo=w662-h882-noWe also stopped in the actual Water Tower, which is one of the only buildings they survived the Great Chicago fire.

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-64We took another Uber back to our car, my parents took off for home, and Dave and I went to Trader Joe’s to grab some food for Ryan’s BBQ later that night. Found this little guy near Eleven City Diner. I love graffiti/street art!

qdfdpqrEoJYiKGxs0QojElp6YZRph3LF0Gvi-ciQcSI=w1176-h882-noWe drove to Melissa’s place and I showered and we car pooled over to Ryan’s. It was so nice of Ryan to host a little gathering for us and our friends. He went all out, made kabobs, fresh squeezed lemonade and cous cous. It was so nice to catch up and see our friends.

Being home is the best feeling and makes me oh so happy. What are your favorite Chicago hang outs?

My Trip Home to Chicago July 2015

One quick side note before today’s post, my friend, Molly from Colors of Life is featuring me today on her blog about Why I love hiking and you can too! Be sure to check it out here! Thanks again so much for asking me to be a part of your series girl!

Thursday the 16th of July, Dave and I took off for a few days back home in Chicago. Here’s a little recap of our time there.

planeThe fact that we are able to fly thousands of miles in a few hours among the clouds is never lost on me. I’ve always loved flying.

Thursday- I got off work early Thursday and we finished packing and headed to LAX (the LA airport), grabbed a quick bite to eat at Boa Steakhouse which was really good. We split a burger and had some key lime pie. (Isn’t that what everyone eats before a half marathon?!)



keyI usually eat pretty healthy, but a girl has got to indulge every once in a while, am I right? And as you can see I’m currently in the middle of that Katie Couric book.

We flew in late to O’hare Airport at 9pm and came home to some rain. Living in California where there’s a drought, it’s so fun to see rain again! I miss the smell and freshness of it. My parents came to pick us up, we dropped off Dave at his parent’s house and I was hungry so my parents fed me. Nothing like a home cooked meal, no matter how old you are! ;)

Every time I’m at O’hare and walk through this hallway I think of Home Alone, what a great movie, definitely one of my favorites!


Friday-I ran errands with my dad all morning. He is currently in process of selling my childhood home that I grew up in and lived in for 20+ years, and it’s such a big production. There is so much work to get a house ready to sell. I don’t know how people do it all the time! Between the cleaning, packing, donating, and throwing stuff out, it’s exhausting! I’ll be really sad to see the house go, but it is getting to be too much work and upkeep for my dad and step mom. We checked out a storage unit, talked to the village about getting a house inspection, and met with our realtor.

We got home, ate lunch, and cleaned the rest of the afternoon until dinner time. Our basement has so many memories and stuff we need to pack up and that took a while. It’s fun to go through stuff, but it’s also crazy to think about the stuff we hold on to, but never use!

After an afternoon of cleaning, my dad and I ate dinner and then Dave and I headed downtown to the McCormick Place (a convention center) to pick up my race day bib.


i1KodgkaeL8k50gJMbvH_vd0oASeRqwP8PUuX1eXqSQ=w662-h882-noFor those of you who haven’t been to an expo, it’s a fun place to check out new running gear, try some samples, and grab any last min items you may need before the race.

pLrxnmr3VLmLow-VCiXTXpIovtExfF_rC9R4WWXJWh0=w1176-h882-noMy favorite thing that they offer at the expo is this little wristband that gives you an outline for how you should pace to stay on track for your goal finishing time. Because along the race path they have clocks to let you know your time and it’s awesome to see if you’re pacing correctly and to remind yourself to speed it up, or take your time.


From the expo, we went to a friend’s house who let us borrow a camera for the weekend, which is how we were able to have such awesome pics from the race! (Thanks Chris!) Then we met up with two of our best friends Ryan and Vi (the other half of Say Yes to Happy!) and her boyfriend Jacob. We walked to dinner from her place then went to Dairy Queen after.

It was a very full first day back and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon July 2015

Happy Monday friends! Over the weekend I decided to update the blog layout a little, what do you guys think? And secondly, thanks to one of Mattie’s post I decided to join BlogLovin’ it’s so genius to have all the blogs you read in one place. I’m so new to it, I’d love any tips you guys have. You can follow us here or by clicking on our bloglovin’ graphic on the sidebar.

Last week I went home to Chicago for a few days from Thursday July 16-Monday July 20th. Later this week I’ll do a full recap of the trip, but I thought I’d start with the half marathon I ran on Sunday with one of my best friends. This was our second time running the half marathon, last time we did it was July 2013. Since then we’ve also run a full marathon in Hawaii last December (something I still have to blog about!)

