Friday Favorites!

I made it through the whole week of blogging, woo hoo! (Shout out to Lauren who is so sweet and always so encouraging with her comments!)  Here are a few of my favorite things from this week:


Fuller House

It was announced on Wednesday that Fuller House is coming back for season 2! I’m so happy to hear that. I watched all the episodes of Fuller House and thought it was really cute. I loved seeing the whole cast back together (minus the Olsen twins.) I felt like they did a good job with the old jokes that everyone loves the show for. They also had a lot of current jokes which was fun to see too.

I did think that sometimes it was a little Disney-channel-corny but the original show is corny too. I’m so impressed that basically everyone came back. It’s obvious they all really love each other in real life too.



Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning his Oscar this past week was awesome!  He’s been acting for 22 years and been nominated 5 or 6 times previously and lost every time. The internet has some funny memes. Have you guys seen this video clip of him talking about engraving the award? He said, “You guys do this every year? Huh. I wouldn’t know.” 🙂



The Bachelor is so good this year! I think it’s pretty obvious that he picks Lauren B. They look at each other with googly eyes and he cried when talking about her to her sister. I really like Jojo though and hope she is the next Bachelorette. She’s gorgeous and knows what she wants. I was lucky enough to see Ben in person at the Men Tell All this past summer, and he really is tall, dark and handsome, so I don’t blame those girls for all falling for him.

I was surprised that he said I love you to both of them. The finale is going to be brutal. But I feel like he was just doing what he felt in the moment and you can’t blame him for putting it all out there.


This week I saw a story on about a 90 Year Old Woman Skips Cancer Treatments and Hits the Road Instead. What an inspiration she is. With my love of travel and road trips, I would probably do the same thing too. In fact that is what her doctor said too, how cool is that? 🙂




This weekend Dave and I are going to the Orcas Island to explore and celebrate our 10 anniversary of dating! We took a road trip back in 2012 and visited Moran State Park on this island and we are excited to go back there this year, now that we live here! It will be such a fun little getaway. We rented a cabin for the weekend and can’t wait to explore. I’ll try to find this spot again and take another pic 4 years later 🙂


Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll try to keep up my blogging into next week. Happy Friday!

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. The Bachelor is one of my favorite guilty pleasures! I am envious that you attentioned a ‘Men Tell All’!!! And yes I think Lauren is a forgone conclusion–as soon as he cried when talking to the sister I realized that noone else stood a chance! I also agree that JoJo would make a fabulous Bachelorette, am rooting hfor her to get it!

    Liz at

  2. I think he picks Lauren too but I am so SAD because I love Jojo. She rocks! I am so excited about Fuller House’s season 2…I know it’s going to be so good. I wish they were longer than 13 episodes though.

  3. Megan

    I thought Fuller House was cute too & I loved that so many people came back! Although it would have been nice to see Mary Kate & Ashley for at least one second! I’m glad they are doing a second season too. Happy anniversary & have an awesome trip!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, friend!!! So many things…first, I’ve watched some of Fuller House too. I definitely think it’s corny but I plan on watching it all because I hear it gets better! Secondly, I’m with you about the Bachelor. This season has been good but moved so quickly! I definitely think he picks Lauren B. too even though I don’t understand it ha! I love Jojo and would love for her to be the Bachelorette! Lauren B. to me is just “blah” that sounds so mean. I think she’s a sweet girl but maybe TV just doesn’t show her personality much. ALSO WHAT THE HECK HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! My ex and I made it to 6.5 years and I thought that was a long time haha! That’s so exciting. Have a great weekend!

    1. Of course, you are ALWAYS the sweetest and I really look forward to your comments and thoughts 🙂 So thank YOU!

      I feel bad because Jojo is really putting herself out there and I don’t want to see her be sad when he pick Lauren 😦

      Haha I know it’s such a long time, I can’t believe it’s been literally a decade! And 6.5 year is a long time! But I’m so happy for you for taking time for yourself and enjoying your time to do your thing now!

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