Weekend Recap

I’m a little behind on my blogging (do I sound like a broken record yet?) as I started strong last week, blogging Monday-Wednesday then failing towards the end of the week. But for my memory’s sake, I want to blog about last weekend, but it was a very memorable one.

Our friends came in from Austin to find an apartment, because they’re moving up here this month! Kristina, Dave and I all went to high school together so it’s going to be really fun to all be together again in a new city! Who would have thought all these years later, even after living apart in different states, that we’d end up in the same city again? 🙂


I worked a half day from home and was able to pick up my friends from the airport. We stopped at the house to drop off their luggage, then went to lunch in West Seattle. Then we drove around a few Seattle neighborhoods to give them an idea of where they want to live. We took a mini break at home and had some girl time and watched Knotting Hill. I haven’t seen that movie in so long. Then we got pizza, went to a bar and played trivial pursuit. We learned a lot of new fun facts. It was a great first night catching up.


In the morning we got a small breakfast and walked around a nearby park. Then they were off to meet their realtor and I met up with two girlfriends. We went to breakfast in Belltown, then went to REI to look at a few things. Melissa brought us to South Lake Union and we walked around. It was sunny out but a little chilly.



These seaplanes are so cool. I would like to go one at some point. vyKksem1-4h9biIReEf5WobEwLijwft-HRuWp0hs8TYvj21RxOY0xUCNoWp6Jic7rP0Mju9PbTbeO8J8i73_0ttr0uXnDx68zUhmGV009_pqAS8JWbshf1VlactvDwVhQsnwEM2jWIKndso0b9Vud6arMHrPgPIGOZqANvus5uz-GvDcG8wyKPzDyygPAVQz4Q8LI5fP6JkxEJ0uZeZ_1xFMICNIKBzY2WVF

That night we went to sushi downtown at Wasabi and it was delicious. Even though we were at a sushi restaurant, I had ramen and it was great! I’ve been wanting to look for a good ramen place since we moved to Seattle. I’d love any suggestions from any of you Seattle-ites!

Luckily Melissa has lived here for 12 years so she is a great tour guide! 🙂 We went to a karaoke bar called Hula Hula and it was really entertaining. I was so impressed with how gutsy people are. So many people got up there really singing and dancing, and owning those 3 minutes. I love to sing in my car, in the shower, in the kitchen, but you will not find me up on stage in front of a crowd. So I can totally respect their courage! One guy came out of nowhere with this amazing rendition of Unchained Melody. It was stuck in my head for days. I’ve been listening to it on repeat on Spotify.


We woke up at 8am to go for a morning hike at Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend. It’s a perfect hike to take tourist, and this was my 4th time doing it. My second time doing it with Gretchen. With Seattle being sunny somedays and cloudy others, you never know how different it will look up at the top. It’s a 4 mile hike back and forth and take about 45 minutes to an hour one way. I highly recommend this hike. 🙂



Gretchen and I 🙂


Ever since we moved to Seattle I’ve been hearing people talk about Snoqualmie Falls. It’s very close to Rattlesnake Ledge so this time on the way home we stopped by. It’s right off the road, and you just have to cross the street from the parking lot to get here. It’s a perfect tourist spot, especially for parents or older people who don’t like to hike, but it’s such an impressive site.


The waterfall was raging! So much water and so much spray coming up.


The colors were so pretty. 0dhKPGj4B83F8ZCGGl7v_EtQItTVeimSd2XEENW1sGv5ouz0WrTVaItoAQ-cQM83R4pVaQDDZXQ1afOItRpRRMqwieJJaXzKtxJFNMRPeqrg3_z3nSyDa8uCp8GSXAmLo_secKnjk3jL5pBrJBsuGPbb7rMSMSBw3Z0fP27x5qRp2Oiw3UYuxdSsbkq8o90_sP8UtU45t8aAujlkOUy_tcy6WBmPHk-egx9M



After our hike, Kristina and Patrick met up with some friends. Then we met back up to grab dinner. We had some Thai food that was pretty good but not the best I’ve ever had. I took them to the airport that night and I came home for some more girl time with Gretchen and Melissa to watch Mindy and paint our nails.

It was a really wonderful weekend with great friends. I’ve always known we made the right move to Seattle, and being surrounded by friends is such an awesome feeling in a new city. Feeling very grateful and happy!



8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. The pictures from your hike are out of this world!!! I so wish we had that kinda landscape to hike around here in NC! Also, I loved all your eats that weekend…Seattle must be a foodie’s dream!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! That hike is one of my favorites. There are so many more amazing hikes I still haven’t even explored yet! Let me know when you’re planning to visit 😉 We can hike and eat our way through the city! haha

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