Chapel Hill, North Carolina Travels (Day 1&2)

The end of September started our whirlwind month and a half off of travel and moving. (Knowing I wouldn’t be working for a little while, I hoarded my checks from work and saved them to use for those curious about how I took so much time off from the working world.) A little recap of our adventures:

  • At the end of September we went to Seattle to house hunt (unsuccessfully, it’s an ongoing process) then flew home to Chicago to say goodbye to my childhood home (my parents sold it.)
  • Then we were home for a few days in California to pack for our big move
  • We went to North Carolina for the first time ever, to see Dave’s best friend, go to our friend’s wedding on Bald Head island, and went to Chapel Hill
  • Drove to our old roomie’s new place in Tuscon, Arizona
  • Picked up our friends from Chicago to go on an epic road trip to Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, and Las Vegas

It has really taken me out of my blogging routine of posting, commenting, and reading my favorite blogs. So I’m sorry that I haven’t responded to so many of your comments. Thank you all for reading and still commenting and for your patience.

I finally have some free time to blog again (before I start my new job Monday!) and wanted to document some of my travels so I can look back on them later on.

Day 1

We went to Chapel Hill to see John and Holly. John and Dave have been friends since grade school. I think since 2nd grade! They have a real bond and it’s so cute to see.

The first night we got in, we ate at Kipos in downtown Chapel Hill, which was really good Greek food.


Isn’t is so cute inside?

k2We got home and chatted and watched the Entourage movie.

Day 2

The next day John was so nice and took the day off of work to hang out with us and show us around. I looked up a few places to go eat and this cute records cafe called Vinyl Perk.

recordsThis was a fun mural around the block. Love how they used the window as the eye.

wallAfterwards we walked the gardens at Duke University.

gardensWe ate at a BBQ place which was alright, but not my favorite type of food.

foodWe also walked around Duke’s campus, which was beautiful. The brick buildings are so classic and make for such a great looking campus.

buildingThe campus kind of reminded me of Hogwarts. 🙂

dukeWe stopped by John’s mom house but sadly she wasn’t home. But I did snap this adorable picture of these boys together. #bromance

boysFor dinner we had more Greek food at Kalamaki. They had a cute outdoor area with live music.



Linking up with these ladies today:weekend-snapshots





6 thoughts on “Chapel Hill, North Carolina Travels (Day 1&2)

  1. My Urban Family

    That does look like Hogwarts! And taking a blogging break to enjoy an exciting time in life isn’t something you should apologize for! The blogging world isn’t going anywhere 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Duke’s campus before! I love all the stone on the buildings! Fun fact: I went to Duquesne in Pittsburgh for undergrad and we call it “Duq” (pronounced Duke) for short. This confuses many, many people. Hahaha

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