Liz Jo’s Guest Post!

Hi I’m Liz Jo!  I blog over at sundays with sophie.  Wife to Kyle, and mama to Sophie.  I blog and bake in the very little spare time I have.  I started blogging back when I became pregnant with Sophie and it became so much more, a place where I talk about marriage and parenthood.

I love meeting new people, so here are some things about me 🙂 I hope to learn more about you


The biggest way to my heart is food.  It’s the truth, food will most certainly get me to love you more.  I, more often than not, get hangry.  So food is a must.

I got a tattoo 5 months ago, but half the time I don’t even remember that I have it and am surprised when people notice it.

I’ve never broken a bone ever just for reference I’m 24.  However, a piece of my bone has broken off and is now resting to the side of  the fibula?  I’m horrible with bones, (just hear Dr. Brennan dying on the inside).  So essentially on the right side of my leg towards the shin, you can feel the “extra” bone just hanging out.  Kyle can feel it.

I actually decorated our house for fall this year, for once.  I hope to continue decorating it throughout the year with different wreaths.

I am a horrible enforcer….When it comes to parenting, Kyle is the bad cop, and I’m well not a cop haha.  Let’s take this picture for example, she wanted to play with a dirty bucket, she wanted to put rocks in it, and attempt to bring the bucket into the house (it didn’t make it in) but I totally would have let her until Kyle said no.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some new things about the people that make sundays with sophie so don’t be shy, and come over and say hi!


Thank you so much for letting me take over your blog for a day, Julie!  Good luck to your unpacking 🙂 and can’t wait to see your new home and how the new life is in Seattle.

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