North Carolina Recap

So today is our only day home before we take off for another trip. 🙂 #firstworldproblems

My best friend Melissa and her bf Nico are flying into Arizona and we are meeting them and driving to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park for a few days. Also my brother and his fiancé, as well as two of our friends in Colorado are meeting us in Zion for some hiking and camping. So it’s going to be an awesome time and perfect way to unplug from the working world and unwind.

But before we take off I wanted to do a quick recap of the last few days. I will for sure do a more involved daily recap of our trip once we get back.

  • We went to Chapel Hill, North Carolina last week, to visit Dave’s best friend from childhood. We stayed with them Wednesday and Thursday night and then again on Sunday.
  • chapel hill Friday we headed over to Bald Head Island to celebrate our friend’s wedding weekend. It was the most perfect, beautiful weekend.
  • houseIt was our first time to North Carolina and I loved the Southern accents and hospitality that I’ve always heard so much about.
  • The only real disappointment I would say was that I didn’t find the perfect biscuit that I was hoping to. Guess that’s just another reason for me to go back and continue the search! I would love to hear any recommendations if you have any, whether in the South or in other parts of the US!

4 thoughts on “North Carolina Recap

  1. My Urban Family

    I’m amazed at all of the traveling you are doing! First world problems indeed haha Hope you have another great trip!! I’ve always wanted to go to Zion!

  2. Megan

    You are quite the traveler! But I bet it’s so nice to get away from things & relax! I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon but it’s a place I would like to see! Looking forward to all of your pictures!

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