Soundtrack of My Life

Today I’m linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday with today’s topic being the soundtrack to different stages of your life.

Show and Tell Tuesday 2016


As fun as this post was, it was kind of tough to just pick a few songs. There are so many that I love! It really took me back to specific times in my life which was fun to relive and obviously the point of this point. spice-world-90s-fashion-poster

Grade School & Middle School – I listened to typical teeny bopper stuff and pretty much anything by these bands but here are ones that stick out to me. Of course most of these songs were about love and heartbreak, which I knew nothing about, but boy was it fun to sing these songs at the top of my lungs and learn the dance moves. 🙂

  • Wannabe by The Spice Girls (obviously the appeal of the Spice Girls is their endorsement of friendship and girl power. Their songs were filled with such positivity and high energy. How could you not want to sing along?)
  • Tearing’ Up my Heart by *NYSNC



High School & College – Dave and I met my freshman year of high school (his sophomore year) but we didn’t date until my freshmen year of college. But ever since then we have become a unit and I annoyingly know why people write love songs now 😉

  • Bliss by John Mayer and Alice Peacock
  • Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz
  • Look After You by the Fray (this is our song. We got to meet the band after seeing their show back in 2006. This is the day before we started dating.Can’t you tell how much I’m beaming in this photo?)


part of the lyrics of Look After You:tumblr_kyl0w6WTCG1qa1f2go1_1280

These Days- I love love. Songs about finding and being with the one who makes you feel like you’re home. Dave and I have moved around a bit and we love to travel but being together, no matter where we are, is where we are happiest.


Songs can be so personal so I’m very interested to see what songs you all chose that represent your lives.



2 thoughts on “Soundtrack of My Life

  1. Love seeing your song picks! Mine from middle school would be the exact same haha. And I’m with you on loving love songs. I have a mix cd of all Elton John love songs and it’s a great one to put in when I’m feeling down. It always picks me right up!

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