La Push, WA

You know that saying, better late than never? Well today I’m gonna recap the first part of how Dave and I spent our first Christmas away from home. 🙂

I worked a half day on Christmas Eve from home and at noon we got ready for our weekend adventure. We rented a cabin for 3 nights Thursday-Sunday through VRBO. It was in a town called Sappho which is a 3 1/2 hour drive West from Seattle. We took the ferry over to Southworth and drove the rest of the way.

We got in in the evening around 7pm (the ferry took a while because so many people were there and we kept having to wait for the next ferry) and unpacked and cooked dinner. The cabin was small and didn’t have a full kitchen, so Dave very smartly brought our camp stove and we were able to whip up delicious food.We watched Love Actually (my first time ever) and while I did like it, I didn’t love it. I thought it was cute, but I was sort of expecting more to be honest. Everyone always talks about how much they love it.

The next morning, Christmas day, we woke up to this in our backyard! When we got in the night before it was pitch black out, so we didn’t see this view off the deck. It was pretty magical with the sunlight, moss covered trees, and turquoise/blue river raging. We exchanged gifts and called and facetimed our parents. It was fun to share that view with them virtually. IMG_3821

We had a quick breakfast and then headed towards La Push. We had heard over and over again how cool the beaches at La Push are, and how beautiful the coast is and how we had to go see it. And it did not disappoint. Driving over it was foggy and so dreamy out. IMG_3835

There is a lot of driftwood all over the beach, which was kinda of surprising and not what I was expecting. Coming from California beaches with palm trees, surfers, and clean (non tree/driftwood sandy beaches) this was totally different and really cool. I hear La Push is a big spot for surfer, but those waves were pretty rough looking. We didn’t see any surfers that morning.

beach2Here is some perspective for how large some of the driftwood is. The root of this tree was way taller than me!


It’s pretty cool to see the mountains, fog, and evergreen trees next to the beach.


Those roaring waves look pretty unforgiving for a surfer or swimmer. But they’re pretty to look at from shore. 🙂


We are unintentionally matching in this picture. That was the coat Dave got me for Christmas and I love it so much! I, of course, had to wear it out immediately. When he bought my coat for me, he liked it so much, he got the boy version of it.

There were a few people walking along the beach that morning, and we chatted with the lady who took our photo. She is also into photography (like Dave) and used to live in Chicago (we meet Chicagoans everywhere and I love it!) and was really nice. trees

This was the first part of our Christmas morning. I took so many pictures  I thought I’d split up the posts. I’ll finish the rest of our Christmas tomorrow.




9 thoughts on “La Push, WA

  1. I’ve never been to La Push annnnd I embarrassingly think of Twilight whenever I hear it haha. The pictures are gorgeous! And I have to say, at least the Twilight movies were accurate with the driftwood on the beach. If you had seen anyone surfing I would’ve felt that they were probably pyschos. Does anyone surf in December in the Northwest?! I think that’s reserved for summer up here!

    1. I never saw or read the books, I just never got into it. But they still have signs everywhere and I know twilight put la push and forks on the map. 🙂

      I guess they make really warm, thick wetsuits for the crazies who surf in the winter. But those waves were intense!

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