Snowboarding at Big Big Mountain

In keeping up with last week’s theme of playing catch up, I wanted to post these pictures from when we went snowboarding last January 2015 in Big Bear Mountain in California.

One of the many perks of living in California is you can experience so many different climates in a single state. You can drive in the mountains to play in the snow, drive to the desert, and go surfing on the beach.

It took a little big of planning but we were able to get 11 people to commit to a ski trip complete with a cabin rental. Everyone always has busy schedules so it’s pretty awesome we were able to all make it work.

Here are Dave and I with our friend Richard, who recently visited us in Seattle. IMG_5529



Our friend LD and our old roomie Darin.


Before this trip, I haven’t snowboarded since college, like 6 years ago. I was a little rusty but was able to pick it up again. I used to always fall off the chair lift but I did a lot better this year.

IMG_5547 1.JPG

We played games, cooked, and there was even an indoor hot tub. It was such a fun filled friend weekend. As you can see from this pic, it was sunny and beautiful out and we aren’t wearing any coats. #California 😉


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