The race started at 6:30am but I woke up at 4am because my cousin Zack and running coach, told me to eat two pieces of toast and a banana 3 hours before the race to give my stomach time to digest. So I was up at the crack of dawn while it was still dark out. Dave drove over to my parent’s house at 5:15am and we took off for downtown. The streets were blocked off but we luckily found parking in a lot for $30 for all day.

For those of you who know Chicago, or are just curious, here is the route we took.halfWe started walking over to Grant Park and met up with Melissa (one of my best friends who ran the half with me) and her boyfriend Nico. We all went to the bathroom before the race started and started walking over the starting line. I took a before picture with my dad and stepmom. I was born and raised in Illinois and we are Chicago Bears fans but my dad loves wearing jerseys and just happened to pick a Green Bay Packers jersey today, made me laugh. He said he felt some people giving him looks. :)

Like I said, I ran a half and a full marathon before, but this one was special to me because my parents came to support me and it meant a lot! 071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-2Here we are around 6:30am waiting for the start line. It was already a little humid at this point. For those of you who don’t know, when you sign up, you predict your finish time and then they put your in corrals (like a cow) and you wait in the group to start. So the crazies who finish in an hour/hour and a half start way ahead of us normal folk. This time and in 2013, it took about a half hour to get to the actual starting line because it’s literally thousands of people running. 22,000 this year to be exact.

Another thing to notice is on our shoes, we have little red tags. That tracks our time when we hit certain check points and logs our final time.

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-6My boyfriend Dave is a cinematographer/camera operator/director of photography who works on TV for major networks like Discovery, Animal Planet, and National Geographic, so it’s pretty awesome to have my own personal photographer for the race. :) His pictures are always amazing but this one has got to be my favorite! I need to frame this one. I love the Chicago theater sign and this picture just makes me happy.

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-13Most races I do I usually spot a few people dressed up, this guy was dressed as Elvis obviously, but the crazier thing to me is that he’s not wearing any shoes! That has gotta hurt.

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-15I know I say it all the time, but come on, Chicago is gorgeous!

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-22Our blurry action shot, check out those guns (not really!)

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-30The first 7 miles we felt great. We were talking almost the entire time, which is new to me since I train by myself. It was so nice to catch up and take in the streets of Chicago. Made me miss home a lot more actually. But then it started to get hot and really humid. We really looked forward to the water stations. We had to stop and make a bathroom break, which took about 10 or 15 minutes! Which got added to our time. And of course a few feet ahead of us was a whole row of porta potties. (We waited in line for two.)

There was a section of the race where we overlapped and had to turn a corner. It was really fun and motivating to high five the other runners and encourage one another to finish strong. That’s always one of my favorite parts of the race day environment. How positive and supportive everyone is. :) I keep telling myself one of these days I’m going to go to a half or a full marathon and just cheer on random strangers.

I also started to get stomach cramps toward the end like around mile 11, so we had to walk a little (which I didn’t do for the first half) anyways even though it got a little hot towards the end we were SO happy to be done and finished strong sprinting in. My favorite way to finish a race!

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-32I also love the runner swag we get at the finish line. They had bananas, chocolate milk, beer, bagels, and popsicles!

Because I had my phone on me the entire time, I was able to text Dave and my parents my whereabouts so we had no trouble meeting up at the end of the race. And that’s also how Dave was able to catch us at so many different points throughout the race. We met up 4 different times, it was so motivating and uplifting to see him. :)

Here is our after picture with my shiny new medal and the Buckingham Fountain in full effect.

071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-37Melissa and I have been best friends for 10 years this August. We met our freshmen year in college and have been close ever since despite me moving to Washington DC and California. She’s been my running buddy through the 5k Color Run, the 2013 Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon, 2014 Honolulu Marathon, and now the 2015 Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon. We volunteered for the Chicago Marathon while we were in college years ago and ever since then wanted to finish a full marathon and now we have. It’s been an awesome journey running with her and whether we retire our running shoes or run again next year is still to be determined. :)


071915 Julie's Half Marathon & House-40For all you fellow runners in the blogging world, you know what the high of running and finishing a major race feels like.

For people who want to run a half or a full or some distance in between for the first time, YOU CAN DO IT! Just stick to a training plan and be consistent. And I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, leave me a comment

And for people who don’t like to run and think we are crazy, we probably are. :)


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Friday Favorites!

