The Bridesmaids by Eimear Lynch


I’m in my late twenties so I’m at the age when a lot of my friends are getting engaged and married. I’ve been the flower girl and bridesmaids in family weddings but haven’t been in a friend’s wedding yet. But I think most women can relate to being a bridesmaid or maid of honor at some point in their lives. This book complies over 50 short stories from both men and women of being in these positions. They are from all walks of life. Here are a list of the different characters as well as the titles of the chapters:

  • The Very Pregnant OBGYN
  • The Seasoned Pro
  • The Prison Bridesmaid
  • The Man of Honor
  • The Burning Man Bridesmaid
  • The Ex Nun

I’ve always loved weddings and it’s fun to take little glimpses into other people’s stories of their wedding days and the preparation that goes into it as well as the aftermath. Weddings are also a time of high stress and a lot of clashing personalities. These stories vary from bringing friends closer together to ending years long friendships. It’s a very quick read since each chapter is only 2-4 pages long. It’s a nice, quick, interesting read.



Emily Maynard & Tyler Johnson’s Wedding!

I am obsessed with Emily Maynard’s just released wedding photos. She posted some pictures on her blog and gave her summary of her amazing wedding. I’ve loved her since she was on the Bachelor with Brad, and I’ve followed her social media ever since.

love all her details: the rustic location, the flowers, her dress, her hair, makeup, jewelry, the lanterns, the lights on the dance floor, just everything!!

Her daughter Ricki is sweet as pie, and I love the close relationship between Tyler and Ricki. That picture of them dancing together? Adorable!

Emily and Tyler make such a good looking couple, can’t wait to see their future kids! Everyone looks so happy, it’s infectious!

If you want to see the full album check it out at Style Me Pretty, and there is also a 9 minute video that is so beautiful and made me tear up! Love this couple and little family!















Snowdon & Margaret

Princess Margaret was the younger sister to Queen Elizabeth II. She grew up as the adored favorite of her father, King George VI, and was the naughtier sister. She grew up in a loving, stable family.

NPG x125228; King George VI; Queen Elizabeth II; Princess Margaret; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother by Studio Lisa (Lisa Sheridan)

Antony Armstrong-Jones, later referred to after his marriage to Princess Margaret, as Lord Snowdon, came from a completely different background. He loved the bohemian lifestyle and was an upper class rebel, pushing the boundaries of sex, race, and class.

Tony grew up feeling rejected by his mother, who divorced his father when he was 5 years old. She remarried and had other children and didn’t have time for Tony anymore. The rejection had a profound effect on his character and he constantly sought out his mother’s love and approval. The other formative instance in his early life was when he was struck down with polio at 16. He forced himself to walk again. Polio gave him more drive and determination and he became super active and involved in rowing, skiing, and riding a motor bike.

People who knew the couple said that they relationship was doomed from the start. He couldn’t survive in her traditional world. They were very different people. He became a photographer at age 20 and exploited his social contacts and became a society photographer. He became very sexually active especially through his line of work where we worked with lots of women.


Princess Margaret and Tony met at a dinner party. She was at a vulnerable place in her life because she was recovering from the relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend. They wanted to marry but he was divorced and in the 1950s divorce was a scandal. If she chose to marry him she would have had to give up her title as a Princess.

Tony and Margaret began dating secretly after her photographed her. He introduced her to a new world. He was never a one woman man and didn’t stop dating the other woman when he began dating Margaret. When they got engaged Tony’s mother was so thrilled and finally gave him some attention, because he had fulfilled her social climbing dreams. Sadly, Margaret pinned all her marital dreams on a man who was unstable and promiscuous.


The public was happy for Princess Margaret who was finally marrying for love. In the beginning of the marriage it was obvious they were in love, always next to each other at events. Tony followed royal protocol and attended all events with his wife, dutifully. He gave up his career as a photographer in the early days of his marriage.


Next week I’ll watch Part 2 of this doc.

