Friday Favorites, Happiness is Shoes and Books

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Because I love to read so much I get really excited and put a bunch of holds on my library account online. I figure that the holds will come in at different times so it won’t be a big deal to add a bunch at the same time. But when I went in yesterday, there were 10 books ready for me to devour them.

Dave thought it was so funny that I came out with an armload of books, so he snapped this picture.



Which brings me to my next favorite thing this week. Those pink shoes in that last picture. They are Sketchers Go Walk that I heard about from Shay, the Mix and Match Mama (she’s one of my favorite bloggers!) I saw that she mentioned them in a blog post and I thought they were so cute.

I love bright colors, and she raved about how comfortable they were. Then the other day I was at Kohl’s and saw that the shoes were on sale for $60 so I had to snatch them up. I’ve worn them everyday since I bought them. They’re light weight, offer great support, and are so easy to slip on and off. I’m in love.





Since I picked up so many books from the library I had to start reading them immediately. I put them in the order that I want to read them and started with The Men We Became by Robert Littell.


It’s nice to get a glimpse into the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. to see what he’s really like from people who really know him. They shared a 20 year friendship and experienced a lot together. I’m about 50 pages from being done but I already love it. I’ll do a full book review after I finish it. THE NEW YOU(3)

Ever since our road trip, I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. There are so many good ones out there! They’re perfect for driving and commuting. It makes the ride go faster and keeps my mind engaged.

My current favorite podcast is from the author of the Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin. It’s called Happier with Gretchen Rubin. She and her sister talk about about habits that can have an effect on your well being and you guessed it, happiness! :) It’s fun and very relatable.



And lastly, I am really excited to start reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I’ve wanted to read it since before the movie came out and it finally came in for me after being on the wait list. I love Reese Witherspoon and can’t wait to see the movie after I read the book. I already know it’s going to be a great read.

51IyLG-dL5LHope you all have great weekends, thanks for stopping by!


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Travel Thursdays – The Getty Center in LA

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a great museum and definitely something I’d suggest seeing if you find yourself in LA. The buildings are structurally gorgeous. The outdoor gardens are so well manicured and pretty. There’s lots of room to walk around. There are sweeping views of LA. It’s free admission but parking is $15.




The outdoor area to eat is so nice and open. IMG_3407

There are multiple buildings and you can spend as little or as much time as you want here. It’s a really impressive space and really beautiful. unnamed-1

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Day 3 Northern California to Oregon

Day 3 of our road trip started bright and early and we left San Fran and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve driven on this bridge multiple times and it is always beautiful to me. It’s a structurally gorgeous bridge and it deserves all the press and popularity it gets in my opinion.


IMG_20150302_073702Our drive was very scenic and peaceful. The beautiful open roads and different scenery are one of my favorite parts of going on road trips.




Our friend Jesse suggested we go to Fort Bragg to see Glass Beach. Glass Beach has sea glass that has been created from years of dumping garbage, back in the early 20th century. It’s crazy to think that people used to literally dump their garbage into the beautiful deep blue ocean.



IMG_20150302_120851After Glass Beach we went into the town of Fort Bragg and walked into some shops and had lunch. We went to some diner that I don’t remember the name of and had a grilled cheese.

Then we were back on the road again headed to the Redwoods. There are multiple parts of the Redwoods National Park and Forest. We went to the Chandelier tree and drove our 4Runner through it 3 times. We had to pull our side mirrors in or else we wouldn’t have fit! We filmed it and took pics. It was a really cool thing. It was quick, but so memorable and awesome. If I remember correctly it was a $5 entrance free because it’s privately owned by a family and not the national park.




After our quick drive through the tree we continued driving and crossed into the Oregon border! IMG_20150303_140703We went for a short hike in the Redwoods and enjoyed the weather and admired the epic trees.



After getting out of the car and stretching out legs, it was time to get back in the car and head towards Eugene where my cousin lives. We had a quick dinner with some fresh scallops and fries then headed to my cousin’s house where we preceded to have brownies with ice cream. We caught up and updated each other on our lives.

Being able to see family and friends while on the road makes the many miles and long hours worth it. We squeezed a lot into our day and it was full of firsts. First time to glass beach, driving through a tree! And my first time to the Redwoods (Dave has been before.) Day 3 of our road trip and we had already done and seen so much!

