November 15, 2015- the day I got engaged

Hey guys!!It’s Vi, I just wanted to share the great news with you all that I got engaged a few weeks ago! Jacob proposed to me on a quiet walk early Sunday morning with our aussiedoodle, Cooper. It was absolutely perfect! We plan to get married in late Spring or early Summer of 2017 in Chicago.

So, other than finding the perfect venue, picking the perfect date for your wedding, deciding on your wedding color theme, I think the very most important thing is to figure out who you want to stand by your side and share one of the most memorable days in your life with, and that is usually your best friend. ❤

The person I decide to be my maid of honor is someone I’ve known for 15+ years, we met at a family party when we were younger, she had pretty long hair, a cute red blouse and black leggings on (It’s really creepy I remember that), I was wearing a baby blue shirt I just bought from Old Navy. She said “Hi, my name is ___, what’s your name?” and my initial reaction was to run away like a 5 year old kid (Let me tell you I was not 5, I was 12). Eventually, we sat down and talked, and we instantly became BFFs! Julie lived about an hour away from me, we were pen-pals for many years (before we even knew what e-mail was, we are so ancient), saw each other at family parties every so often, and before we knew it, we were both graduating from high school and going off to college. She went to UIC and I went to IU (Go Hoosiers!). We would take the time to visit each other whenever we could!  After undergrad, I went off to grad school in AZ, and we were even further apart, but of course, we always made time to see each other. As of right now, she lives in Seattle, and I am living in Chicago, and the distance is hard, but I know she is and always will be there for me no matter what- Our whole friendship has mainly been long distance but that doesn’t matter, she has always been a best friend to me. She is always there whenever I needed her. This quote below reminds me of us!!


.me and julieSo Julie lol

Haha, I know you love her! Had to post this!!

Can you figure out who this may be?!?

It’s my one and only Julie!!

My BFF and blogging partner!!

So, now, it’s my turn to pop the question!!

MOH 2Love you!!



12 thoughts on “November 15, 2015- the day I got engaged

  1. My Urban Family

    Ahhh, I love this! A huge congrats – and how fun to give Julie another wonderful reason to come back to Chicago ❤ 🙂

    1. Haha I never need a reason a come home, I’m always jumping at the chance! It’s mostly just work and the price of plane tickets that prevent me. But I am so excited to go back and forth for wedding festivities.

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