Bookworm Wednesday Link Up


It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up with my girls, Katie and Molly, for their Bookworm Wednesdays. Baby steps back into blogging people 😉  I’ve been reading a good deal on my commute to work everyday.


I couldn’t get enough of Leah Remini’s book, Troublemaker, about surviving Hollywood and Scientology. It was incredibly fascinating to read about the ins and outs of Scientology. It’s unbelievable how much of a cult it is and how so many people get sucked into it. I was amazed how much she revealed about Scientology. I couldn’t put this book down. In addition to writing about Scientology, she also wrote about making it in Hollywood and her rise to fame, which I think is always interesting.

If you didn’t already know, I enjoy reading celebrity biographies. They lead such interesting lives and it’s so fun to get a peek into their worlds. (I also enjoy memoirs about non famous people too.I’m just very curious about people in general.)


I read Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower which I also really enjoyed. She had a crazy upbringing being a child star and it was so interesting to hear it from her point of view. She’s come a long way and now is happily married with two young little girls. It’s refreshing how honest and forthcoming she is. It was a quick read and I liked it. From her tumultuous childhood she learned a lot of really valuable life lessons.


I’m in the middle of reading, Honeymoon with my Brother by Franz Wisner. It’s about a guy who was left at the altar but ends up going on the his honeymoon with his brother. Then they continue to travel the world together. I love books about travel and this one is written really well.

The next book I will be reading is called The Dept. of Speculation for our first book club pick. It wasn’t my pick, so it will be interesting to see what kinds of books other people choose. I’m super excited to start our book club this month. I’ll keep you guys posted. 🙂


Can’t wait to read what you all are reading. I always love a good book recommendation.


10 thoughts on “Bookworm Wednesday Link Up

    1. Aww you’re so sweet Molly. I miss you and the blogging world too. I”m trying to get back on track. Hope you had a great holiday season, I’ve gotta catch up my blog reading too! Thanks for hosting this link up girl!

  1. My Urban Family

    Any time I’ve heard anything about Scientology I’m amazed – horrified, but amazed. I’ll have to check that out!

  2. Scientology fascinates me. (In a trainwreck kinda way–not like I would ever ever in a million years join!) Have you walked downtown in Seattle and seen the people standing there that want to give you a personality test?? They’re Scientologists. The Church of Scientology of WA State is also in lower Queen Anne by our first apartment/the Safeway we went to in both of our apartments. They have open houses on Saturdays and I was always so curious but so terrified they’d kidnap me or something bahahaha.

    1. I have seen an office by the train station downtown but haven’t seen people outside there yet! haha! Who knows what they’d do or say?! So crazy. Glad you made it out of Seattle without being recruited to save the planet with them lol!

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