I Got a New Job!

So last Tuesday Mattie, Katie and I met up at Starbucks in downtown Seattle. We were too busy talking and forgot to take a picture sadly. But it was so fun to meet up in person and talk! It’s nice to be able to talk blogger stuff and relate. I’m so glad we met up with Mattie since she is moving to Portland. And I know how busy moving can be so it was so nice of her to make time for us.

I’ve been so busy unpacking and haven’t spent as much time as I’d like on job searching. But I mentioned to the girls that I was looking to get into non profits in Seattle. Katie mentioned that her work was hiring. So later that week, on Thursday I applied at her office. Friday I got a phone call booking the interview for Monday (yesterday) and got offered the job the same day! It all happened very fast. And I don’t start for another two weeks so I still have some time off to play and hike!

I’ve always said how much I love this blogging community and the support we give each other. And now blogging has literally lead me to a new job and a new friend in my new city! Can’t thank you enough Katie!!! You are the best.



14 thoughts on “I Got a New Job!

  1. Okay…that is AWESOME! I can’t believe blogging led you to this job! And you’ll get to work the same place as Katie…I see lots of after work happy hours in your futures! ๐Ÿ™‚ CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Um, HOW STINKING FUN! Love that sweet Katie and it’s so fun that y’all are there together ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog hasn’t been showing up in my Bloglovin’ so I’m behind. But so far these guest bloggers have been great. Happy almost Friday!!!

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