New Year’s Eve Cabin

Since I’ve taken some time off from blogging, I wanted to play catch up on our New Years Eve adventure. Last week I talked about how for Christmas we went to the West Coast of Washington and it was so great. We got to see so much and it was so peaceful.

The very next weekend we took off for a cabin with two other couple friends of ours. It was a really cool location right on the lake.


Dave and Hayes were in love with the projector and they both want one now haha. pool

The boys picked a random forest area to go snowshoeing in. Half of us have been snowshoeing and the other half haven’t. But you just strap on the snowshoe over your hiking boot and walk. You just have to be careful not to walk backwards. 🙂 Since your shoe clips in, the back of your foot is unhinged so you can easily fall.

It was really pretty  with the snow everywhere you look.


Our feet/shoe picture that we try to remember to take in cool places we visit.


Because there was so much snow everywhere on the trees it would randomly fall and sprinkle us with snow. When Dave and I were about to take a picture we got a nice spray. 🙂 snowfallsnowfall2


I don’t like when my posts are super long so I’ll break up this day into two posts. It was a great first snowshoeing experience.


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