Tomorrow I’ll share our adventures in Portland and the waterfalls we saw including Multnomah Falls, which I’d wanted to see for years! Happy Monday friends.

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Friday Favorite Link Ups

Happy Friday all! It’s been a busy week catching up after our road trip. #firstworldproblems :) Hope you all had great weeks. As usual I’m looking forward to the weekend!

I’m linking up with the lovely ladies at A Little Bit of Everything Blog, Grace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals.


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I’m currently obsessed with gallery walls. I have a bunch of art that I’ve been meaning to hang up for months now and have lately been looking to Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas. I love the colors, graphics, and quotes all mixed together.



I love this shelf which allows for a display of cute things that can’t be hung. I love lots of colors mixed together and I love, love this set up. The pillows, the pictures, the coffee table, everything! 


SourceTHE NEW YOU(1)

 I heard about this show online one day and made a mental note that I wanted to start watching it. Then we went on our Seattle road trip and one of our friends mentioned it and said she really liked it. So I had some free time yesterday while I was blogging and decided to turn it on in the background. I ended up watching…6 episodes at once. :) Haha don’t you just love binge watching?

It’s on Netflix, it’s created by Tina Fey. It’s about a girl named Kimmy Schmidt, who was trapped in a bunker for years with other women by a man who tricked them into thinking there was an apocalypse. Now that they’ve been rescued and freed into the world and she decides to take on NYC. It’s really funny to see her exploring New York with such fresh eyes and optimism. One of my favorite parts of the show are her funny old school references since she is so behind on the times and technology. It’s a light, fun, show and a little quirky and I like it.



Another show I just watched yesterday is called Barely Famous. It features Sara and Erin Foster, the daughters of music producer David Foster. It’s a fake reality show about the absurdities of Hollywood, life in LA, dating, and insisting they are normal in a crazy, celebrity obsessed city. It features their famous friends like Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox. They make fun of reality show and reality stars and they are totally in on the joke. It just premiered Wednesday but I’m already hooked.



I know I’ve been talking about my road trip to Seattle all week, but road trips are really one of my favorite things to do. If you’d like to revisit some of our other past road trips head over to our travel page! I’ve blogged about our:

 LA to San Fran trip


 2011 road trip


 Chicago to LA




Lastly, I just wanted to say quickly that I’m so glad Chris picked Whitney from the Bachelor, for those of you who don’t watch it. I think they’re a great match and she’s a Chicago girl (as am I!) Call me crazy, but I hope these two crazy kids make it. Arlington, Iowa is a small town but hopefully they can carve out a nice, quiet life there filled with his warm, sweet family.

Happy Friday all! Can’t wait to read all your Friday Favorites too! See you Monday friends.

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Day 2 San Francisco

So Day 2 of our Highway 1 Coastal Road Trip from LA to Seattle, we stayed another night in San Francisco. We stayed at our friend’s place in the Sunset area and in the morning we walked along the beach path on Great Highway. It was a gorgeous sunny day.


It was fun to see the colorful house that have a view of the ocean.



 We walked to a place called Java Beach.



They have a good sized menu. I got the lemon poppy seed muffin (which was delicious!) and also an everything bagel with cream cheese. Dave got the iced coffee and the bagel with hummus sandwich, both of which he really enjoyed.



They have both an indoor and outdoor section. There is also a small little garden area across the street where you can sit and eat too.


If you find yourself in that neighborhood, I’d recommend this place. It’s really good!

After our breakfast, we had plans to meet other friends at Presido Park for food trucks. It was a huge, open park that I had never heard of. It was really pretty, and really crowded, but fun!




I really like that San Fran has so many parks and that so many people use them and gather. It was really nice to see the water, people kite boarding, sailboats, and even a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Our friends Meghan and Bob moved from Chicago a year and a half ago and met us here. Hayes and Kate live in Seattle and were in town for the weekend so we met up with them too. We also saw them about a week later in Seattle. It was fun that all our schedules worked out and that we were able to meet up. Also my friend Pablo met us there briefly but wasn’t in our picture. He and I went to Togo together last summer. That’s a story for another day! :)

After we ate and caught up, we headed to Hayes Valley to check out the neighborhood. I also had a list of murals/street art that I wanted to check out. Before we left for our trip I looked up a some murals in the bigger cities we were going to (San Fran and Portland. Seattle didn’t have any that I loved and had to see.)

