GOMO (Going Out More Often)

So we’ve all heard of FOMO (fear of missing out.) With all the social media going on these days it’s easy to get jealous of what others are doing and to feel like you’re not doing enough or are missing out. Well this summer I think we should all change that and our mindsets. Let’s move the conversation from FOMO to GOMO (going out more often!) It’s such a simple concept but makes so much sense.

Having just moved to Seattle this past fall my list of things I want to do and see at this point is pretty long. There are so many hikes that I want to conquer in and around Seattle such as Ebey’s Landing in Whidbey Island, Oyster Dome near Bellingham, Colchuck Lake and Perfection Lake in the North Cascades, and Lake Louise in Banff National Park. I don’t know that I’ll get to all those hikes this summer, but I can sure try!

Ebey’s Landing



Colchuck Lake
Lake Louise

I’ve also signed up for yoga at the Chuhily Glass Museum, next to the Space Needle. I haven’t been to that museum yet but I’ve heard so many great things about it already.


Every summer camping is always high on our list. Some friends of mine are starting to plan a camping trip for July either in Bend, Oregon or somewhere along the Washington Coast, possibly Second Beach.


As you can probably tell I really love the outdoors and it was a major reason why my boyfriend and I moved out to Seattle. The amount of outdoor adventures you can have is truly amazing. And in addition to the outdoorsy things I love to do, I like to check out Eventbrite to see other events that are going on in and around Seattle. They have a free event planning software where anyone can create events for free and even sell tickets and track registrations. It’s a great way to spread the word about fun events going on.

So let’s all commit to Getting Out More Often and making the most of this summer! I will do my best to blog my summer adventures and can’t wait to hear what you are all up to too!



4 thoughts on “GOMO (Going Out More Often)

  1. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are amaaazing!! Please, please explore them and post lots of pictures so we can live through you! 🙂 My husband and I are heading to Seattle next week for the first time! Any suggestions of things we should see or do? I’d love to hear them!

  2. Washington is a pretty gorgeous state! 🙂

    There are SO many things to do here and if of course depends on what you’re interested in.

    If you want to do an easy 4 mile hike with a great view I’d recommend rattlesnake ledge in north bend, but get there early because it gets really crowded! And if you want to do a longer hike with alpine lakes lake twenty two (6ish miles) and lake serene (8miles) are both amazing!

    As far as Seattle city stuff, the chihuly glass museum is great. The EMP is fun. Definitely pike place market if you’ve never been. The flowers are SO pretty. The gum wall. Taking a ferry is always fun. The Bainbridge ferry offers a great view of the city and they have amazing gelato there! If you have more time I’d recommend the San Juan islands or the orcas island.

    Gas works park and Kerry park both offer great views of the city!

    As far as food goes there is a lot of seafood and sushi, fish and chips at ivars or lowells, ice cream at the bluebird in Fremont. My two fave biscuit shops are morsel in Ballard and wandering goose in Capitol Hill.

    I could go on and on haha! Email me if you want more suggestions! Sayyestohappy@outlook.com

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