Because I flew in from Chicago Monday night, this week has flown by for me. Can’t believe it’s already Friday! So excited for this weekend. My little sister is in town from Chicago to hang out before she goes back to school in mid August so we’ve got some fun things planned for the weekend. What are you all up to this weekend?

the-new-youThis week I found two articles that were really sweet, sad, and inspirational.

Texas Girl Born with Rare Bone Disorder Raises $11,000 on Her Birthday for the Hospital That Helped Her Walk. You can read more about it here.



New York Couple Adopts Dying Friend’s Four Daughters. People Magazine did an article about them you can read about here. They also have a fundraising page you can donate to.

d862df2a-e0d2-4d2f-b932-f7c5fb462df9_profileTHE NEW YOU(2)Prince George turned 2 this week! I am such a sucker for anything royal. I mean just look how happy that sweet boy is. This is such a precious moment captured and I am officially obsessed.


THE NEW YOU(3)I had the best time at the Men Tell All Taping two weeks ago. I finally did my recap yesterday.

me +my friendfiveThis week I also participated in the List of 10 things I love and hate after I was tagged by Emily. Quick recap I love reading, playing tennis, and am a sucker for rom coms. I hate being late or rushed, clutter, and getting my blood drawn.

0973c21b26cff02884470cb1f045bef5Next week, I’ll share my trip back home and my half marathon experience! See you all next week!


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Men Tell All Taping 2015 Kaitlyn’s Season

Thank you all for your patience with me getting this post out finally. I attended the taping Saturday, July 11th, was told I couldn’t talk about it until after it aired, went on vacation back home to Chicago, and I’m just getting back into the swing of things again. I hope it was worth the wait!

Before I left for the Men Tell All, I read about Amy @ the Farmer’s wife blog and her Men Tell All experience so I took a page out of her book and got there early. An hour early. We were the first ones in line. Haha. We didn’t quite make friends with the cast and crew like she did but we did talk a mother daughter pair in line who were really sweet. They went to the finale last year with Farmer Chris and said it was super crowded so they wanted to get there early to ensure they’d get in.

hdzO-G_zSZV33Vonsv0qi0Xvq94vO0E9Qqzg2TY2r-c=w657-h875-noHere’s a picture of me and my friend Louise outside the studio where they filmed it. It’s totally a discrete building you’d never know they film the Men Tell All here.

I’m trying to remember the timeline. So we go there at 11, people started showing up around 11:30am up until 12:45pm. We had to fill out paperwork promising we wouldn’t spill the show secrets (there wasn’t anything super juicy in my opinion) but that’s why it took me so long to write this post, on top of being out of town. They started letting people in around noon. They took our phones away, searched our purses, and we went through a metal detector.

Because it is such a long day (11am-7:30pm) they kindly provided us Subway sandwiches for lunch along with chips, cookies, and drinks. It takes a little while to get everyone shuttled in and settled. We sat in that room until 3pm. They took us to the bathroom in groups which took a while because they only have a few bathrooms. It was a lot of waiting around. They were setting up and Good Morning America was there filming a segment too.

During this time I was able to meet Shay from Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To. They were so sweet. I interviewed Shay a while ago, and have been following her blog for years. It was a major fangirl moment for me to get to talk to her and take a picture with her. She has a slight hint of a Southern accent (I love accents) and was so friendly and gracious. I adored her before I met her and am an even bigger fan now. It was definitely the highlight of my night! (I look so under dressed next to gorgeous Shay, but I was scared it was going to be cold in the studio.)

vZi3OCE-UWI2hfbdbBCacdpxxwUPg22prMhvOscQ4sM=w657-h875-noOnce they finally let us in, they did a roll call for seating, based on who you got tickets from. To get into this taping you have to know people involved in the show. So people who know the creator, Mike Fleiss, or the executive producers, and people who donated money to certain charities got precedence and got to go in first. Some people got to do meet and greets too, not sure with who. It was funny to me because it’s already an exclusive group to get into the taping, then once you get in there’s another level of exclusiveness.

We were seated behind all the guys, but got a great view of ‘the hot seat’ Chris Harrison, Kaitlynn, and the guys that went up for interviews.

