Twin Lakes Hike, Orcas Island

*Just wanted to let you guys know this is going to be a really long post with a bunch of pictures. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya. 😉

Yesterday I blogged about the first part of our day in town on Orcas Island.IMG_5116

After breakfast we headed to Moran State Park to see Mount Constitution and do a little hike.

Back in 2012 Dave and I took a road trip to Seattle and went here. I thought it would be fun to recreate one of the pictures we took. I brought the same sweater and purse, but I forgot to ask Dave to bring the same shirt.


We took our jumping pic, off the rock wall but I didn’t jump as well as Dave did. He told me the trick is to bring your knees up, I’ll have to remember that. untitled-20


You can walk up the tower and it offers an awesome 360 degree view.





We went on a 3 mile hike to Twin Lakes. The mix and trees and sunlight was so pretty and peaceful. untitled-27



We had a little picnic on this tree at the twin lakes. We brought cookies, coconut almonds, dried mangos, and water.



We are pretty fond of each other 😉



One of the things I really love about hiking in Washington is the moss on the ground and  on the trees.


Our pinterest inspired feet pic tradition, showing off the moss.


After we finished the hike, Mount Baker came out from the clouds and was in full view. I can’t believe how much snow is up there right now!untitled-40

We went back into town, ate dinner, and got ice cream because that’s what everyone does after doing hikes, right? 🙂


And lastly I wanted to share two more pics of the inside of the converted barn.



We’ve been pretty busy lately so taking this relaxing weekend away was so wonderful and really recharged us and was the best way to celebrate our anniversary.

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5 thoughts on “Twin Lakes Hike, Orcas Island

  1. Seriously so beautiful. I love all the tall, old trees. You just don’t see that much anymore. The restored barn is so neat! What a unique place to stay! Also, I love how y’all recreated that picture. Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks for all your sweet comments Lauren! It was fun to recreate that pic, can’t believe it’s been 4 years already and now I live here where as before I was just a visitor!

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