Another Weekend Recap

This past weekend we had more visitors staying with us.

When we lived in LA, our friends Erin and Richard lived on the East Side of LA. We hung out all the time on hikes, camping, dinner parties, etc. We also lived down the block from them when we lived in Washington DC. So it was so much fun to have them staying with us in Seattle. It was Richard’s first time in Seattle, and Erin hasn’t been in a few years. It was so fun to do touristy things together.


We went to the Pike’s Place market downtown and went on an eating tour. We ate pastries at Pirosky Pirosky, biscuits, bacon donuts (yes you read that right!) and mac and cheese from Beecher’s. It was glorious and mostly delicious. My favorite was the bacon donut.





I love this map showing where people come from to see the infamous Pike’s Place. I work in walking distance from the market and I love walking around and realizing I live in such a cool city.



Richard really enjoyed the gum wall. I love going back periodically to see the progress of the wall. It’s definitely being built back up but it is still bare in other sections.





We stopped by Gas Works Park to catch a view of Seattle.


We visited the Fremont Troll and Dave didn’t give me the “we are doing our jump pic” memo 🙂 Since moving here I haven’t visited the Troll.


That night we had a cheese plate and fruit and played Cranium, trivia, and shuffleboard at a local bar. IMG_4689


We went for scrumptious burritos from TNT Taqueria that we love so much. Fuel for our Rattlesnake Ledge hike (yes I did the hike and Snoqualmie Falls two weekends in the row. #Seattleproblems) and followed up our adventures with ice cream at the Bluebird Cafe which was really good! That night we went to dinner and drinks in Capitol Hill.







We had brunch and met one of Richard’s friends that used to live in LA. Then we walked about the farmer’s market, and walked through a park because it was so nice out.


After our friends took off we headed to Gig Harbor to watch the Super Bowl with our other friends. They just moved into their place so we had a fun picnic on the floor, because they’re still in the process of moving and unpacking.

I also loved this pic I found on the internet because guacamole 😉


It was another great weekend with friends and it’s so fun to show off our new city.
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8 thoughts on “Another Weekend Recap

  1. You seriously live in such a cool and well rounded area. You have awesome hikes, views, restaurants, shopping, tourist spots, etc. I want to come visit so badly!! The bacon donut slays me…sounds so delicious. Also, that gum wall cracks me up! It’s so gross but it looks so cool.

    1. It’s pretty amazing here and easy to see why everyone loves it so much! You should really come visit 🙂 Katie and I were blog friends and now we are really good friends in real life too!

      How can you go wrong with a bacon donut? 😉 and yes the gum wall is gross but also so fun!!

  2. rhoffnagle

    I love your weekend recaps! Hoping to visit Seattle someday and these include great suggestions for things to see/do. Also, I could happily eat every single thing from that bakery display!!

  3. Ugh I love living in Portland and don’t really miss living in Seattle too much until I read about your adventures. 😦 Especially since I lived in walking distance of Pike Place. I love Piroshky Piroshky so much. I’ve had Bluebird too and it was good! I never had Beecher’s mac and cheese and I’m super sad about it!

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