Orcas Island Weekend Getaway

As some of you may have read, this past weekend Dave and I went on a little island weekend getaway to the Orcas. Because when you live in Seattle you’ve got to take advantage of the beautiful places surrounding it. Coming from the Midwest we have a real appreciation of the mountains, water and the hikes that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and we’ve really made an effort to get out and explore as much as we can.

We rented a cabin through VRBO and it was amazing. They converted a barn into this awesome space. It was really inspiring and something we would love to do. I hadn’t really thought about it before. But I’ve always loved barns and I love barn weddings. The property had a yurt, a pond, a fire pit, and a guest house with a hot tub. And the flowers were in bloom and it was so pretty.

This is the garage that is connected to the house. untitled-1-2


This was the guest house.


There’s the yurt in the background.


We stopped into their cute little town for some breakfast at the Island Skillet. It was the best breakfast we’ve had in a long time. I got a breakfast sandwich and Dave got a skillet of hash browns and charizo.

The weather said it was supposed to rain all weekend but Saturday it was so sunny and warm out. We really lucked out.


How cute is this little town?







After breakfast we headed to Mount Constitution and did a little hike, but since this post is already long, I’ll save those pictures for tomorrow.

Happy Monday friends! 

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