Ruby Beach, WA

On the way home from our West Coast Washington trip for Christmas (La Push and Lake Crescent) we drove by the Hoh Rainforest and Ruby Beach. Ruby Beach is about an hour South of La Push.

Before we took off for home the day after Christmas, we stopped to eat at the Hungry Bear Cafe. The owners were so friendly and told us about all the cool places to check out in the area. They also told us funny Sasquatch stories. It was a diner and the food was great. And if you order a pancake, make sure you only get one, because they are huge.


A few years ago Dave worked on a show called Mick Dodge and got to spend a month in the Hoh Rainforest. While he was working there he said there were places he wanted to show me, so it was fun to finally see them. It was a pretty long ride home so we just drove through and didn’t end up hiking at all.


Ruby Beach was cloudy and it started to drizzle when we were leaving.

IMG_4009I love the different types of tree there are in Washington. IMG_4010

More Washington state beach driftwood. IMG_4014IMG_4017

We also did a balancing rock challenge and I won clearly. My British friend Toby always does this and it reminded me of him. IMG_4021IMG_4022IMG_4023

I’m so glad we went out on Christmas and got to enjoy some rare sunshine because it was cloudy again so quickly. You gotta take advantage of it when it comes!


7 thoughts on “Ruby Beach, WA

  1. Your adventures are so quintessential northwest…the overcast weather, the driftwood, the talllll trees. It’s seriously stunning! I’m glad y’all were able to get away for a little bit! Also, the Hungry Bear Cafe sounds delish!

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