Once everyone was seated, a group of girls from past seasons showed up, that are also going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. From Chris’s season Ashley S, Carly, Jade, Juelia, and Ashley I. Tenley the runner up from Jake’s season and Clare the runner up in Juan Pablo’s season (who was also on last season of Bachelor in Paradise.) Being such a fan of the show it was really cool to see so many past contestants. They’re super pretty in person.

girlThere was a warm up guy who got everyone excited and we did a few shots of audience clapping and laughing. Then we watched the first half of the show that aired Monday (when Kaitlynn let Ben H go) so we’d be all caught up. Then around 4 or so Chris Harrison came out and thanked us all for being there.

Then the show finally started and all the guys came walking out at once (they wore very nice fitted suits and were very handsome and tall in person.) It was really fun to be there and having been a fan for so many years it was absolutely surreal to be sitting in the studio audience.

I wouldn’t say anything scandalous happened. But the intensity with which people online attacked Kaitlynn was very surprising and appalling. I’m glad they brought attention to it and to not encourage or put up with cyber bulling.

I really appreciated Ian’s apology and that he owned up to his mistakes and didn’t make excuses. I thought it was sincere. He said some things he didn’t mean and got caught up in the moment, while on the show. We all make mistakes, let’s move forward. I was sitting next to Ian’s college roommate in the audience and he said Ian was picked out at Century City mall and asked if he wanted to be on the show. I always find it interesting to hear how people get on the show, whether they’re recruited, nominated or if they apply for the show themselves.

me +my friendDuring the commercial breaks the guys would walk back and forth in and out of the studio, and chatted with one another. Since we were sitting by the guys they were walking near us so my friend I would hang out by the stairs and got Ben Z, Ben H, and Jared to wave back to us. You could tell they’re still getting used to being recognized in public. Because each guy looked a little confused when we said hi to them, you could tell they were trying to see if they knew us, then they’d wave realizing we were just fans. Hah! :) Those boys better get used to it because I’m sure girls are going to be all over them in public.

Also during the commercial breaks the producers and make up artists came out and did little touch ups on the guys and Kaitlynn. Because I’m a super fan (or super nerd depending on how you look at it) I follow a lot of the Bachelor producers from the show. They are all on Instagram and share awesome behind the scenes pictures through out the season, so it was cool to see them in person too.

If you want to follow them here is a list of the ones I follow: Elan Gale, Megan Firestone, Lindsay Liles, Jessica Florence, Peter Scalettar, Peter G, Marco Franzitta, Jules, Lauren Spiegel, Cassie Lambert, and one of the make up artists   Lisa Iverson and the show’s stylist Cary Fetman who I saw at the show.



jfP.S. where do I go to sign up for their jobs? Looks like they’re having a blast!

We were in the room with everyone from about 4pm-7:30pm. After they finished filming they let us out, gave us our phones back and had shuttles waiting to take us back to our parking garage. They also gave us Bachelorette shirts on the way out.

My friend and I stayed a few minutes after they let us out and we saw Ian talking to his friend, and we introduced ourselves to Joe. I shamelessly asked him if he knew where they were going after and he said he had no idea. Haha! Can’t say I didn’t try.


Then once we got dropped off at the parking garage, a girl waved us over to her car. I thought she was asking for directions, turns out she was a reporter for E News that was looking for some inside scoop from the taping! How weird and shady is that?

That my friends, is how rumors start. What would that girl have reported to her boss? Two random girls from the taping told me this and that happened. Reliable sources huh? Doesn’t she know that we signed confidentiality agreements?

So that was my day at the Men Tell All taping in a nut shell. A really long, lengthy, wordy nut shell :) I’d be happy to answer any questions you guys have, now that you’ve all seen the episode.

It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had since moving to California and am so grateful that I was able to go and will never forget it!

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10 Things I Love & Hate

So last Thursday, I was very pleasantly surprised when Emily, from A Little Bit of Emily, tagged me in the 10 Things you love and 10 Things you hate list. (I love her blog and am flattered she thought of mine for this!) Then I get to tag 10 of my blogging friends to do the same. So now you all get to know a little more about me and my quirks:

10 Things I Love:

1) I have watched almost every season of the Bachelor (minus Prince Lorenzo). It’s ben a guilty pleasure of mine for so many years. Yes I know it’s a silly show and there’s all sorts of negative connotations about society and feminism. It’s fine for me to watch it by myself but anytime someone walks in I feel totally ridiculous. :)

2) When I like songs I tend to listen to them on repeat. Especially when it comes to Sam Smith.

3) This probably isn’t specific to me but sometimes to get through a workout I think about what I am going to eat after to reward myself with. Especially after long runs during my half and full marathon training, I just picture being done and sitting and eating.

