Lake Crescent, WA

So yesterday I blogged about the first part of our Christmas morning at beautiful La Push beach. We rented our cabin in Sappho, a small town on the West Coast of Washington state. Since we were in between our next location, we stopped home for a quick lunch, then took off for Lake Crescent.


Years ago our friends got married in Olympic National Park. Dave was working in Forks, WA, so I picked him up and we went to our friend’s wedding and I drove past Lake Crescent and fell in love. This is what it look like from the road. It’s gorgeous! It’s hard to believe this is in Washington, because it reminds me of New Zealand. IMG_3868

When we got there, we parked at the lodge and saw a couple canoeing, and another guy took a quick dip in the lake too! I felt the water later and while it was cold, it wasn’t as freezing as I thought it would be. But I still wouldn’t jump in on Christmas!

canoe. JPG

This lodge is so quint and adorable. Dave and I always talk about possible wedding locations and this one is definitely a serious contender now. It would be so picturesque and beautiful.


How cute is this porch looking out into the lake? I mean come on!


And here is a seating area. I’m sure many people have gotten married right here. It would be a small and intimate wedding, which is just what we want.


La Push was a beautiful start to our day and this afternoon in Lake Crescent did not disappoint either.  It was so peaceful and pretty everywhere you looked.


Our traditional jumping pic, it has to be done. 🙂 We chatted with the couple who took this picture for us. They were a newly retired couple who lived in Sequim. Everyone we talked to all weekend were so friendly. jump

After we took in the beautiful lake and took our pictures, we headed for a short hike nearby. I obviously don’t know what the future holds for our future Christmases, but I’d loved it if they could involve beautiful scenery and maybe a hike like this year. And Dave and I also said we’d like to fly out our families in the future because that is what the holidays are all about.

I love the moss covered trees all over Washington. It reminds me of the Lorax, just fairytale/book like, it’s just so pretty.

bridgeThe name of the mini hike we did.


Our Christmas day waterfall hike.



That night we went home, cooked dinner and watched Christmas Vacation. I always loved Vegas Vacation as a kid but I’d never seen Christmas Vacation. It was fun and silly. It’s not one of my favorites like Home Alone, but it was fun to watch a Christmas movie on Christmas.

As much as we love our family and friends and missed them this holiday, we really enjoyed our weekend cabin-Western Coast of Washington-first Christmas away from home-together just the two of us. Your significant other becomes your family and you start new traditions together, which I really loved this year.

Our new traditions we started this year that will hopefully continue:

  • filling our (new) stockings with little treats or candy
  • a hike or something physical, like our mini hike
  • going somewhere beautiful (probably a little unrealistic but a fun goal)
  • making and eating candied pecans (my favorite recipe here)
  • an ornament or two to recap our year (I got a washington state one made of wood, and a starbucks cup to symbolize our big move this year to Washington from California)

11 thoughts on “Lake Crescent, WA

    1. haha thanks Mattie. I feel like because I’m not from here I have a different appreciation for the state (I’m so in awe of it!) and I also have a huge list of places I want to see. So I’m slowing trying to check them off.

      It’s so different from the surroundings I grew up in, in Chicago. And of course there are a bunch of things in Chicago that I want to do, but never got around to.

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