This fun Califor’ya one can be found at Folsom and 7th Street. I love the way it’s spelled, the colors, and the cute cartoon! I posted this on our Instagram as well. Be sure to follow us if you aren’t already! I tend to post some pictures there that I don’t always share on the blog (because it’s faster! hah)




You can tell it was getting to be later in the evening because of the shadows in my pictures. I love this one! Life is a great adventure and should be celebrated and appreciated! This one is at Octavia St and Page Street.



I love the way street art and murals can liven up a neighborhood. It definitely adds some color and character.

We walked around the shops in Hayes valley with our friend Hayes (haha) and ate at some restaurant I can’t remember. After that we parted ways and went back to our friend Jesse’s house where they were wrapping up a BBQ.

It was another full day full of friends and exploring. I’ve been to San Fran multiple times and this one of our first times really taking it in without a schedule or being in a rush. It’s a great city that I really like. Day 2 of our road trip done.

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Day 1 Road Trip LA to Seattle

If you are just reading this post today, you might have missed that I went on a road trip from LA to Seattle. I mapped out where we went. Today I’m going to start breaking down our trip. We did so much and I want to make sure I do justice to the great places we visited. So without further ado:

Day 1- Saturday February 28th:

Because San Fran is about a 6 hour drive from our place, we weren’t in a rush to leave early in the morning. So before we left we helped a friend with her moving sale in Santa Monica. Afterwards, we went out to brunch and met up with another friend.

One of our favorites places to eat in Santa Monica is Bru’s Wiffle.We always order the same thing their King Waffles which is a single waffle topped with peanut butter and bananas and comes with bacon, that we always put on the side. They also have great chicken and waffles there too! If you’re ever in the neighborhood I highly recommend this place.

If you follow us on Instagram you already saw this picture:


After meeting our friends Erin and Richard for brunch here we headed to San Fran for the first stop on our road trip. The drive up was nice and uneventful. We listen to lots of music and podcasts when we are on the road. Our favorites are: Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Serial , Off Camera, This is Reality (Jason and Molly Mesnick), Start Up, and the JFK Library also has great podcasts. What podcasts do you all listen to that I should try out? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

As soon as we got to San Fran we met more friends at a restaurant for a late dinner. It was a so nice to see our friends from both NYC and Seattle in the same place. After the dinner we went to a nearby bar and caught up some more. It reminded me of this quote, which is one of my favorites:


I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have friends and family that live all over the US and the world, but I definitely miss them and get homesick from time to time. But that is always one of my favorite reasons for taking road trips because it allows us to see our people all over.

That night we stayed at our friend’s house that we both know from high school, who lives in the Sunset area of San Fran. So day 1 of our road trip was a success. A great start to our trip. The first of many memorable nights to come.


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LA to Seattle Road Trip Overview

So two Saturdays ago on February 28th, Dave and I took off for our Highway 1, California coast road trip to Seattle, Washington. We are planning a move up to Seattle in the fall so we wanted to check out some neighborhoods and visit some friends and family along the way. :)

Here is a breakdown of our trip:

rt2We were gone for 11 days and saw so many gorgeous sites. It was a really great time. I will do multiple posts about where we went and share some pictures as well, over the next few days but in the meantime here is our trip at a glance.

Add subtitle text-2

Happy Monday Friends! It feels great to be back.


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Travel Thursdays – Austin Texas (SoCo South Congress)

So last December our good friends Kristina and Patrick got married in Austin, Texas. So naturally Dave and I figured it was a good time to hit the road and drive from California to Texas (then Illinois and back to California.) :)

I have been to Texas many times but this was my first time to Austin. I’d heard so much about it and how awesome it is and was really excited to finally get to go.

We met with our friends Kathleen and Greg the day after the wedding and went to South Congress Ave, otherwise known as SoCo. It’s a cute street full of shopping and food. Here are a few of my favorite pictures that we took that day.  IMG_0930




Austin has a lot of personality and is known for a lot of things. Before I went I looked up things people suggested seeing while in town and this graffiti wall kept coming up. It’s on the side of the building at Jo’s Coffee and the address is

1300 S Congress Ave 

Austin, TX 78704



That night we camped with our friends at McKinney Falls State Park. Here is our peaceful campsite. Winter camping, Texas style. IMG_0949

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