Atlanta, Georgia weekend

So I mentioned on Monday that my parents sold my childhood home. They decided they were done with the brutal Chicago winters and wanted a change. They have friends in Georgia, my stepmom had a job opportunity (my dad is retired), and the cost of living is cheaper that Chicago. So they moved there this past fall.

They bought a house and my brother and I along with our significant others, got our schedules to align and we ascended on Georgia. 🙂 It was so much fun to get everyone together. Made my heart so happy.

Our first day there we went to a state park near them and ate dinner together after my stepmom got off work. IMG_4832

The next day we went downtown to the CNN museum.



It was interesting to see how the news gets out and is constantly updated in this 24 hour news cycle.IMG_4859.JPG

The Atlanta airport is huge because of the 1996 Olympics that were held there. In the heart of the city there is a Centennial Olympic Park which was cool to see. IMG_4864

That night we went to IKEA to find furniture for our parents, had a furniture building party and went out for sushi. My stepmom loves sushi.

We’ve always been a really close family so all being in different states now (me in Washington state, my dad and stepmom and Georgia, and my brother in California) can be hard at times. I call my dad almost every day because I miss and love him so much.

I relished in our time together that weekend and can’t wait to see them all again. My dad and stepmom are hopefully coming to visit us in April, and my bro and his fiancé and planning to come in June.


So if you all live by your parents and/or siblings, hold them tight and spend lots of time with them. That’s my PSA for the day 🙂 Family time is the best.


2 thoughts on “Atlanta, Georgia weekend

  1. You weren’t that far from me! Atlanta has the most brutal traffic! That stinks you’re so far from family. At least Atlanta has a good airport so you can fly in quickly for visits 🙂

  2. rhoffnagle

    Yes! I’m super close to my parents as well, but luckily they’re only a two hour drive from me! I still call them all the time though haha

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