Vashon Island Day Trip

On Saturday Dave and I decided to go to Vashon Island. It’s pretty cool that we can just up and hop on a ferry and go to an island. 🙂 I’ve never actually heard of it, but I looked at the map and decided that one was the closest to us.

The ferry runs every hour so it was super easy to get on. Side note, we had dinner Friday with our friend Denny and Sarah and they said before they moved here, they decided that they weren’t going to let rain stop them from doing things. And I really liked that and decided we need to adopt that motto too. So even though the weather channel said there was 100% chance of rain we decided to still go to Vashon.


It was a super quick ferry ride and we decided to drive around the island which is something like 18 miles in length. On Friday I looked up points of interests and a few things kept coming up. We heard about a bike that was locked up to a tree years ago and eventually the tree grew around the bike. Legend has it a young boy locked it to that tree before going to war and he never came back for it. Whether he passed away or just never moved back to the island is unknown.




We stopped by the general store across the street from the bike tree. They said they have good jam and lately I’ve been on a biscuit and jam kick (see best biscuits in Seattle : Morsel in Ballard)  so I had to pick up some local jam. It was only $4 a jar.


gen store

Then we drove to the lighthouse in Point Robinson Park. It was drizzling so not a lot of people were there.



Then we drove into town and stopped by a few shops. We saw the bookstore, the Vashon T Shop, Giraffe, and then ate at SnapDragon Cafe. Their sweets all looked delicious. We shared the lemon vanilla cream cheese cake. After that we took off back to the ferry back to the mainland.giraffe

snap dragon



It was a fun day adventure. We spent most of the time in the car, with a few steps outside so the rain didn’t really put that much of a damper on our day. We are super excited to explore all the islands in the Washington area.


11 thoughts on “Vashon Island Day Trip

  1. The bike in the tree! I am amazed! I love that you are going on adventures even in the rain! I would definitely adopt that perspective if I moved to the PNW but being that I do not live there, I use rain as an excuse to do nothing;)

  2. I’ve seen that bike in the tree around the Internet and never in person! We went to Bainbridge this summer and I loved it, but I’ve never been to Vashon! Looks like fun.

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