Fall Flowers

Recently one of my best friends got engaged (Vi, if you didn’t see her post here)and I wanted to start looking around for gift ideas to send her. I sent her a care package and also wanted to look at sending flowers. I was browsing through BloomNation and it inspired this post for me to share some of my favorites I found.

The flower bouquets they have at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle are always so pretty and fun to look at. I love tulips! tulips

I’m also a fan of a lot of colors mixed together. I love pinks and purples especially.

pink flowersAnd with the holidays coming up I thought succulents would be a perfect centerpiece for the dinner table. And we’ve talked about how succulents are, (at the moment) the only things I can keep alive. 🙂


Lastly how cute are these mini pumpkins?! These are so perfect for fall. pumpkins

We all know around here how much I love watching the Bachelor, but I am not a fan of roses. There are so many other pretty flowers out there. I think my favorites are succulents and tulips. What are your favorite flowers?


2 thoughts on “Fall Flowers

  1. Maybe surprisingly we have amazing flowers in London! I am a serious sucker for peonies but they are only around certain times of the year. I also love orchids and tulips as well. They always come in such a pretty array of colors.

  2. I love the Pike Place flowers! So pretty. And not too expensive either! I have yet to get my hands on some succulents even though I see pretty displays of them everywhere! I agree, I think roses are kind of boring.

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