4) I love most sweets. Ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, frozen yogurt, etc. I have a huge sweet tooth, always have, always will. Everything in moderation, right? 66e0911c77594490404c13c5292d569e 5) I love playing tennis. I started playing in junior high with my dad and have been addicted ever since. I played for 3 years in high school from sophomore year onwards. (I ran track my freshmen year.) In college my email was I was never good enough, but I always thought I’d love to play professional tennis.

6) When I was little my dad would take my brother and I to the library all the time and we’d all get stacks of books. So my love of reading was really instilled in me from my dad. I fell away from it during my college years and picked it back up a few years after I graduated. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. About 3 or 4 years ago I began devouring books again. I can’t leave the library with just one book. I need to have one or two more waiting for me after I finish. I love hearing what other people are reading too for suggestions. 0973c21b26cff02884470cb1f045bef5 7) I ran my first half marathon in July 2013, something I still need to blog about one of these days. But since then I’ve also done other 5ks, a full marathon in Honululu, and a half this past weekend in Chicago. It’s such a feeling of relief and accomplishment to finish. I love getting medals from the races, because as a kid I didn’t do a lot of sports that gave out medals and trophies.

8) Being in my late twenties I am thankful for my friendships that have lasted through so many years and different phases of my life. I have a bunch of great girlfriends and guy friends that have seen me through all sorts of different life events and it strengthens our bond so much. I treasure those relationships dearly.

9) I really like watching romantic comedies and movies. Some of my favorites are Sweet Home Alabama, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Miss Congeniality. I like watching movies that are fun and uplifting. That post apocalyptic, zombie, ghost, slasher films just aren’t my cup of time.

10) Flying is such a luxury. I so enjoy getting on a plane, and unplugging from the world for a little bit. It gives me time to read, write in my journal and take a breather. I also love looking out the windows. It’s never lost on me that we are able to fly up in the clouds. It’s such a cool feeling. It’s also so nice to be able to get to a place so much quicker than driving would. We’ve gone on our fair share of road trips, which I love as well, but flying saves so much time.

10 Things I Hate:

1) I have a weird irrational fear of big glass windows. I feel like there’s some creep out there looking in at night time especially. Dave always makes fun of me. We love looking at modern  houses and a lot of them have such huge, glass windows. 7b000094e39c35f8810c0060d5eb3c97 2) I like salads. I love eating fruit. But I hate when the two are mixed together. I don’t like the taste salad mixed with apples and strawberries. No thank you. f762ead282848081bc56a37c15f8d4d7 3) I absolutely hate needles and getting shots. My family doctor knows I hate getting my blood drawn so whenever they have to do it, they are kind enough to use a kid needle on me because it is smaller and they say it hurts less. And I have to agree. It’s not so bad! And I always feel invincible after I have my blood drawn because I’ve survived and it is never as bad as I’ve built it up in my head to be.

4) Whenever we (Dave and I) go somewhere, he immediately gets in the car and starts it. Then he gets situated and looks at the GPS and puts on his seatbelt. I hate having an idle car and wasting gas. I always make sure to do that stuff first, then start the car.

5) After I am done using something electronic, I have to immediately unplug it. I hate seeing cords plugged into the outlets but not connected to anything. I also hate seeing rooms with lights turned on and no one in them. I hate wasting energy.

6) As a kid I remember my dad drank beer and I’ve always hated the smell and the taste. I don’t like any kinds of beers. No ciders, no nonalcoholic, no type of any kind. I also don’t drink alcohol. I was never interested in it in my earlier years and have actually never been drunk. I have had sips of wine, and tried drinks but it’s not something I seek out or ever crave.

7) I don’t like to run when it’s cold out. Some people love it, but me, not so much. I feel like I’m going to get sick with being so hot and cold at the same time.

8) I hate the feeling of being late and feeling like I’m in a rush. It’s such a feeling of panic and embarrassment to walk in somewhere late. I tend of over schedule myself sometimes and think I have more time than I really do. It’s something I’ve been working on, trying to leave earlier and giving myself time to get places without the unnecessary panic.

9) I don’t understand road rage. I feel like people need to calm down. Little things that happen during driving seems to anger some people and I wish people were nicer and more patient over all when it comes to driving. We all have places to go and people to see.

10) I hate clutter and how quickly it builds up. Dave has taught me to minimize what I own and only to keep what I really like and need. We as consumers tend to overbuy and things sometimes go unused. I’ve gotten better at only buying clothes I love and know I will wear over and over again.

There you have it friends. My list of quirks of things that make me who I am. Excited to see your lists too!

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