The Princesses of Monaco

I have heard of Grace Kelly before. I knew she was the Princess of Monaco. I remember Nicole Richie saying that her wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly. I know Nicole Kidman is in a movie about her. And that was about all I knew about her.


I had no idea she was an Academy Award winning actress. I didn’t know how many kids she had. I didn’t know she was a model. I didn’t know about her private life. I had no idea that she died from a car accident at the age of 52.

I decided to watch this 45 minute documentary on Grace Kelly and her family. It talked about her life and how she met the Prince of Monaco and the upbringing of her children. It was interesting to hear about what her kids were up to and how they dealt with growing up in the spotlight. It also talks about how her family picked up the pieces after her death.

Intimate Portrait – The Princesses of Monaco

Monarchy – William & Catherine – The Royal Wedding

The last part of Monarchy series is a short 5 minute video summary of William and Kate’s April 29, 2011 Royal Wedding. It showed people on the streets cheering, the arrivals at the church, and the famous balcony kisses. My favorite part of the wedding was that it felt intimate even though it was such a huge international spectacle, with an estimated 2 billion around the world watching.

It’s a fun look back at the beautiful day and all the hype and excitement that surrounded it.



Britain’s Royal Weddings Documentary

I really enjoy watching documentaries of all kinds. I love learning about current events as well as the past. I am immensely interested in The Kennedys, politicians and their families, and the British Royal Family. I have watched numerous documentaries of these topics among others.

YouTube has some great docs. The quality isn’t always great but I love that you can watch full documentaries there. Most recently I watched Britain’s Royal Weddings which was a two part documentary. It chronicles the evolution of the royal weddings and how TV allowed millions to witness these grand events all over the world. It goes as far back as the wedding of the Queen Mother in 1923 to Prince Albert up until Prince Charles’s second wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005.

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert, 1923


Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, 1947


Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1960


Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 1973


Prince Charles and Princess Diana, 1981


Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986

royal-wedding-of-prince-andrew-and-sarah-ferguson-590-1-bes010611Prince Charles and Camilla, 2005


The documentary interviews many people who were there at the weddings and they talk about their involvement and personal memories. It’s super interesting and has lots of great footage. If you’re a fan of weddings and the British royal family, I’d highly recommend this doc.

Britain’s Royal Weddings: Episode 1

Britain’s Royal Weddings: Episode 2

Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting’s NYE Wedding

This week for What Makes Us Happy Wednesdays, I had to feature Kaley Cuoco’s wedding.

Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory got married to tennis pro Ryan Sweeting on New Years Eve and she wore a gorgeous pink Vera Wang dress with a sweetheart neckline. She looked amazing! And I love her soft waves in her hair that she kept down.

They had a whirlwind courtship getting engaged after just 3 months of dating. And they got married within 6 months of meeting. I love a good romance and this couple makes me so happy. 

The decorations made it look like a white winter wonderland. I love the chandeliers all over. And her cake was hanging upside down in a chandelier. How awesome is that?! It’s such a unique idea and I really love it. I’m not quite sure how they cut the cake though. 36830189-4a60-4402-8735-96347e21aa6c_KaleyCuoco_wedding7

And yes that’s the cake there behind them!31eaf5ee-cb56-448f-bdf0-88a31fb7f5d2_KaleyCuoco_wedding4

Here’s a close up of the concoction. ce14fc34-e4fc-48d8-83a0-961221478804_KaleyCuoco-cake

Their first dance. They look so in love. 782d76bc-8e91-40f2-8fc7-86663664d967_KaleyCuoco_wedding5


This video shows a behind the scenes look as Kaley got ready for her big day. She is getting her hair done and her makeup artists share what she products she used and how. And at the end of the video are a few scenes from the wedding itself.

You can feel the love from these wedding pictures and I’m so glad they shared these pictures and the video with the public. I don’t think I would ever wear a pink wedding dress but I think she looks incredible and I love that she wore this!