North Carolina Trip Day 3-Bald Head Island

Day 3

After spending a full day and a half in Chapel Hill, we headed to Bald Head Island for the rehearsal dinner for our friends Kate and Hayes’s wedding. We drove down to Southport and hopped on the ferry that was 30 minutes.  southportferry

It was a beautiful day out. Our friend Jesse, and Hayes’s brother Britton, picked us up on a golf cart (because the island doesn’t allow cars there are only golf carts and bikes!) They dropped us off at our house rental for the weekend, which was so cute!


There was a porch in the front and the back. porch

The roads are tree lined and so adorable. It definitely felt southern and was so inviting and quaint.

treesThe rental houses came with bikes, so we rode our bikes over to the wedding house for the rehearsal dinner.

bikeThis is the gorgeous wedding house the wedding party stayed in and where all the weekend activities took place.

weddinghouseThis is the beach that was in the backyard of the wedding house. It felt very East coast and reminded Dave and I of the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. This is also the beach where they had their wedding ceremony. beach

It was such a laid back wedding and the rehearsal dinner was very informal and was a great way to meet and chat with everyone. It was a perfect first day on Bald Head.


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