Bookworm Wednesday Link Up!


Linking up today with my Molly, and my blog and real life bestie Katie for their Bookworm Wednesday.


After watching Aziz’s new Netflix show, Masters of None, I wanted to read his book too. He did a lot of research all over the world with a professor of sociology about the many ways that dating has changed from a few decades ago. With the advancement of technology it opens a lot of new ways to meet people that didn’t previously exist. It also increase the dating pool which can be overwhelming. It’s a very current book with lots of funny observations and examples. And one of my favorite things about this book is you can hear his voice in his writing.


I also read Khloe Kardashian’s Strong Looks Better Naked. On the cover she is lying naked covered by a bed sheet, which was a little embarrassing to read on the bus haha! But it was a love letter to working out. She talked about how during her divorce from Lamar she chose to work out her aggression and got addicted once she saw results. I’ll admit that I work out in waves and am currently trying to get back on the wagon. This book was motivating to just work out and not make excuses. She shared some fun pictures of her family and friends throughout and pictures of her transformation. I can’t image being in the public eye and having to deal with all the scrutiny but good for her for rising above it all and just focusing on herself.


Clean Slate is a cookbook about detoxing your body. I bookmarked a few recipes I want to try and went grocery shopping yesterday. So if I find any recipes I love I’ll try to share them. The pictures in the book are beautifully shot and make me want to eat healthier. I would say I am already a mostly healthy eater, but I could also be healthier. I can’t resist certain sweets. But everything in moderation right? 🙂


Lastly I’m in the middle of reading “A Common Struggle,” by Patrick Kenendy, who is Ted Kennedy’s son. You may know how much I love the Kennedy family and reading about them. This book just came out last year so it’s very current. Patrick shared a lot of family stories and pictures. He talks about his struggles with medical illness and addiction. He also talks about what it was like to grow up as a Kennedy and the scrutiny and pressures that came with that. His father’s generation was much more secretive about the family secrets so it’s nice to hear some honesty from him and not just official press releases.


6 thoughts on “Bookworm Wednesday Link Up!

  1. I’ve noticed that you pretty much only read non-fiction. It’s funny to me because I for the most part only read fiction! I should probably read khole’s book…seems right up my alley!

    1. I guess you’re right! I do read a lot of non-fiction books. I just like knowing that things really happened and I’m super nosy about celebrities and their lives hah! Yes with all the working out you do, you’d probably like Khole’s book for motivation!

  2. Katie Benedict

    How do I comment? Blonde moment. I need to read Khloe’s book. And work out. And eat less sugary snacks at our desk. Glad you are keeping up on your Kennedy knowledge so you can Will can quiz each other. Dont bring any more embarrassing books to work 😉 xoxo

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