What’s Up Wednesday Link Up

WUWquestionsSo as you all know I’ve been trying to play catch up this week with blogging. I still have to write about our Seattle and Chicago trips. I didn’t take as many pictures as I did last time I was home in July. But they were both great trips.

I’m going to answer a few of the questions from the What’s Up Wednesday link up.

Eating: A Blue Apron delivery came in today so whatever is on their menu, is what I’m eating. Dave and I have used them a few times and we are really happy with their meals. They have everything shipped to you in packages (they recently started a recycling program because it’s a lot of packaging) ready to be cooked. It’s awesome and a super time saver and the meals come out to $10 a person per meal which is great! Any other Blue Apron or other food delivery service fans out there?

Reminiscing About: Now that our move is coming up imminently I’m starting to get nostalgic about our 2 years in Southern California and our friends we’ve made here and leaving our roommates and my mom (who recently moved here from Texas.) It’s been a great run here in this sunny state, but we are ready for our next adventure. But it will be sad to not see our friends on a regular basis. That for me is the hardest part about moving, the people you leave behind. But with technology these days it really helps to keep in touch.


Excited About: Moving next month! I feel like a broken record lately because all I talk about is our upcoming move to Seattle. But we’ve moved around a lot in the last few years and we are really excited knowing we will be in Seattle for a while. I’m excited to start a new job (once I start applying!), figure out a new neighborhood, find new routines, make new friends, and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. So so excited!


Working On: So before this big move can happen, the dreaded part of moving is packing! It’s tedious and time consuming. Our place is currently a mess with boxes and tape lying around. Then there’s always the fear of something breaking in the move. So I’m wrapping things extra carefully and writing FRAGILE all over the boxes.

Reading: I’m reading Mindy’s new book of course! Why Not Me? is great so far. It’s fun little essays about her life since the Office, and The Mindy Project. She shares fun tidbits of her Hollywood life and being a writer etc. If you loved her first book you’ll love this one too!


What else is new: Mattie and I are hosting our second link up tomorrow! Be sure to link up and share with us your favorite thing(s) about your state! I love reading about people’s travel tips and things they like to do and would recommend to visitors. Can’t wait to see your hotspots! Happy Wednesday everyone! The week is half over, hang in there! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday Link Up

  1. Excited to join in on the link-up tomorrow! Minday is my favorite but I haven’t read her books yet so I’m adding those to my must read lists. Oh and moving is the absolute worst, I seriously hate the process of packing and etc!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I think it is incredible you’ve had the opportunity to move so much and to such different places at that! But I’m with you…packing is a nightmare!!! One of my coworkers uses Blue Apron and really loves it but I still feel like it’s kind of expensive!

  3. Sophia Rodriguez

    My least favorite part about moving is the unloading and unpacking. It’s just plain miserable! Good luck with all of that! If I had to move from Texas, I’d choose the PNW. It looks so gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear about all your exploring there!

  4. My Urban Family

    While I can’t wait to move, I am dreading packing! I really need to figure out a way to find some more free moving boxes as well.

    Also, I’m looking forward to the link-up tomorrow!

  5. I’ve never tried Blue Apron but I need to because it would definitely break me out of my mode of eating the same thing the same way all the time! Also, that picture in the mountains is beautiful. I think I want to travel more because of the incredible pictures you take!

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